Conan Becomes A Civil War Reenactor

Bringing modern trolling methods to the 1860s:

conan-obrienhahahha oh man, the whole thing is amazing.  I won’t spoil anything by commenting any more… just watch it.


Hat tip: Krystian


9 responses to “Conan Becomes A Civil War Reenactor”

  1. mr farrell Avatar
    mr farrell


  2. rubble Avatar

    I sure have been seeing a lot of references to the Civil war in recent times! Kind of makes you wonder why that story line is being used so much in pop culture right now….doesnt it?

    It was a funny video but obviously made at the direction of the heads of the network.

  3. At least he’s a yankee

    1. Yep, definitely a yankee. But Cleburne’s men retreating? That was a joke.

  4. I stopped watching Conan when he could not contain his uber-liberal side anymore.

  5. MakoGroup Avatar

    Those sideburns are glorious. We need to bring back those grooming standards!

  6. This was gold.

  7. I was never a fan of Conan. I put him in the stupid humor class.

    1. Humor comes in all forms. He is better than the most.