Joe Biden Is A Musket In The Age Of AR-15s

MrColionNoir responds to Joe Biden’s shotgun defense advice:

“Joe Biden is what you get when you mix arrogance and senility” hahah I like that line too.

Like people have been saying… it’s frightening to know that Joe Biden would be president in the event something happened to Obama.

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8 responses to “Joe Biden Is A Musket In The Age Of AR-15s”

  1. Truth! You should run for VEEP instead CN! But you got more common sense than that. Lol

  2. I almost spit out my coffee laughing at “operator high speed low drag wife”

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that Joe Biden is Gary Busey’s long lost brother. Why on earth is he still serving as VP? If his own party had any honor they would have exiled him by now. Double barrel shotguns werent even the standard of self-defense weaponry in 1880, much less 2013!

    “There are layers of retardation that most people dont even know about”- Cpl. Person (Generation Kill).

  4. Spencer wade Avatar
    Spencer wade

    I would grab a shotgun over an ar 15 inside my house every time. You can get a shot off faster with a better chance of connecting with that shot. Granted ur shooting number 7 loads. Ar s are cool as shit but everyone on here needs to quit getting there rocks off to em. Any gun is good for protection as long as it goes bang when u pull the trigger.

    1. Pwrtrip99 Avatar

      All guns are equal, but some are more equal than others.

      1. haha AR’s are more equal than shotguns! It’s true; I asked a professional.

    2. Shotgun would be more devastating to your home’s interior. not to mention louder. but anything is better than nothing I suppose.

  5. And Biden IS Ovomits life insurance policy.