Joe Biden Back On That Double Barrel Shotgun Tip

Because AR-15s are harder to aim and harder to use:

You heard it guys… straight from the vice president’s pie hole:

If you want to protect yourself get a double barreled shotgun.  Have the shells, a 12 gauge shotgun, and I promise you… I told my wife; we live in an area that’s wooded and it’s somewhat secluded.   I said Jill, if there’s ever a problem just walk out on the balcony put that double barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.  I promise you whoever is coming in is not going to… you don’t need an AR-15.  It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.  Buy a shotgun.  Buy a shotgun.

A round of applause for the Vice President everyone…. *facepalm*   So are murder charges now going to be dropped in the future when someone does something this retarded? If we can’t take advice from the Vice President who can we trust?


This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned the merit of double barrel shotguns over AR-15s for self-defense.


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41 responses to “Joe Biden Back On That Double Barrel Shotgun Tip”

  1. Max Powers Avatar

    So he advocates shooting blindly into the night.

  2. Derek James Tarantino Avatar
    Derek James Tarantino

    Sooo….why doesn’t his armed security use shotguns? If he doesn’t want citizens to be protected by ar-15s then he shoukdnt be protected by them. Actions speak louder than words

  3. I’ve gotta tell you Mike…and I mean this sincerely. When I see people like Bloomberg, Feinstein, McCarthy (the barrel shroud lady), and the list goes on…..I feel as, though, they have truly sinister intentions and a disgusting sense of privilege by using their podiums to push gun control agenda. However….when I look at Joey Biden…..I honestly believe that he just doesn’t know any better lol. Slow clap all the way. When he starts talking about double barreled shotguns…coupled with that perfect thumbnail you have of him smirking and pointing at the camera? Pure comedy gold.

    1. PS…..where’s the woman’s voice coming from? I just see Joey sitting up there with some dude.

      1. DoubleTap Avatar

        Post Op equal opportunity? Some one get that man some testosterone shots ASAP!!!!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea Biden is a riot. I agree, I don’t think he knows any better.

      1. I have heard on more than one occasion that the shotgun is the better home defense weapon. Not saying its right but depending on when / where you are there are different answers for “best”.

        I’ve had people say its because the rifle has better chance of going through the wall and hitting non-intended person.

        Could be worse, he could be saying you don’t need a gun at all.

        1. Oh there’s plenty of people who prefer a shotgun for home defense. It is the most violent gun you could bring to a home defense scenario. But it also has very limited capacity to match your diminished focal capacity and many recognize the need to have an equally violent tool for the HD scenario that has greater capacity and ease to operate. As for wall penetration, handgun, 223, 12 gauge are about equal with probably the 12 gauge slug and 9mm bullets going through more walls..slightly more than a 223. Go see Box ‘o Truth and their various wall penetration demos and you’ll see real world, no-nonsense truth..not everyone’s misguided hollywood based opinions.

        2. Some say this, yes, but I don’t know anyone who advocates for shooting warning shots off a balcony into the sky. In fact, in Deleware that is illegal, so he has just admitted to instructing his wife to break the law. It’s only funny because its so sad that he is doing all of this while advocating to ban rifles!

          Also, as a woman I can tell you he is terribly wrong when he says an AR-15 is harder to aim than a shotgun. Not for me anyway.

          1. And I forgot to mention….most people don’t have balconies in the secluded wilderness! Hello, privilege, thy name is Biden.

        3. There’s something to be said for shotguns in general, but just because one is better than the other for a task, it’s not evidence the other should be banned. I mean, if that were sound reasoning, why not ban all cars except electric ones? Why not force everyone to replace? Biden’s being a complete fool.

          Now, you can tell he’s a complete fool because, aside from the merits of using a shotgun for home defense, only a dullard gives someone the advice to prioritize purshasing a *double-barreled* shotgun.

          We’ve had pump actions and other efficient reloading mechanisms for decades. Why does this moron get to tell anyone what they can and cannot use, when his advice is to get a two-shot rifle? Talk about ‘stuck in the 18th century.’

          1. *replace all incandescent bulbs with LEDs?

            I’m not attacking you specifically, by the way, I’m impugning Joe “One Heartbeat from the Presidency” Biden’s mental capacities.

    3. Steve D. Avatar

      I’m inclined to think that’s a possibility too.

      In one suggested ban, I remember there was wording that they wanted to ban any civilian versions of military firearms – and from memory (though not 100% positive, as my memory is affected by illness) even including a ban on firearms using the same caliber ammunution.

      In the event of a civil war or other attack of tyranny against innocent people, the free rebels would need ammunition, spare gun parts and magazines… if they could not use such supplies captured from the tyrannt’s thugs, they would be up a creek without a paddle.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    Just think, he’s just a Sickle Cell or two from the keys to the big shotguns.

  5. huahaheheuheahahhuhuhuh illegal discharge everyone!

    god what a fuckin idiot

  6. I really think I should buy a shotgun, but not because of this dumbass. Rather, I want a pump action mossberg, and I’ll certainly hold on to my AK as well. I refuse to let anti-gun politicians tell me how I can and cannot defend my life and lives of my wife and children. Maybe there are no home invasions where they come from, but there are certainly home invasions where I come from (reality).

  7. The stupid, it hurts. This man actually believes he is much smarter than you.

    1. It doesn’t take a PhD to see how stupid this man is. In fact, it might take one to miss it.

  8. Assuming there actually is a bad guy outside, following Blind-fire Joe’s advice will turn out like this:

    Hear home invader outside. Run to the door, silloetted against the kitchen light, trusty double barrel in hand. Fire two warning shots, killing late night jogger and the neighbors kid whose trying to sneak out. Home invader rushes you because he your gun is now empty. Get beaten to death with your own gun. Dems now want to ban double barreled shot guns because in addition to being too easy to inadvertently killing babies, they become deadly assault clubs once out of ammo.

    1. “Blind-fire Joe.”

      This needs to catch on. Applicable to so much more than just his horrible shotgun home defense strategy.

  9. sapper911 Avatar

    Stupid POS.

  10. Someone needs to go to the whitehouse petition site and make one to replace the militarys rifles with double barrel shotguns as they are so powerful.

  11. That someone with this flawed an understanding of the defensive use of firearms is the point person in the administration’s anti-gun efforts tells you all you need to know about the real agenda, which has everything to do with politics and control and not a single damned thing to do with public safety.

    Coming next, I am empowered to mandate policy for the nation on proper codes and standards for electrical wiring in homes. Next week I am going to write the required protocols for conducting a coronary artery bypass operation. Failure to abide by them will be a felony. (Am an electrician? A doctor? Nah. But I’ll be deciding anyway.)

    1. It should not come as a shock that this administration doesn’t care about public safety considering the fact that they openly support, promote, and contribute to the murder of millions unborn Americans in the act of abortion. They even claim that abortion is pro-women when the opposite is true. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: half of the babies and all of the mothers.

      1. But think how many more welfare moochin looser we would have without it. And they would all vote for obama.

        1. And your solution is killing babies? That’s stupid!

          1. aint babies till they are out and screamin. Everyone knows that.

            1. Science proves otherwise. The child has his own distinct DNA from the moment of conception. That DNA is different from that of the child’s mother and that of the child’s father, but I guess that fact is too inconvenient for you.

              Murder is the taking of innocent human life. An embryo is an identifiable individual, differing from a newborn infant only in being at an earlier stage on the long road to adult capacities and, if any life is innocent, that of an embryo is. If infanticide is murder, as it is, abortion is murder.

              We all have the natural inclination of self-preservation, and that is precisely why murder is wrong and legitimate self-defense (or defense of another) is morally permisible regardless of what any government official says.

              And if you don’t believe in objective truth, then consider the fact that to claim that truth does not exist is to claim that it is true that truth does not exist. Thus, relativism is self-eliminating. Logic demands the existence of objective truth, and it really is true that killing babies is always wrong and cannot be justified.

  12. The advice given by the VP is not just dangerous, it’s a felony. So the question now is: the next time someone fires a warning shot, can they used Biden’s stupid answer as an affirmative defense?

  13. Crunkleross Avatar

    Oscar Pistorius was following Blind Fire Joe’s advice when he fired thru the bathroom door and then tried to revive his girlfriend with a cricket bat.

  14. Crunkleross Avatar

    We actually have a picture of our dear POTUS following Joe’s advice somewhere don’t we? Well Obama used an OU instead of a double barrel but you can’t sweat the details when blasting the neighborhood.

  15. My only thought as he struggled to speak was “wait. you fire two shots, you’re out of ammo”.

    1. Two shot is all you need when you have secret service armed to the teeth.

  16. Step one: Get yer olde scattergun.
    Step two: Get yer moonshine.
    Step three: Drink yer moonshine.
    Step four: Tell yer lady to shoot those damn ‘coons with scattergun.
    Step five: Don’t reload yer olde scattergun.
    Step six: Die when assailants raids your house.

  17. SittingDown Avatar

    So Biden believes in the Magic Bullet Hypothesis? LOL

  18. WOW… at the end I was waiting for Rocky the squirrel to come out and say “Thank you Mr. Know it All”… Seriously? Apparently Bullwinkle here hasn’t shot either weapon to make an educated response… March on lemmings…. the cliff is near.