Protest Easy Guns Recruits Bratty Kids

I don’t like calling kids douchebags, so I’m not going to… but watch this video:

Gallon smash bad gun laws?  huh?  Maybe I’m slow today, but I don’t even get it.  What a discrace to parenting, youth, kitchen floors, and starwars.


Edit: Oh, apparently “Gallon Smashing” is a new internet “thing”.  I should have known. Original video that started it all HERE.


Hat tip: Weerd


23 responses to “Protest Easy Guns Recruits Bratty Kids”

  1. Let’s get George Lucas to sue.

  2. We’ve got folks like Colion Noir, and they’ve got kids on amphetamines.

  3. Fine then Mike, I’ll do it for you.

    These kids are douchebags.

  4. I’m personally waiting for one of these kids to gallon smash in a supermarket and actually slip and break something, just to see what the parents do.

    oh, and +1 to Poppy.

  5. 032125 Avatar

    This is parent driven douchebaggery. It’s important to realize how early the damage starts; this is why, 20 years from now, these people will cling to an irrational fear of firearms. The only hope they have of escaping the gravitational pull of this stupidity will be a window of rebellion in their teens.

  6. In Florida, this is definitely a crime: either Criminal Mischief or theft.

  7. The argument for stronger gun control in this video was both insightful and incredibly compelling. I know understand why it is that civilians shouldn’t own assault weapons and have a deeper appreciation for the destructive effect that a firearm can have on a family.

    I now find myself truly disgusted with my conduct on this blog and my financial support of the criminal gun industry. I think I’m gonna go sell my Mossberg for scrap and donate the proceeds to the Brady Campaign.

    God Bless

    1. A+

  8. uhhh…ok?

  9. I hate when people use kids

  10. ComradeGarcia Avatar

    There are needy people who could’ve used that goddamn water…

  11. croppedxout Avatar

    we should require background checks on people who want to fucking reproduce.

  12. No One Avatar

    Da Faq was that?

  13. McCrimminal Avatar

    Too bad mom wasn’t into the trend of coathangering when these shitbads where infesting the womb of there cockmilker

    1. Look, I fucking hate kids as much as the next guy, but don’t you think you’re taking this a bit far? These kids are, what, 8? 9? Maybe 11 at most? At some point don’t we have to blame the parents for indoctrinating their kids instead of blaming the kids directly? Do you honestly think that both of these children decided to become gun-hating leftist of their own volition? Or that they even ARE anti-gun? Have you ever considered that they don’t really know what’s going on and are just doing what their parents are telling them to?

      Sure I called them douche-bags, but that was in jest and done to troll Mike. I mean, holy shit man, calm down and consider for a second what you’re saying.

      1. Indeed. I’m no fan of children myself–I can’t stand the little monsters–but I’m pretty sure these kids didn’t come up with this on their own. Kids this young are not normally political, not that that makes them much less obnoxious, mind you. I have a problem with their parents making them do this in front of a camera for a political point, though.

        Thought for the day: if the most compelling argument you can think of to convince people of your pet political cause is to have a couple of mumbling eight-year-olds read a script (badly) while flailing around in front of a camera, then maybe you need to reevaluate your causes. And your IQ. And the wisdom of your decision to reproduce.

    2. ringo45 Avatar

      Why would you wish death upon an innocent and defenseless human being? Ppeople like you (with no respect for human life) are the reason I carry a gun.

  14. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    This video is compliments of the same shit-for-brains parents that let some gang of alphabet-soup enforcement douchebags use their kids as bait to see if a random convenience store clerk will sell them cigarettes.

    Of course, if it’s for the children then you must die if you don’t cooperate, pay your school property tax or think something is cute/funny.

  15. DaveyC Avatar

    Well, that was random.

  16. I’m not sure what I just happened.

  17. I had to come back and watch it again. Yep, still stupid and pointless.

  18. CR Pyro Avatar

    Gee, I’m shocked, the imbecilic parents have disabled voting on the vid. All you nasty gun people must have started down voting the video all to hell for them.

    Too bad I couldn’t, too.

  19. That was like fucking $7 worth of milk! My 3yr old cried a little watching such a waste of the worlds best thing ever like srsly like the best thing ever. (his words not mine)