Ban Boards With Assault Dowels

As you can see… there is no reason a civilian should own a board with an assault dowel:

Mattv2099-OperatorName a sporting purpose!  I’ll wait… :P  Also I think it goes without saying, but high capacity assault clips should should also be banned.

I love how guy in the first clip is rocking the ear pro up on his dome, not over the ears.  What a boss.  Looks like he learned his lesson after that though.

Mattv2099 steady engaging beast mode, shitting on pseudo operators on the reg.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever make a board with an assault dowel?


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  1. Ronald RayGun Avatar
    Ronald RayGun

    Going to Home Depot. Right Now.

    1. You better hurry before they run out of 2×4’s and they end up on Armslist for $400+ apiece.

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    I love the idea of making illegal things more illegal. Imagine what the world would be like if it weren’t illegal to have a deadly weapon while committing a violent crime. We’d have fuckin ANARCHY!

  3. Walpurgis Avatar

    Funny… I don’t see a single Illegal thing in that video.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    Bump firing with no eye pro.

  5. i wish someone would make a bump pinwheel with a dozen guns on it.

  6. Critter Avatar

    y u no like Beiber?

    all the same i knew i kept those wood scraps around for something.

  7. I’m torn on this. On the one hand, it cannot be construed as permanently attached. On the other hand, a shoestring has been ruled construction of a machinegun before. I certainly wouldn’t do this myself, much less post a video of it, but I cannot determine the legality of it.

    In my mind I’m going to pretend that he was an SOT working on a prototype to send in for ATF approval, and I’ll likely never think of it again.

  8. Finally! A shoulder thing that goes up!

  9. Mattv2099 Avatar

    Thank to ENDO-Mike for choosing to blog this one.

    Someone on another site has chosen to steal this video. He has gotten 23,000 views in 12 hours after uploading. That is success the likes of which i have never earned!

    My only option I can think of is to try to promote this vid and get as many or more views than the video thief :)

    It is extremely appreciated if people choose to share this video :)

    I think its been determined that bump fire assault dowels are legal because #1 its not an attachment and #2 its semi-auto bumpfire.



    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re welcome! Man, that’s weak someone stole the vid. I hate shit like that :/

  10. Be careful with the thumb at 0:49. One slip and they are going to be calling you Stumpy.

  11. hydepark Avatar

    Sweet upload and thanks to the maker for coming on and sharing, too. Are there any Glock armorers here that can explain whether or not a Glock can be fired out of battery by doing this?

    1. mattv2099 Avatar

      I’m a Glocksmith ™ but unable to answer your question.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        Care to elaborate? Also I’ve never seen someone go through the trouble of putting the little trademark thing after something like that on this or really any other blog / forum. Kinda strikes me as fishy.

        1. Mattv2099 Avatar

          Trollmark ™

  12. That IS a sporting purpose.

  13. @DOC – I’d be less worried with trumped up charges on a “machine gun” and more worried that a Form 1 to make a SBR wasn’t filled out and accepted.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The stock isn’t attached, that shouldn’t be an issue.

      1. mattv2099 Avatar

        How do I “log in” legit style like you and some other operators here? Complete with avatar?
        I have a wordpress blog, but cannot figure this out ;\

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Register your email address at my operational comrade.

          1. mattv2099 Avatar


          2. mattv2099 Avatar

            I’m all sorts of registered. Works on other blogs. Just cannot figure out why not here. doh!

            1. mattv2099 Avatar

              I’m wondering if I need to type in my real name in the Name* section and then it puts mattv2099 there instead… afraid to try. lol

              1. mattv2099 Avatar

                final test?

                1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

                  I can see your pic

                  1. Matthew James Avatar
                    Matthew James

                    Thanks! Just took a while to for it to work. These days everything has to be instant! :)

  14. Pretty cool, but not really a new idea (the moss pawn guys did it a year ago, and I’m sure someone did it before them…

    I’d love to try this, looks like fun and doesn’t cost $300 like a bumpfire stock does. But I’d have no where to shoot it. I don’t imagine many ranges would be cool with this. :-) I wish land was cheaper…

    1. Yeah i linked to an iraqvet vid at the end there :)

  15. Regulus Avatar

    not trying to be a buzz kill or an old granny…but this looks like a good way to “shoot your eye out.” haha

  16. Busdriver Avatar

    For real that shit looks dangerous as fuck. At least put another dowel in front of the grip to prevent the gun from spinning around and killing you.

    1. Do you even physics :)

      Requires constant forward pressure with shooting hand

  17. matthew james Avatar
    matthew james