Cold Dead Hand Song By The Useless And Irrelevant Jim Carrey

I can laugh at poking fun at gun related stereotypes:

I’m not familiar with HeeHaw because I’m not 293 years old, but I think it’s pretty funny the whole gun community is up in arms over this video.

What? We can’t laugh at stereotypes now?  It’s called comedy / satire, look it up.

If you ask me, the fact that someone who is still considered by many to be a famous actor / comedian decided to make fun of what he did in the video helps us more than it hurts us because it is making light of the topics at hand.  I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking anti-gun people are “stupid” (Oh? A stereotype? Imagine that.), when in fact they are often just misinformed or scared of firearms. 

Understandably people aren’t going to like the Charleton Heston comments and actions (playing him) Carrey made in the video.  I can’t say I enjoyed them either, but they were easy/obvious shots to put in there for shock value so I’m not surprised he took that route because that’s what guys like him do.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that Jim Carrey is a huge scumbag when it comes to shitting on the 2nd Amendment.  Remember his Newtown CT “assault rifles” comment? Additionally, in a recent March 24th tweet, Jim Carrey said “‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety! ;^}”   Yeah I don’t really get what that’s supposed to mean either, but I assume it’s to do with assault rifles again, and how they are mass-child-killing machines. We need to ban them for “safety” I’m assuming. How many kids did your AR-15’s kill yesterday?

Jim-Carrey-Cold-Dead-HandI think the best way we can deal with losers like Jim Carrey are to be like “hahah good one *eye roll* now go away”.  He can come out with a song like this every week and it won’t effect my life.  It is nice we have talented musical guys on our side like FXhummel1.

Thoughts?  U mad?  Should guys like Jim Carrey be pressured to get rid of their armed security? Not be allowed to make money playing guys with guns in movies?


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  1. Man, Hee Haw was pretty cool. There were a few young ladies in skimpy outfits on that program that looked pretty darn good to me as a kiddo. All the humor’s just dopey, but the hosts were Buck Owens and Roy Clark, two incredible guitar players, and there were all manner of great performances from classic country artists. I didn’t come to appreciated it until I was older and learned a lot more about those artists. Hee Haw is a great time capsule of a specific time in country music. It’s no The Johnny Cash Show, but…
    And who cares about Jim Carrey. I agree with your “Ha! Thanks for playing, pal!” assessment.

  2. it was said earlier today, people will remember charlton heston long after they forget about jim carrey.

    1. SnJohnson Avatar

      Who is Charlton Heston? Although I vaguely remember Jim Carrey from that one movie with the animals.

      1. Are you kidding?

      2. LiquidFlorian Avatar

        …not sure if serious.

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      I think this is more unfair to Charleton Heston than anyone else. The guy is dead after all and can’t defend himself. I have a feeling even an elderly Heston would have kicked the crap out of that no-talent Carrey.

  3. Those were some nice points dude. It’s true it was just a satire and everyone should just calm down. It was a TERRIBLE skit anyway. I am not easily offended so this didn’t bother me, but regardless it was not entertaining at all.

  4. Ranger G Avatar

    If all it was was satire and it had some decency to it, I’d go along with you on this. But I don’t: Carey called all of us out as violent MFs–expressed in a tone of barely concealed hatred for us. Make no mistake–he would disarm everyone except himself and his leftist elite buddies. Don’t get riled by his crass, sophomoric inanity–but don’t give him a platform either.

  5. Matthew James Avatar
    Matthew James

    Clearly sam elliot made me LOL.

    In a vacuum there were many funny moments, IMHO. Epic troll status.
    But in reality Jim is just a smelly turd.

  6. My opinion of Jim Carrey’s last few films has been that it was sad that he had gotten to be such a huge star that the writers, directors, and editors no longer were keeping his tendency to overact and engage in long bouts of making faces and emoting ridiculously in check. Looks like nothing has changed on that front.

    That said, I truly didn’t expect this to be as bad as it is. I don’t mean the content, I mean the writing and execution is simply terrible. I see what he was going for but with Carrey simply chewing on the scenery through the whole thing with over the top, poorly executed characterizations on the part of everyone involved it simply became a chore to continue watching. Frankly, MAIG did a better job of being believable with the “responsible guns” guy who sat through the entire commercial with his booger hook on the boomswitch…something I learned not to do when I was still in elementary school.

  7. For me, Jim’s video is akin to a political cartoon, just poorly executed. Also, I guess I’m not in his comedic target audience because I just saw him using music and “satire” as a vehicle to express his hatred for gun owning “MF’ers” His tweets regarding his intent seem to back that up. But, as you said, Mike, he’s not relevant so we shouldn’t be mad. But, he does have 10 million followers on Twitter and has the ability to influence more people than we do. Ultimately, the spotlight on this vid will fade as you implied…but if it unites gun owners to get involved and fight for their 2A rights, we should thank him ;]

  8. Ronald RayGun Avatar
    Ronald RayGun

    5:55 of my life….. gone so quick. I’ll never get it back.

  9. ar10308 Avatar

    I’ll only laugh if he also makes one about the urban/gang/thug gun culture as well. But he’s a coward and a racist so he won’t. Therefore, I’m not laughing.

  10. croppedxout Avatar

    … I thought it was funny. Maybe I’m not thin skinned enough to really let it bother me but I spend a good majority of my time teasing/making fun of other people. I dont want to not be able to take a jab here or there once in awhile.

  11. Guy selling a Jim Carrey autograph to raise money for a new gun. Bazinga!

    1. croppedxout Avatar

      Seems like the listing was removed, too bad! I would have bid on it haha!

  12. JonManGo Avatar

    I don’t mind Carey having the views he does, and I don’t mind this skit either. It’s the hypocrisy that is irritating.

    He openly supports armed bodyguards while saying those who can’t afford 24/7 armed protection should suck it. That’s where he lost me…

    Not to mention, but he’s a Canadian bashing the country that made him the (at one time) highest paid actor in Hollywood.

  13. Porterhaus Avatar

    The thing is though, this guy has proven in the past that he means everything he’s saying in the video. He honestly believes all of this. I did regretfully find a couple points funny, but it’s awful, low humor. Don’t forget the thing where famous laughing-stock, washed-up actor/comedian and vaccine scare fuel attendant Jim Carrey makes fun of a dead man for his movies not being popular. He’s just an asshole saying half the population of America has a tiny penis because they like things he doesn’t like.
    The entire video is just “hahahahaha you guys sure are assholes look at you smelly losers you have a tiny penis so you buy guns you kill everybody you are Stalin-Satan wow I’m sure glad I’m smart and not ignorant.”

  14. I’d like to see those who provide the security for this clown to walk and leave Jim hanging. If Jim wants to disarm me then he shouldn’t be afforded the protection of a firearm either.

  15. I am actually quite furious. I am nowhere near 293 years old, and I remember Hee Haw quite well. I watched it all the time when I was a kid…it was hilarious! Don’t you go makin’ fun of Hee Haw!

  16. Michaelangelo Avatar

    I personally found the video hilarious, and as you stated, all it does is make light of the entire situation, so it’s probably counterproductive to what he wanted.

    What’s even more hilarious is his twitter page; the lack of coherent thought in any of his posts is very telling.

  17. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Maybe he got some of the mercury-laden vaccines like his retard kid.

  18. It wasn’t funny. Isn’t it supposed to be funny?

  19. BBJones Avatar

    The funniest thing Jim Carey has done in 10+ years. Of course that is not saying much. Reminds me of the In Living Color Days. Sad part he believes it and it is not just for Satire’s sack.

  20. for those that are asking who jim carrey is or as he is known around here (jim “baby killer” carrey) he is a useless tool that has scared parents thru propaganda and misinformation so they don’t vaccinate their children and since his little kill the children campaign began there has been over 1000 children that have died from preventable diseases due to not being vaccinated. so does he care about kids? he doesn’t even take care of his own kids, and he thinks it is funny to see babies die from measels, so NO HE DOESN’T!

  21. Spencer Avatar

    I’m mildly offended by the fact that he is basically dancing on a dead man’s grave. I’d probably be more offended if it were actually funny. Mostly I think he is making an a$$ out of himself.

    Had he parodied Alex Jones, or Ted Nuget, or Yeager I’d probably amused.

    1. LiquidFlorian Avatar

      ^^Had he parodied Alex Jones, or Ted Nuget, or Yeager I’d probably amused.

      …but he won’t because he’s a chicken shit. Goofing on The Nuge would’ve been hilarious!

  22. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I had to look up his filmography to figure it out, and the last Jim Carrey project that I watched was Bruce Almighty back in 2003. Not that his opinion would be any more relevant or important to me if he’d made a movie yesterday that I loved, but yeah… my response is mainly, “Who?”

  23. For me the rage isn’t from the video, but from the Tweets that are associated with the video’s release.

    He’s a hater, that one.

    The video would have been funnier if he didn’t believe everything he says in it.

    1. LiquidFlorian Avatar


  24. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    I’m a bit butt hurt… AR-15 haven’t harmed as many kids as that asshole’s vaccination hysteria. And the last remotely interesting thing he was in was Jenny McCarthy.

  25. Mr. Carey has never been in a position to ever have to use a firearm as protection and hopefully never will be so the whole video is just asinine.

  26. I pray this idiot needs a gun one day… and there isn’t one.

    His right to speak crap freely (1st) wouldn’t be available without the 2nd! Without the 2nd Amendment there is no 1st Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is the protection for all other Amendments.

  27. SittingDown Avatar

    He’s been drinking the same Kool Aid that Bloomberg is banning but drinks kegs of himself. LOL

  28. Jim Carrey’s career was, and is, in the toilet. That’s why he’s making a big splash. Douche bag who is on his way out. Good bye.

  29. Hee-Haw was pimp.

  30. Jim Carrey is truly a Liberal PoS (piece of shit), just like the President he voted for. I used to like Jim, but no more now. I’ll never watch another movie w/ him in it. How dare he criticizes / mocks a guy that’s dead already and can’t defend himself. How fricken cowardly is that? Jim Carrey IS A SCUM / DOUCHE BAG!!!