Bacon Wrapped Weapons For Call Of Duty

A new personalization pack they are offering:


Pick it up over at the Call of Duty store.

Cost: 160 Microsoft Points (whatever that means?).  There are also some other packs like zombies, money, snake skin…

haha why not right?  mmmm that smell on sustained auto fire tho…


8 responses to “Bacon Wrapped Weapons For Call Of Duty”

  1. SneakyHarold Avatar

    160 Microsoft points is $2.00, if anyone is wondering.
    The skins change NOTHING about the gameplay though, so you’re basically paying for a different set of pixels.

  2. Ghostalker Avatar

    In a perfect world, Mattv2099 would get one dollar every time someone bought this skin lol.

  3. the perfect anti-islam weapon

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Also anti-Jewish too. :(

    2. Mordecai cyrus Avatar
      Mordecai cyrus

      dude u suck.

  4. mattv2099 Avatar

    I did it. Video one. The bacon camo glock. It’s retarded….. but yeah, it’s retarded. Hope to bake an entire bacon wrapped AK in the oven… Might not work but I’m trying.


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Spoken like a true trollfessional ;)