Do You Run Your Concealed Carry Little Mouth To Everyone?

Fate Of Destinee doesn’t:

0:30 – “Some of the guns and methods I use for concealed carry will never be published to YouTube.”

There are only so many places you can hide a gun… I don’t think you’re really leaving much to the imagination Destinee.  Unless we’re talking some ultra-advanced tier 1 operator type deep concealment.

Keep Calm And Carry One T-ShirtMy Thought… none of anyone’s business if and what you’re carrying.  I quit trying to convince people my point of view on gun related topics years ago… not a single was given over here.

Do you tell everyone?


26 responses to “Do You Run Your Concealed Carry Little Mouth To Everyone?”

  1. i’m in love with that girl…

  2. I can’t hardly watch her anymore. Too boop-boop-be-doop for me…

    She often talks like she is trying to communicate with a small, mentally-deficient child. Also, she is so new to the firearm community I find it hard to listen to her…regardless of how many videos she does with TNoutdoors9 or Hickok45, etc. She seems like a nice girl and all…I am not trying to be a hater. Am I alone or?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I did notice the slowed down calm speech in the videos lately. I’m not sure what’s up with that, her SHOT show stuff was at a normal speed. I’ll ask her next time we exchange emails.

      1. Yep, you nailed it Mike. I have tried to slow down my speech mainly because of a recent revelation that I have a growing hearing impaired viewership that is reading my lips or reading the closed captions. One problem is that I have a tendency to speak too quickly and slur my words together…not good for the google voice-text-bot. As many have pointed out, I’m not an expert so and I don’t want to alienate all of the pros out there, so I’ll try to find a balance between toning down the rapid fire speech without coming across condescending :]

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I can see that voice-to-text thing being an issue. Not to sound insensitive, but aren’t there more people who don’t need subtitles, who you might be losing? I suppose these are #YouTuberProblems that I don’t know much about haha.

          1. I will definitely keep that possibility in mind. I really don’t have a “YouTube ego,” so I’m open to constructive criticism. The funny thing about YouTube critics (and blog critics too, I imagine) is that, through the anonymity of the internet, they can be either objective evaluators of your faults, or overly-critical detractors (which includes the “haters”). One of the things I really enjoy about being featured on your blog is that I can count on more criticism than I receive in my comments and PMs. It helps me to continue improving my craft as a videographer, and as a reviewer. Your readers have “edge.” I like that. ;]

    2. I agree, I never really cared for her. But to each his own…

    3. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
      Never Go Full Yeager

      I agree 100%.

    4. Can’t stand her what an idiot….and how does someone find her attractive? Yuck I wouldn’t let her pet my dog

  3. I don’t care much for her, either.

  4. dave w Avatar

    She often talks like she is trying to communicate with a small, mentally-deficient child.

    Sums up most youtube viewers nicely.

    1. Truer and truer by the day LOL

  5. “Are you carrying, like, a gun?”

    “That depends. Can you see me?”

  6. My bet is this

    If you asked her, her target audience is women who’s significant others are just like us, guys. Thy are interested in the sport or idea but don’t want some testosterone fueld man talking to them who they can’t relate to. So new female shooters is probably her main audience and you always speak to your audience. I subscribed to her awhile back and watched a couple of vids and found they weren’t for me. Lets not be super critical of what she does simply because we are “further along” than she thinks we are.

    1. You are on the right track. I have noticed two groups of viewers that have evolved over the past two years. Based on the feedback I receive, (PMs/comments) it would seem that I have one demographic that is, as I am, new to firearms and appreciates that I’m not an expert (and I’m not trying to hide that fact) . An additional demographic categorization seems to be a firearms enthusiast that is looking for something different (i.e., amusement/entertainment/female perspective with some satire and information mixed in.)

      I realize that my vids are niche and won’t necessarily appeal to the masses of seasoned firearms aficionados, but that’s ok. I make the vids that are most fun for me to make. Without that, it wouldn’t be worth it. I really appreciate your feedback. – Dest

  7. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    She definitely has her audience, and for videos like this, I’m definitely not it. However, her gun review videos are pretty good. I check her stuff out for at least long enough to see if it’s a video for me or not.

    Seb said she’s new to the firearm community, and for a certain audience that’s good, because she’s very clearly learning as she goes, and she’s sharing what she learns as she learns it. There is value there.

  8. I open carry so I guess I do tell everyone.

  9. No, I don’t make a habit of telling anyone I’m carrying. If someone asks, I give a polite smile and tell them I have nothing to say on the matter. It’s the same response I give whether I’m packing or not.

    If they get preachy I remind them that constitutional rights are not up for discussion, nor the will of the masses. Just becuase you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. In fact, I think most pols that push for gun control are morally repugnant (and they often are, on unrelated grounds), but when it comes to everyday people I respect their right to be completely wrong and ignorant. As long as they know it’s not their place to tell me if I can or can’t carry a weapon, I won’t hold it as my place to tell them they can or can’t be an idiot.

  10. Sometimes CCW’ers don’t verbally announce they are carrying, however their mannerisms and clothing are often a good indicator. You know like the guy with Banana Republic photo-journalist vest or the tool wearing 5.11 cargo pants and Oakley M-frames.

    1. “You know like the guy with Banana Republic photo-journalist vest or the tool wearing 5.11 cargo pants and Oakley M-frames.”

      – Oh my God, yes. Tactitardicious. I cannot stand it. I draw the line at ENDO shirts. :-P

    2. BBJones Avatar

      Those damn AP photographers. I knew they were packing!

      I wear skinny jeans size 38×32 and half T shirt (preferably with a rainbow or unicorn on it) so no one suspects me of CCW. I am on the super down low. I call my look anti-Tactical Tactical. Unfortunately, this forces me carry my weapon in my colon. At least I don’t look like a total toolbag in 511 pants or conceal garment.

  11. Tim ballard Avatar
    Tim ballard

    I’m not opsec when. I wear my stay calm carry one shirt.

  12. Critter Avatar

    she’s speaking to “low information voters” so there’s plenty of value there, just not to me. i think she has a pretty good schtick going on.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    Shhh. She’s on a secwet mission.

  14. JWhite Avatar

    “OMG do you have a gun on you?”

    my response… “I dont know what you’re talking about. So, Fuck off and mind your own business”

  15. I usually run into whatever establishment and pronounce “IVE GOT A GUN!” Apparently they don’t like that at the bank..and tasers tickle..

    In Alaska,people might ask “why AREN’T you carrying a gun?”