Hickok45 Tests Joe Biden’s Shotgun V.S. AR-15 Advice

Check out the “buy a shotgun” advice video, if you’re not familiar.

Oh yea, and did you catch this?

Gabrielle Giffords was mortally wounded?  She’s alive dumbass.   So this is how smart you have to be to get a Vice President job huh?  Truly is an inspiration to so many out there.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointClips clips clips clips.  I love how people continue to say that term is “interchangeable” with magazine.  It’s not.



11 responses to “Hickok45 Tests Joe Biden’s Shotgun V.S. AR-15 Advice”

  1. i want a high capacity clip for my double barrel shotgun.

  2. and if people had used clip properly from the beginning we would not have to say ‘en bloc’ clip and ‘stripper’ clip instead of clip and charger.

  3. Joe Biden is simply assassination insurance for Obama. If he ever took over the top spot we would all be speaking Chinese in a month.

  4. DoubleTap Avatar

    Hi cap extended clip magazine. Sounds super scary I want one!!!

  5. I wonder if anyone has sat Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg or any of the rest of the gun control idiots down and had them absorb a single fact from any of these videos.

    1. TigerStripe Avatar

      I doubt it. It would be of no use to try to inform Biden anyway…


      1. Yes, we all know Biden is assassination insurance for the anointed one. :-p

  6. The shotgun would have bee less effective if he just shot it in the air…

  7. Good vid, but maybe better planning was needed to make it smooth, streamlined and argumentatively bulletproof.

  8. Dassie Macleod Avatar
    Dassie Macleod

    Gee, I’m glad I’m not living in such a dangerous country like the US :)

  9. Biden is like a toddler being fed bad information. He,Obummer,Bloomberg and the rest of the gun haters.
    Don’t want real facts, they are happy with the ones they make up and the sensationalism and emotionalism of panicked women. To make the point again, violent crime in America, homicide in particular. Committed in gun free zones. And then, the weapon of choice in the highest use is the
    baseball bat. Hickock 45 is committed to excellence and clear understanding of what a fire arm is about.
    Thanks Mr H45!!!