Operators Who Operate In HSLD Wish A MFer Would Type Operations

You too can have this home defense operator knowledge:

Interesting contrast in the video, between the instructor in HSLD multicam range operator mode, and home invasion mode.  I love how he’s just waiting for the burglar when he’s about to break in the front door.  SURPRISE!

home-alone-faceFree PDF available for download on mistakes people make that could result in a home invasion.



22 responses to “Operators Who Operate In HSLD Wish A MFer Would Type Operations”

  1. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    This guy is Buck Yeager approved. Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu3ALQ5OKqk

    1. But then again he uses a pistol for home defense! Buck doesn’t approve.

  2. Regulus Avatar

    wow what a TOOL!!! No wonder all these anti gun idiots hate us. Like does this guy ever sit back and listen to himself and watch how stupid he looks? he really does wish he could kill someone. What makes him such an expert anyways?!?!?!?!?! Has he ever been “Home invaded?” U don’t need all this tatical bullshit to defend your home. Hell this little old man few months back blew away a “home invader” with a single shot $100 shot gun. No light, no sights, no magpul plastic gayness, no training just point and shoot. Guys like this wanna be operator will shit their pants when a situation that they daily dream and fap off to in their bed happens. I’m really getting tired of all these wanna be tools that keep popping up. hell everyone is a god damn expert lately. its kinda making me wanna distance myself from it all. pick up a new hobby like fishing more. hell i traded my sig p229 and bought a walther ppk just becasue i wanted it. if i told that guy this he would probably give me a bunch of shit. my dads uncle had a colt .22 LR woodsman that he kept for home defense.

    1. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
      Never Go Full Yeager

      I agree 100%. I’m sick and tired of every firearms instructor coming out with a video basically saying, “if you don’t get training from me you are going to die, because you don’t know what you are doing.” I don’t think they realize, that making a video insulting your intelligence and saying you will not rise to the occasion and fall victim to your attacker without my training, is a major turn off for most people. They are almost like snake oil merchants, in regards to how their product or “training” cures everything and will make you super human, and without this you will die or never amount to anything. I would love to see statistics on people who use firearms in self defense, and how many of them actually have training.

    2. Joe Biden Avatar
      Joe Biden

      I agree, Regulus! You sound like you really know what’s what.

      AR-15’s are hard to shoot, and beards are really scratchy. Using a flashlight to identify your target is downright clumsy even for professionals. Buy a double-barrel shotgun. Fire two blasts into the air. That’s enough to scare them off.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Owens has your fixated distant stare. You need to patent that shit ASAP.

      2. The beauty of the double barrel shotgun is, if you need a flashlight you can put it in which ever barrel fires second. No tacticool plastic rail addon crap required.

    3. Agreed about the general theme of these videos being too urban ninja, but the anti groups will still want our disarmament without them. What does a shark do? Swims around and eats other living things.

  3. croppedxout Avatar

    “It won’t be optimal, it will be scary, and it will be VERY VERY FAST… because once he crosses your threshold…” Thats what she said.

    1. I see what you did there….

  4. “Beardy McOperator says ‘buy my DVD to learn how to protect yourself, because I have a beard and some vague operator credentials!’ gun owning community replies with ‘no.’ “

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Is it just me or is “Beardy McOperator” wobbling that handgun all over the place when he is shooting? Seems like the muzzle end is dipping way down during recoil and it takes alot of time for him to recover from the previous shot. Looks like poor control over that handgun to me, but I’m not a secret-squirrel operator like he is, so I can’t say for sure.

  5. waterman Avatar

    i think we should start a “Beardy McOperator of the year” contest on this site. have a bracket style vote-off at the end of the year.

  6. Crunkleross Avatar

    The pistol grip pump handle on his shotgun is telling. It’s telling me his years in the NG didn’t teach him much. The training bizz is lucrative, you need either real credentials which automatically come with contacts that will help, or a budget that includes money to spend on professional promoters and advertisement agents.

  7. When if hits the bargain bin ill pick it up. That’s what I usually do when I need need to watch good comedy.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    Notice all of these tacticool operatorz always have clean gear? Totally clean. No dirt, no tears in the fabric, guns have no scratches on them and look like safe queens, etc. LOL

  9. Damn there are a lot of haters here!


    1. hydepark Avatar

      I know, right? I mean, this guy doesn’t have shit on Costa or Haley, but everyone loves them. Is there any training center that followers of this blog recommend or have even ever attended? I guess the three gun stuff is badass and all, but since I’ve never done it I can’t speak to how practical it is against the “real world” oriented training folks.

  10. Matthew james Avatar
    Matthew james

    “Beardy McOperator.” My sides. So simple and beautiful. Shocked i didn’t think it up.

  11. From the linked PDF:

    “NOTE: Due to ongoing, classified, special operations and strict security clearance issues, no further information is available for Mr.Owens.”

    If that doesn’t read like a challenge…

  12. There are actually some pretty good recommendations on that PDF.

    I don’t think I’d spend $45 on his DVD, I’d rather buy a box of .22 ammo (so at market price, like one box if you can find it).

  13. I’ll admit, it was pretty goofy, but if you think about it he has good points. I don’t think Joe Schmo civilians like me need high-speed low-drag “Beardy McOperator” tactical training, but you should now how to properly use your weapon and know the basic ballistics of what caliber you’re firing. A flashlight is actually a good idea because it could mean the difference between shooting a home invader or shooting a family member. Just some simple things I think every gun owner should consider…