Tactical Spandex For Men

Under Armour has a promo video out for their tactical line:

From what I can gather, you’ll basically be wearing gasmasks, working out in creepy improvised gyms (aka vehicle chop shops from the 70s), smashing car windows with sledge hammers, breathing like bane, and running CQB ops with clownish sunshade equipped ACOGs.  Sound good? 

I really figured there would be more than 8 products in the tactical category of their website. (Update: I had the wrong link, they actually have 33 products in that line)

The-Dark-Knight-Rises-close-upThoughts?  How many of you wear their “compression t-shirt” on the reg, in an effort to show the world how jacked you are?  The Gun show is that way bro.


17 responses to “Tactical Spandex For Men”

  1. The KSG seems to be getting a lot of airtime these days…

  2. Justin Avatar

    Makes me want a gas mask and LBV to make my workouts more intimidating for the normal people at the gym.

  3. Justin Avatar

    Oh and your link goes to the Canadian page, the EN one has more items I think.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks, I updated the link.

  4. Dunsho Avatar

    your link takes us to Canada’s site.
    here, 33 products

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh nice, thanks I updated the link. 33 is definitely more respectable!

  5. Training with the gas mask gear is the dumbest training “innovation” since the BOSU ball…it’s great for wasting your money and letting the whole world know, you and/or your trainer know next to nothing about strength training.

  6. I am no gas mask expert, so I don’t know if that is a gas mask or not. But there are elevation training masks that look like gas masks. They are used to simulate training at altitude for people that can’t go to a high altitude gym for whatever reason.

    Not sure if they are effective or not, simply remember a news story where someone called the police on a solider using one of those masks while running in armor in preparation for an upcoming Afghan deployment.

  7. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I wear a compression tshirt under my shirt sometimes, to pack my gut in a little. Does that count?

  8. elevation training works, but it doesn’t need to be performed for as long as certain coaches utilize it…besides, there are other factors involved…for instance, exercise in a particular sport or protocol does not transfer over to other sports…meaning strength/endurance is specific to the sport you’re playing. Take triathlons for example, if training in sport carries over, then who do triathletes train all there events?

  9. BBJones Avatar

    Does this come with a can of axe body spray and a case of RockStar?

  10. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    does that mean Under Armour will start sponsoring at shooting events. I love UA tho for summer i dont wear compression, i wear fitted.

  11. teknobenji Avatar

    fucking lame

  12. Church Avatar

    What point were they trying to get across? I’m so confused.

  13. Critter Avatar

    “compression shirt” is newspeak for man-girdle.

  14. No one Avatar

    Anyone who wears a bulletproof vest everyday can appreciate compression shirts. They do help keep you dry and a little more comfortable.

    As for the gas mask, wearing a gas mask is like breathing through a straw. I would assume working out with one on is one hell of a workout for the lungs. That being said, screw that!!

    Now you have my permission to die!!

  15. InfantrySteve Avatar

    The ad was borderline asshattery, but I can attest to the use of gas masks for PT. If you do it properly and keep the filter on (which the UA queer did not) it is very easy to get that heart rate up in the “explode and die” range in short order. My old squad leader liked to do gas mask PT when we were getting too big for our britches. A two-mile boogie with those on and we were all puking in our masks and or passing out.

    Good times…