Gun Fires When You Tweet A Particular Hashtag

Cool idea.  Unfortunately it’s only Paintball:

If someone wants to get on the news, they should do this with an AR-15 with shoulder thing that goes up and high capacity assault clip, randomly aimed at a field full of tannerite.

Tweet-Fire-Controlled-Paintball-GuniStrategyLabs is apparently going to post the code to their github once they get all the bugs out of it.  Could be a dangerous move haha.



3 responses to “Gun Fires When You Tweet A Particular Hashtag”

  1. Ninjavitis Avatar

    That doesn’t seem peticularly useful. You want a fun one, try this guy.

  2. Roughshod Avatar

    That cracks me up; the first thing I thought when I saw that was how lame it is next to the Paintball Sentry. Now rig THAT thing up to an AR-15 and you’ve really got something.

  3. Ninjavitis Avatar

    Putting an actual gun on the sentry is such a scary idea.