When Operators Need A Drink

Enter the Knights Armament Company SR-25 Magazine Flask:



$57.50 over at KACgear, and you get that slick pouch with it as well.  Make sure you decide how many of these you need on your tactical drinking load-out based on a simple formula using your tolerance for alcohol, and the level of good of times you want to have.



10 responses to “When Operators Need A Drink”

  1. anything over 10oz is high capacity. who really needs anything over 10oz of whiskey? what if the children get ahold of this thinking its a toy and operate with it?

    does it hold more than 32oz? if so, it would be a great one-two to drink out of it in NYC.

  2. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    Wow I really like that.. but for $20-$30. would have to come by free money.. then i would also have to start drinking enough where i would need a flask.

  3. ;D KAC is for hangover in Polish ;D
    Must have :D

  4. ‘Ya done goofed, son.

    Totally wanted to buy one of these and it apparently does not exist, or maybe has sold out. Too bad! I love stupid shit like this.

  5. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    I don’t drink and I don’t own a 308 rifle (yet) but I really want this.

  6. Oh man, the operators of SEAL team 11 will be procuring a lot of these tactical flasks!


  7. Capacity: 9.5 oz

    They couldn’t get it to 10? Then is would be full 10 shot magazine.

  8. For the record, alcohol and firearms don’t mix.
    People ask why I don’t drink. I tell them I had to choose between absence of sobriety or absence of security, then I pat my hip.

  9. I like it a lot and love to own one, but $58 is just too much.

  10. Yes, buy their stupid overpriced gear because you couldn’t possibly afford their overpriced rifles even if you could find them in stock anywhere.