Biden’s Shotgun Advice Might Not Be For Everyone

Fails start at 0:33:

As you can see girls were singled out in the video, because some guys think it’s funny to potentially hurt a girl on camera and put it up on YouTube.  Yea sure it’s pretty funny when no one gets hurt… but you could just end up turning her off of guns for life if a stunt like that goes awry.  Whoever lets their friend / wife / girlfriend pull the trigger without properly preparing them, or showing them proper stance or grip needs get a mandatory .50 scoping.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointIf you some how haven’t heard Biden’s double barrel shotgun advice make sure to check it out, and listen to FXhummel’s song on the topic while you’re at it too.

Oh yea, and looks like someone in Virginia Beach VA took Biden’s advice last Saturday and guess what?  He’s being charged with reckless handling of a firearm.  Who would have thought?! *eye roll*



8 responses to “Biden’s Shotgun Advice Might Not Be For Everyone”

  1. Yeah… I never understood the humor in handing a gun to a girl when I know she probably can’t handle it, I actually want them to look forward to going to the range with me again.

    Not to mention, with a little less luck I could easily see someone getting shot in some of those clips. Especially that one chick with the semi-auto shotgun, what if she twisted towards the camera as she was falling?

    1. Also, I won’t be taking any advice from Biden on home/self defense anytime soon. He’s clearly an idiot, sadly it doesn’t seem that the equally stupid media realizes this so he won’t get flak for it.

  2. i think this i great to further prove biden is a retard.
    I want to hear that guy in court sat, ‘but the VP said it was ok’

  3. A great video to combat Biden’s dumbass.

  4. TigerStripe Avatar

    A shotgun that fit, a decent grip and a stance that didn’t include leaning backwards would help but they would all do better with an AR… Biden is teh dumbass.


  5. MatthewJames Avatar

    Chick in the green at 1:09 is a champ. Someone hand her a saiga 12 with a 20 round drum clip.

  6. What about those 30-plus pellets/shot in your shotgun rounds, Joe? The ones you can’t really individually aim.

  7. BTW, Biden’s latest shotgun advice is to “shoot through the door” at an intruder. He’s the stupid gift that keeps on giving.