MrColionNoir x NRA News – Political Ignorance As Usual

Awwwwww yeah our guy has his first episode up:

For some reason I was initially surprised it had the same format as his regular YouTube videos.  The sound, and video clarity of course was noticeably tier 1 (which we’ve come to expect from the NRA).  Good stuff, so next up I was bracing for what I would see/hear…

Violence in the inner city!  Hot button topic for sure.  He definitely delivered a fact smackdown as expected.  LOL at the “sweet little Andre turned into Lil’ Pookie”  haha well played on keeping that in NRA, that’s sure to piss people off.

1:56 – OH Shit… he called out the president!  *music change* Oh what a fact-slaughter… this is going to piss people off too, nice work.

MrColionNoir-Ignorance-And-PoliticsI’m looking forward to seeing more from MrColionNoir and the NRA for sure.  My biggest worry is that they would have presented a watered down version of him, which really didn’t seem like the case at all.

Oh yea and Collins, the denim button up shirt… Balmain?  Either way, you’re looking sharp!

Thoughts?  Was this video what you expected?


12 responses to “MrColionNoir x NRA News – Political Ignorance As Usual”

  1. PAPAG30RG10 Avatar

    Production value has definitely stepped up. I like that the feel is much the same though. Sucks that ENDO Apparel apparently didn’t get the same deal that the Phillies did though.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea It would have been nice to have an ENDO t-shirt in the vid, but the button-up he had on definitely looked more professional, even though it was dressed down with the baseball hat. Hopefully he will wear one of my shirts in a later vid!

  2. Brian C Avatar

    Outstanding! The quality and production value of this video alone are enough to get some much needed attention. The only thing I miss is his carry weapon strategically placed somewhere in the video…maybe he had a BIC Assault Pen(BAP) somewhere in his shirt…that’ll do.

    Also, I really like that you called him “our guy”. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    I loved it for sure, but does he always look like he’s wearing makeup, or is it just me?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m pretty sure some type of makeup is standard on high quality productions like the NRA is doing. I doubt he puts makeup on in his other vids though.

  4. yesssir Avatar

    i will seriously donate a Texans hat to him if i knew what size he wore

    1. Ive got a Texas rangers hat i need to send him. ACU “T” logo. I bought it but it doesnt fit.

  5. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Criminals dont use AR-15s or AKs, these guns are too big and too expensive. No, they love to use small revolvers, and crappy automatic pistols. So then why is it that Feinstein targets Armalight and Kalishnikov based weapons. If we want to blame a gun I think the offerings from Jimenez and Cobra (not Cobray) are a better starting point. Just saying. (not that I support banning of any guns, I just see a huge discrepancy here)

  6. Matthew James Avatar
    Matthew James

    Excellent. He stomped the verbal mudhole I was hoping he would. Just needs to exclaim “reallly, dude!” In reference to Obama next time. Miss that one. Really, dude!

    Awesome vid. Cant wait to see the butt hurt response in the media.

  7. “Wholly underfunded inner-city schools?” WTF? Wrong. Inner-city schools are over-funded, not under-funded. Take a look at inner-city DC: $19,000 per student per year.

    $5,000 per pupil in Utah.

    Mr. Colin gots to gets hiz facts straight.

  8. I’m going to say it. I’m confident enough in my heterosexuality.
    Colion Noir gives me the same swooning feeling that TrayHay (Travis Haley) gives me but this time it derives from a sharp intellect and a fantastic way with words (not pure skill, bas-assitude and [those arms/eyes]).

    There, I said it.
    No homo.

    1. “I’m confident enough in my heterosexuality”

      He who smelt it, dealt it.