Fight Active Shooters By Using Ballpoint Pens

Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri solves the problem:


My only question is, are high capacity ballpoint pens allowed?  You know, those rotating ones with the different colors (pictured above)?  Is there a limit on the number of pens that can go into the chamber? What about tactical pens?  Can they have pocket clips on them?  I’ve got so many more questions….

It’s just safer if everyone has pens… no “crossfire” of random irresponsible people shooting at the shooter. *eye roll*


Hat tip: Invictus Tactical


16 responses to “Fight Active Shooters By Using Ballpoint Pens”

  1. I am endlessly amused by people talking about “gun nut fantasies” all the time, but its always the gun grabbers talking about crossfire shootouts. Meanwhile people get shot up in gun free zones.

    The anti gun side endlessly fetishizes guns, not owners.

  2. MatthewJames Avatar

    Full Retard.

  3. The Other Andrew Avatar
    The Other Andrew

    Armed guards for us, ball point pens for you peasants.

    1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      All of your ball point pens must be registered. Felt tips are OK as they are the pens our Forefathers envisioned.

      1. Our forefathers used low capacity sporting quills. The high ink capacity assault pens that can write thousands of baby killing words per ink cartridge. Obviously when they wrote the constitution, they had no idea we would have pens that could write as many letters they can today.

        Rise up with me, brothers. We will not be afraid of the assault pens on our streets, killing our babies.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    That guy looks like he has fantasies involving the locker room of a Greek soccer team.

  5. I’m glad he said that actually, I’ve been taking this Jason Bourne magazine and ball point pen defensive course for months now! Now I’LL be the cutting edge of the home defense fray!

    1. Matt in FL Avatar

      You can’t deny that he tore that guy up with that magazine, though. Not that I could do it, of course. I expect “tactical magazine” is much like knife fighting. If you don’t already know how to fight, the knife ain’t gonna help you much.


  7. Apparently he has never heard of Joe Zamudio, who was on the scene with a concealed firearm and helped end that attack?

  8. This just in!
    Security details of government officials are to be faced out, and each official be issued a ball point pen. Initial ink offering will be black and blue. Additional colors may be made available in the future.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      I’m thinking the .gov security details would be equipped with RED ink pens.

      1. Matt in FL Avatar

        I’m pretty sure that true operators use GREEN pens when they’re operating operationally. Also, they use twist pens because click pens are too loud for tactical operations where noise discipline is a priority.

  9. Screw the pump-action shotgun, nNothing scares an assailant dead in his tracks like the, “click-click,” of a ball point pen.

  10. Speed, STEALTH, & Violence of Action.


  11. Actually guys, shouldn’t we ban pens given they are such effect weapons?