Officer Steve Darden V.S. Blake Robles – Egos Collide

The kid has a big mouth, but at the same time I see why he’s upset:

Vallejo, CA – No one likes poor response times.  I’m sure there is likely often a good reason for a call taking 45 minutes to get to, so telling the police you’re pissed off they took so long, and swearing at them as soon as they arrive probably isn’t the best start.

Although the guy did casually swear, the officer did step up to him it appears for no particular reason other than to show who was boss.  Well seconds later we found out who the boss was.  None of it seemed necessary to me, but what do I know.


According to the ABC news story, they were sent the video from a source inside the Vallejo police department.

At least the police report of incident is honest.


Hat tip: Brandon


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  1. Down&OutInCA Avatar

    Having lived in Vallejo, I understand the caller’s frustration, but at the same time, Vallejo is practically bankrupt again. I think there’s maybe 6 officers on during the day and maybe 3 at night. Assistance comes from Contra Costa or Solano County sheriffs or the CHP by the Carquinez Bridge. That being said, how the officer acted was out of line to say the least. From what I saw of VPD and from my interactions, this guy seems like the bad apple of the bunch; I’ve had no issues with them from when I lived there.

    1. Nicola JJ Avatar

      They’re practically bankrupt because they have had to pay out because of all the police brutality they are being caught for!

  2. Push a cop’s buttons and you see the real nature of the state emerge; it is nothing but thuggery in a uniform. No private citizen could justify such an attack.

    1. 032126 Avatar

      Come on man. Wait until someone tries to rape/kill/rob you and see if you feel the same way. You know who hates the police? people who have never needed them before.

      1. False. I’ve been held up at gunpoint in West Oakland while walking home from work. I still loathe police officers.

        1. Kilo Mike Avatar

          You probably matched someone they were looking for at the time. Was it medium build, 5’6, Black, Hispanic, or White male, red shirt, blue pants? And the whole time, the cop’s had a rough night of dealing with self-important and condescending little fuckers. You looked close enough and your luck just ran out. Sounds like a perfect reason to hate cops. I think not.

          1. You sound Stupid

  3. Darden’s behavior would be perfectly acceptable in a military environment, expected even. But he was on duty as a cop, not a soldier, and he used physical force for no good reason(even if Robels’ fists were clenched). Robels just got the shit kicked out of him beforehand so he has a right to be pissed.

    Interesting though; usually these kinds of videos are recorded by the other party.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea, according to the article it was leaked by someone that didn’t like Darden at the police department. They must have mandatory recorders there.

      1. Not ENDO Avatar

        I see why the didn’t like darden. Being ex-mil and ex-LEO both, he stepped in, escalating the situation, then escalated the situation further with the use of force against no perceived threat (at least nothing a Marine should be threatened by) while telling the subj not to do what he just did himself. Unacceptable. Makes me remember why I changed careers, because of the distortion of our blue line. Too bad he didn’t document that he was the agressor. Was there any disciplinary action, or did another muddy blue cover him?

        1. BludBaut Avatar

          No disciplinary action was taken. The Chief of Police This kind of behavior by cops is routinely approved by almost all departments. They have an “us against them” mentality that pretty much justifies anything a cop does.

        2. No discipline whatsoever. The chief weaseled out of responsibility claiming he was new on the job.

        3. Kilo Mike Avatar

          Officer Darden did not escalate the situation. He responded because he was forced to. How can you not see this? Just because he serves the public doesn’t mean he has to be subservient when forced into a situation.

          1. Ignorance is real in you!

    2. It is not acceptable to assault or physically threaten soldiers in a military context, unless a crime had taken place. Darden was a clear aggressor and should have shown better judgment.

      1. Kilo Mike Avatar

        It’s one thing to be upset but being an asshole about it, is completely different. Robles set the tone, not darden. From the video darden responded when robles approached him. No matter who you are, you do not approach a cop like that. Darden did not have a chance to get a word out. Remember this from the video, Robles set the tone.

      2. Kilo Mike Avatar

        What was military about it? Nothing. Absolutely not one thing. Was anyone else in uniform besides the officer? Nope. Did Robles walk out and show respect to the officer sent there to help him or present his military ID card instead of being a condescending prick? Nope. And while we’re on the subject, wtf does military context have to do with a crime taking place? Not one gd thing.

        1. Being a condescending prick is not against the law, nor does it require an officer to use physical force. If you are going to play that card, the officer involved in the incident — Darden — is equally as guilty of the crime of being a condescending prick. Should he also be slammed to the ground and arrested?

    3. You think so? Do you have any actual experience with “military environments?” Pretty sure this would be wrong in that environment as well.

    4. BludBaut Avatar

      Darden started the recorder before the incident for evidence to serve himself. He never intended that it get out.

  4. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    Um… That kid wasn’t even posing a threat.

    1. MBGlock Avatar

      That “kid” is 6’2″ and 22 years old, and for the record, he has a history of violence including assaulting an officer, and almost giving an old man a heart attack by beating on his window for cutting him off in traffic. That being said, the cop was too aggressive in this situation, but keep in mind if he saw Blake’s “rap sheet” before arrival, that would have put him on high alert. Just a thought…..

      1. Officers, especially ones who are Billy bad-ass Marines, responding aggressively toward people who have not done anything illegal are cowards. They are trained to be cowards. The “kid” — a United States Army veteran, for what it’s worth — was not doing anything illegal. Having an attitude is not a crime. The police officer involved in this incident — Darden — is clearly the aggressor and is guilty of assault. That is a crime. You seem to think a rap sheet justifies Darden’s behavior toward Blake; however, Darden does not have a rap sheet so you conclude his misconduct is acceptable in this instance? I’m just asking that you think about the encounter through the appropriate lens.

    2. Kilo Mike Avatar

      He totally was. From his aggressive actions towards darden, the officer should have tased his first, handcuffed him second, then said, “okay, let’s start over.” If that were in the video I would have totally been giggling my ass off.

      1. After you’re done giggling would you lie on the report like Darden too?

  5. Officer Darden has to control the situation. What do you expect him to do, back up and let Blake control the situation? The officer did nothing wrong and used minimal amount of force to to gain control.

    1. Action beats reaction. That is a big component of why police are justified in using a higher level of force than the rest of us. Maybe if cops were immortal/invulnerable they could afford to wait for the bad guys to attack first.

      1. Are the rest of us immortal?

        1. do the rest of us have the choice to get back in the car and leave?

          1. In situations where you are justified in using force, no.

            i’m sick of the argument that “police have families to go home to and are just trying to do their job.” I have family in law enforcement, so I get it. But simply being a cop does not justify offensive action when your life is not being threatened.

            If it was a private citizen it would have been assault.

            1. BludBaut Avatar

              It was assault anyway. It’s just that since he’s a cop, he doesn’t have to obey the law.

              I’ve seen that not only is this the attitude of the police departments across the country, but no one at any level of authority cares.

              This WAS a BIG issues for blacks for as far back as I can remember (50s), but since the Kenyan Obama has been illegally holding the office of the President, there’s not been a peep out of the blacks about it.

            2. Kilo Mike Avatar

              So tell your bro Blake to stop being a cream puff and sue darden for excessive force.

      2. Criminals with badges Avatar
        Criminals with badges

        I think you’re either a cop, married to a cop, blowing a cop or you’re just too thick to think.

        That answer doesn’t apply when a cop attacks a man WHO CALLED THE COPS.

    2. Nothing wrong? Were we watching the same vid? The kid was agitated for sure, but rather than talking to him that cop got pissy and escalated the situation and then assaulted the poor guy. Especially nice of him since he was assaulting a fellow current or ex service member.

      Officers don’t need to literally control every situation with an iron fist, and they need to be calm enough to deal to not take an annoyed citizen personally.

      1. Amen. The cop could just as easily have calmed the situation as he escalated it it.

      2. BS, the guy acted like because he was (ex-military) he could punk out the cops.

        He got served, and his punk azz deserved it.

        Was the cop suppose to back up because lil joey was agitated and wanted to express his anger ?

        Looks like lil joey was smoking something.

        The time lil joey should’ve been puffing up his chest is when the guys in the house was beating his ass.

        Little joey can hire his own protection if he wants immediate response.

        Doesn’t matter how mad he was, he called the cops, he should’ve calmed his ass down.

        Cops was right in this case.

        1. Let’s see how calm you are after being assaulted by your room mates. Running your mouth to the cops is never a good idea, but it’s clear at least to me from watching that vid several times that the cop escalated a non-violent situation straight up to physical violence without even trying to see if he could resolve the situation differently.

          Bottom line, big tough ex Marine let his feelings get hurt by a young man who had clearly just been through a traumatic experience, and chose to show the poor guy who was boss by getting up in his face and violently putting him down. Shouting “You’re talking to a Marine!” was such a lovely touch.

          Who knows how differently the situation may have played out if instead of getting in the kids face, he simply took 2 seconds to talk to him and try to calm him down? The kid may have calmed down and apologized without needing to be sent to the hospital.

        2. Matt in FL Avatar
          Matt in FL

          “Was the cop suppose to back up because lil joey was agitated and wanted to express his anger ?”

          No, he wasn’t supposed to back up, but he also wasn’t supposed to step up.

          You need to go back and watch the video again, Jack.

        3. RoyalMoron Avatar

          You maybe a policeman or a moron . or both .

        4. YURA Copscocsuker Avatar
          YURA Copscocsuker

          Looks like your attitude is strangely identical to the “lil joey.”

          I’d like to hear your remarks after the cops do it to you.

          You sound like a criminal with a badge.

        5. USMC 0311 Avatar
          USMC 0311


      3. MBGlock Avatar

        For the record he was a reserve, and received a dishonorable discharge

        1. doesnt matter, officer.

    3. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Another apologist for the police state. Cops like this are one of the reasons for the 2nd! I hope this pig gets bounced off the force.

      1. God, I can’t stand pigs like this. I know there are good cops out there but people like this is what makes people hate, complete abuse of power.

    4. I get the “control the situation part” (I don’t agree with it) but Why did he starts moking the guy afterwars ?? …

      1. LiquidFlorian Avatar

        …because his ego is the size of a Nimitz class carrier and make of crystallized sugar.

    5. VanHammersly Avatar

      You Sir, are an incredible simpleton.

    6. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Besides the fact the kid was mouthy, he was just standing there smoking… I didn’t see any advancing from anyone but the cop.

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        This cop is the WORST kind of LE officer. Total meathead who can’t control himself. Escalates the situation for no reason other than to physically dominate the complaintant and prove who the tough guy is. Not to mention be basically sucker punched the kid in the head, so he a fucking liar with that shit about pushing on his chest to take him down. You can’t take someone down that quick by pushing on their chest and sweeping their legs like he claimed. Hopefully this piece of shit gets fired. This kind of asshole makes every other cop’s job ten times harder, because of the distrust of LE this stuff creates.

        The cop got his ego bruised when the kid was rude to him. LE officers are supposed to be held to a higher standard, and hold themselves to a higher standard. When someone is rude an agitated (which happens often, police routinley come in contact with people when they are having the worst day of their lives), a good officer will keep a cool head and difuse the situation.

        There is a difference between keeping control of the situation and addressing a threat Vs. putting someone in their place.

    7. Exactly.

    8. battlewagon Avatar

      gain control of… the unarmed victim of a crime who may or may not have been justified in being angry at waiting 45 minutes for police to show up?

      The police officer started the physical altercation, at that point there is no recourse other than yes sir no sir, that doesn’t mean the officer is a badass, that means the officer is playing with a stacked deck. Doesn’t matter if he’s wrong, he’s got back up and a badge right? I know tons of great, selfless police officers, but I’d count them on the wrong side of things if they’d stand up for dickweeds like this guy. His moral compass aint pointing due north. The guy didn’t do anything that would warrant any other civilian from doing what that cop did, to me that means this cop should probably find a more suitable line of work.

    9. Controlling the situation does not give the right to the officer to assault the suspect when no crime has been committed. He clearly stepped into the suspect and assaulted him when he felt disrespected. The officer was not defending the law, he was getting revenge…

      1. (I’m aware you are not defending the cop, the rest of my comments are directed mostly at other posters on this page.)

        Please watch the video again. This kid was not the ‘suspect’. As he was explaining before getting his ass beat for a second time today (Take a look out how messed up his mouth is in the first portion of the video), his roommates just held him down and beat the shit out of him.

        So he called the cops.. who showed up and beat the shit out of him again, when he made a mildly irritated comment about waiting 45 minutes is pain, possibly needing to go to the ER, and obviously having just been through a rough time.

        He’s unarmed, smoking, his body posture is absolutely non threatening. Shoulders are down, arms relaxed, and his body is turned between the both of them so that he can be polite and address both of them while the conversation is going on. He’s THE VICTIM THAT CALLED THE COPS.

        As someone who is military, let me explain something for the rest of the posters here. People get up in your face aggressively. A lot. Especially when they think you’ve done something wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you have or not. So when they do, you pin your wrists to your thighs, and you clench those fists. You don’t back up. You don’t show weakness, that will get you ridiculed on top of the ass-chewing. You stand there, and you be non-threatening.

        It’s a completely standard military reaction to not back up, and failing to back up is not seen as posturing to military people the way it might to someone else. The only thing that this kid does is mouth off. And when he’s mouthing off to the cop, it’s because he just got scared, because he got the shit beat out of him, and waited for an hour only to have one of his supposed saviours step right up into his face with an attitude.

        Protip: Law enforcement officers, guards, military, etc, are trained to have a conversation at a minimum distance of 8ft when possible, to give them time to react if the situation changes. You never put yourself less than four feet from an individual unless it’s to take a physical action. It’s a clear invasion of privacy which /will/ be perceived as a threat by the person you just stepped up to.

        So, to be clear, the VICTIM who called the cops, got to wait for them to show up while he was in need of medical attention, only to be assaulted by the people who were supposed to be coming to help him, and then get tagged for resisting arrest, of all things.

        And not simple assault, no. This was AGGRAVATED ASSAULT (The difference that when you assault someone while you are in the possession of a deadly weapon like a LEO’s duty gun, it’s aggravated assault because the person you are assaulting is being coerced not to defend themselves by the threat of escalated injury or death.)

        1. MBGlock Avatar

          Just so it’s clear, this guy isn’t “innocent” he does (and did at that time) have a record of being a violent criminal, and if you notice the two short quick steps towards the officer, having seen him in that state, he was “challenging” him. I am all for stopping cops beating on people and using excessive force, but if people want to be heard, stop standing behind a con artist like this. I’ve heard him make noises like he did on this tape only to get back up and attack someone, I’ve seen tearful and heartfelt apologies to his own mother that were flat out lies, don’t believe what you see here folks this guy is a full fledged sociopath, he can fool a judge and and his family, don’t be taken in by his BS
          Don’t believe me either, here is a link to an article about him BEFORE this incident

    10. Are you blind? He took a big, looming step forward and got all hard with the caller. He escalated the situation to that point in the first place.

    11. YURA Copscocsuker Avatar
      YURA Copscocsuker

      So you’re a criminal cop for what jurisdiction?

    12. Robert Avatar

      Daron wrote “Officer Darden has to control the situation. What do you expect him to do, back up and let Blake control the situation?”

      Are you serious?! “Controlling the situation” has NOTHING to do with stepping forward and hitting someone who poses them no physical threat. Darden was ALREADY in control, and that required no force. What Darden *should* have done was to stand where he was, rather than STEPPING FORWARD into the victim’s face. While standing there, he should’ve told the victim to be quiet while he was talking, and then give the victim the opportunity to talk while HE was quiet. This shouldn’t have been about Darden and his macho ego; it SHOULD have been about Darden determining what had happened, serving justice and protecting the public. Of that, he seems to be either incapable or unwilling.

      1. MBGlock Avatar

        What would you do if this “kid’s” rap sheet appeared before you showed up as a cop?

        1. Robert Avatar

          I haven’t seen Robles’ rap sheet and neither have you, so don’t pretend to know more than you actually do. The article you linked to (hardly a piece of serious journalism, with its use of words like “smacked”) doesn’t say that Robles had been *convicted* of assault or making threats; it said that the Police *accused* him of that. As we’ve seen from the video, police officers are more than capable of being in the wrong, especially when trying to cover their asses.

          Regardless, even if Robles HAD been convicted of assault, there’s no justification for Darden to have responded in the way he did. Robles posed absolutely no threat to him; he was unarmed and his body language was passive. Yeah, he was pissy, bordering on disrespectful, but LEOs are supposed to be trained to not get their buttons pushed by such behavior.

    13. RobDos Avatar

      Minimal amount of force?! He threw him to the ground, stepped on his chest and neck, and the kid nearly passed out! IT WAS NOT NECESSARY!

  6. Anyone remember that guy who said he trusted the slogan on the police car more than the constitution?

    I think it was some politician or some journalist.

  7. Avatar

    This is disturbing.

    Guy gets beats up. Waits for the police to arrive. Then gets bullied and manhandled by the cops. This isn’t right.

    That cop should face some discipline and be forced to publicly apologize.

  8. The officer never even attempted to verbally calm the guy down, instead he escalated the situation. He took the situation personally, and if I was the mayor of Vallejo, he would be looking for another job. He would fit right in with the LAPD.

    1. aleckzander Avatar

      good he should go to L.A they pay Better!!!

  9. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    The kid was being a jerk, there’s no doubt. However, what the cop should have said was, “Sorry it took so long, but I’m here now, so let’s see if we can get this worked out,” or words to that effect. Instead, he felt disrespected, and his ego wouldn’t let that pass, so he stepped up to the kid. That was wrong, pure and simple. It reminded me of all the prison documentaries, where you hear that “respect is everything” and every perceived slight, no matter how small, must be responded to so you don’t lose your place in the pecking order.

    1. Agreed, too many cops are looking for an excuse to be a douche, instead of trying to de-escalate.

      Many think they deserve respect because of the costume, and don’t need to earn it through mutual respect.

    2. Agreed.

      You have to have a fast mind to be a police officer. Read the situation quickly and verbally de-escalate. What Officer Ego did was the exact opposite of right.

    3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

      It was also the “Marine” in him that felt slighted. A lot of Marines I knew have overly huge egos. They say, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” Shit like this makes me glad I gave up on the Corps and never bring up that I was one of “them.”

      Marines’ 13 leadership traits are easily recalled with the acronym, “JJ DID TIE BUCKLE”. Unsurprisingly, “Respect” isn’t one of them. Respect is not just expected, but mandatory from those below you, but a mutual respect on the way back down is rarely ever seen.

      1. The idea is that traits make you a respectable individual. Mr douche bag cop displayed few of these traits.

  10. I work in Vallejo and there are two thing you dont do. Talk shit to the cops or go into The Crest.

    1. thebronze Avatar


  11. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    Officer; “I don’t like to yell at you that’s why I took a step towards you to talk with you”. I guess five feet away is too far.

    Although the officer did take a few steps up to the kid , the kid did take a step towards the officer (which I agree was not the right choice) , but the situation did not call for the physical restraint.

    As others have said the officer did not take a moment to make an attempt to d-escalate the situation with words. That being said, we did not see the kid’s face just before the takedown, so we do not know how hostile his posture may have been.

    Seemed a bit harsh to me in any case.

  12. sapper911 Avatar

    Good guys don’t strike first, especially when the other person poses little threat to you. I would be pissed if it took 45min for them to get there. The cop will never get in to any trouble, because our cities and governments don’t give a crap about us. They have no obligation to protect any one. The only obligation they have is to steal from you “via tickets” and document the “crime”, so they cover there asses.

  13. RaiderCop Avatar

    I used to work at VPD back in the early 90s under Chief Galvin. Good dept with very dedicated professionals and a handful of douches I presume those who remained through the bankruptcy are truly dedicate to the community. City is run by absolute idiots and the whole town suffered, PD & FD made out to be villains in city’s financial woes. It’s liberal governance run amok, like in most of Cali. Bankruptcy devastated public services, it’s frightening how few cops patrol a city of +100K with a high crime rate. IMHO Darden should have known better. I’m all for officer safety, but ‘that’ moment hadn’t come yet. Still not illegal to be an Adam Henry.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      The Vallejo PD an FD are/were probably made out to be “villains” because their bloated salaries and retirements are likely a main source of the City’s financial problems. $100k and $200k salaries and retirements are difficult to cover with receding tax revenues.

      1. Huge salaries that are bloated the last couple years before retirement and then retire @ 90-100% pay of your highest salary. Its a scourge in CA and declining cities like Vallejo feel it first. Just like many areas are turning to Cal Fire instead of a municipal FD, many cities are turning their policing over to county sheriff’s. All part of CA’s plan to turn what should be the richest state in the Union into a POS with a good view of the Pacific.

        Keep it up CA! Squeeze the citizens for more taxes and watch the productive people escape to neighboring states.

        Back on topic, We can’t see everything the officer saw, but it certainly looks like he made a situation worse. Taunting him and informing him that he was a Marine shows his mentality. Good cops only say things that are required or might help the situation.

  14. Agree, the cop went the wrong direction in UoF. He claimed the kid stepped up, but the distance was obviously closed by the cop not the kid. But the cop kept reinforcing his story at every opportunity while also finding every opportunity to dig at the kid.

    If you took this same exact conversation and action and put it in a domestic situation, the cop would be charged with domestic assault. As a former MP and Fed LEO, I am absolutely certain every move the cop with the camera made was not only unethical, but was also an abuse of power.

    What the cop’s actions boil down to is not proper UoF continuum, but an alpha male determination to prove who was better. And the cop’s determination to CYA the UoF, totally negated the actual situation to why the cops were called in the first place.

    A sick display, and frankly, a winning case if the kid were to take it to court for excessive use of force requiring the kid to escalate for self-defense. We’re all subject to the UoF continuum, citizens and cops alike.

  15. Plain and simple — the kid was being pissy. But he didn’t threaten anyone. Even calling it a verbal assault is stretching it. The cop stepped up and then laid hands on the kid.

    If I was to do that as a private person or even as a private security agent, I would be guilt of assault.

  16. So…now..the kid can press charges against the cop for assault too….and wait for another 45 minutes…and then rinse repeat.

  17. This was wrong. Plain and simple. The kid was being a dick, no bones. But cops shouldn’t be allowed to punch whoever they want and get away with it. There was no threat, and there was no provocation for what he did.

    Take the badge away and this would be battery. But because one of them has a badge, it’s considered legal.

  18. Ya kid was mad (i would be too and so would you) and was talking trash, but when did (light) verbal aggressiveness equal physical assault by the police? If a civilian would have done that same exact situation that would be battery, no questions. The police are here now to keep us in fear, great nation we live in, fear from the criminals and now the police…

  19. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    Anyone see this today?

    1. The mask is slipping.

  20. Mr. Obvious Avatar
    Mr. Obvious

    To be entirely fair – the police report was incorrect in how it described the level of force used and where force was applied. The video shows the officer hitting the guy in the head.

    Luckily, this didn’t take place in LA. If it had, the police would have served and protected the entire community by executing him, his neighbors, and random passers by on the ground that they resembled the cop killer….

  21. The Other Andrew Avatar
    The Other Andrew


  22. I’m all for the beat down the kid received ONLY if the cop had first warned the kid to back off. Yes, the cop did advance towards the kid first, and he stopped – no crime, may not even be intimidating but to hear better and communicate better. The problem is the kid stepped up to the cop too clearly seen in the video. At that point, the cop, who sighted section 849 which regards his safety, should have clearly commanded him to backup. The split second the kid didn’t backup, then yes, the cop would have been justified in “controlling” the kid which is his right if he felt threatened. The kid, was aggressive, explaining that he’s a soldier and that the cop was messing with a soldier and of course being a douche. I think the cop would have been justified if he had first asked or commanded the kid to step back. Doesn’t matter if the cop stepped up first or at all. Once the kid moved to the cop with the threatening language, the cop was almost completely justified..he just should have used one simple verbal command first to difuse..then of course beat down like he did. I loved that cop saying he’s a us marine to the soldier. That was gold and made me proud!

    Ok cop haters, let me have it…

    1. Its not about hating cops. I used to be one myself. Its about the use of force continuum. Escalating force by the cop justified the kid to stand his ground because the escalation was unjustified. If the cop would have gotten his ass handed to him, it would have been justified. A badge doesn’t give a license to do as you wish. And it doesn’t authorize a cop to escalate force either. Some jurisdictions allow two levels above, but they are also clear you cannot escalate based on a verbal. Its uncalled for in about every respect. The kid stepping up after the cop closed the distance based on nothing more than the kid complaining it took 45 min for a response is absolutely no reason to close the distance the way he did. This entire scenario is text book bad business.

    2. You’ll notice if you actually watch the vid, the kid was angry and complaining but not threatening or aggressive when police initially approached him.

      The situation went downhill and turned into a pissing match when the cop chose to escalate the situation by attempting to intimidate the kid by getting in his face, period. Anyone seeing this vid a different way needs to re-watch it!

      If you’re a cop and can’t take a little complaining from a citizen without getting up in their face and then assaulting them, you need to find a new line of work.

    3. Former MP here.
      Carrying a gun (whether you are a civilian or police officer) must be a “life long commitment to avoidance, deterrence, and de-escalation.”

      This cop is a complete goon and should be charged with assault, and relieved of his duties. This is the opposite of good police work; he not only failed to defuse/de-escalate the situation, he took it up a notch in a manner that tells me that escalation is his habit.

      This is how good people get hurt; both cops and civilians.

      1. Well said

    4. AlphaKing Avatar

      You’re just a punk ass bitch. Lets see if you’re still proud when a real soldier comes after you and busts your head open. This cop would’ve gotten drop the minute he got in my face. You must be on crack because what you claimed the kid do didn’t happen at all. Stupid civilian and wanna be Marine. Marines are drunk ass faggots.

  23. “I’m not on your time watch”
    As a public servant, you kind of are.

  24. If the cop had simply said something as simple as “Sorry for the delay; we’ve been busy today.” it might have changed everything. But the cop refused to acknowledge that he works for the people he encounters, not the other way around.

    1. Totally. All it would have taken was for him to say, “yeah, it took a while, there was a delay. We are in a tight spot…”

  25. Cops should be fired. Both of them. Fuck them. That “Marine” can go fuck himself. That’s coming from a Soldier’s point of view.

  26. I just called and voiced a verbal complaint to the “watch commander” of the Vallejo, CA. I encourage you all to do the same. 707-648-5291

    1. thebronze Avatar

      For an incident that happened a year and a half ago?


      1. You’re saying time doesn’t matter? When both these officers are still employed I would disagree.


    2. I sent them an email :)

  27. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    Lance, I completely agree with you. As you said, that “Marine” can go fuck himself. This is coming from one who was once a decorated Infantry Marine.

  28. Lots of MMQ’s in here…
    “Cops are thugs” “Cops are mean”… blah blah bullshit. Sorry you’re sad cuz you got a ticket once from a bad-apple Cop.
    Try re-watching it from the Officers point of view. The kid doesn’t put his cigarette out when asked, and instead decides he’s gonna re-direct his anger at the very Officers responding to assist him! I’ve had lit cigarettes flipped toward my face before; that’s why they ask him to put it out.
    The kid doesn’t like the response to his tirade about the lengthy response time, and HE steps forward spouting about how they need to know who they’re talking to.
    Officers don’t get paid to take the first punch… Tho different Officers may have allowed more cussing tirades from the kid, I don’t fault this Officer at all. He CALMLY de-escalated the kid, when it looked to me like the kid was escalating toward getting seriously hurt.
    Absolutely the right amount of force used; as the kid recognized as well apologetically.

    1. You serious?

      The kid apologized because a guy with a gun just knocked him on his ass and had his knee on his chest. Did he have another option?

      How is initiating physical force de-escalting?

      Yeah, the kid might have been obnoxious, but being agitated because of police taking 45 minutes to show up to a call and “not putting out his cigarette when asked” hardly justifies the officer’s behavior.

      1. Get back to blogging from behind the safety of your desk… Officer was within his rights after the kid stepped toward him. Re-read: Officer doesn’t have to take the first punch, even from a smaller guy. In fact, I’ve seen Officers take some serious damage from smaller men and women because they did not use enough force.

        You sound like one of these shark-lawyers; ready to make a payday.

        1. You did a good job of avoiding the invalidation of your argument.

          The kid apologized because a guy with a gun just knocked him on his ass and had his knee on his chest. Did he have another option?

          How is initiating physical force de-escalting?

          — from my mom’s basement

          1. According to your worldly view…
            -Officers must wait until their lives are threatened to take any action
            -And your idea of mutual respect is that Officers have to stand and listen to someone who is cussing/verbally abusive toward them.

            Think about this. Wherever you live, you can go (physically or possibly even online) to your Police Department to read their use of force policy. As I said before, not all Officers would feel threatened by this kid. This one did (Tho, I’m sure he also wasn’t happy to hear a fellow military person using that card).

            If you don’t work in LE or take the time to understand your City’s policies/proceedures, most uses of force look unnecessary/excessive by the time the video cameras come out. anyway.

            Mom says your cookies are ready..

            1. You know nothing of my “worldly view.” In this particular situation, based on this particular video, it appears that the force used was unnecessary and the result of a big ego, not fear for personal safety.

              Lack of respect is not grounds for a cop beating on a civilian regardless of a PD’s policies.

              1. Where was the “beating?” Does it “appear” to you that he beat the kid? He calmly controlled him.
                Your “world view”: take a few punches, Officer. You’re bigger than him. How many do you think we should handicap for the kid? Let’s say 150# vs. 200#… four or five, right? When the person gets the Officers gun, he’s probably still not being threatened until it’s pointed at him right?

                Don’t spew cookies all over your screen.

                1. Yep, that’s what I’m saying, the cop should stand there and get punched until his gun gets taken and not respond until it is pointed at him with a finger on the trigger. Your inductive reasoning skills are unmatched.

                2. LiquidFlorian Avatar

                  Your non sequitur about cops taking the first punch has nothing to do with this incident. The kid was just standing their, and while the VPD use of force policy authorities this type of action during an arrest the kid was not arrested or detained. Officer Ego-bruise should’ve used his big boy words before getting hands on with that kid. Disrespect is no excuse for tuning some one up. If this indecent was righteous why did someone inside the department anonymously leak this to the press?

                  And if this was such a masterful “De-escalation” why did the two officers continue to mock him after his acquiescence?

            2. I agree 100% with NakedGun.

              All you other butt-hurt goons must wear bubble-wrap before you get out of bed.

        2. If you are a cop, what is your view on this guy? Was the cop justified?

          1. No Jimp, he obviously was not.
            That is an abuse of authority, and violation of the CCW-guys’ rights. Seems like he suffered excessive force as he was being put into the backseat. The Officer was out of control and could have been terminated over this. His partner should have been reprimanded for not intervening.

            Or should I have said, “Yes, he was justified”, as you would expect all Cops are conspirators.

            As an adult, try to stay on-topic next time.

            1. I was trying to get your parameters that laying on of hands was de-escalating versus the cop saying something like “We’re freakin’ busy today.”

              The cop didn’t even have to truly apologize. He probably could have just acknowledged the delay and things would have moved on. The “I’m not on your time watch” comment is not the attitude I want from anyone.

              If you walked into a restaurant and were given that same attitude by the wait staff would you accept it? How about the DMV or a lawyer you are paying for?

              We, as the public that you interact with, have no choice but to call the cops. If we were to take justice into our own hands law enforcement would be on us for being criminals. So when we call LEO we hope they are willing to understand that we are already feeling like the aggrieved party. Heaping onto that does not help.

              From the video, the aggrieved party had a large delay before LEO showed up. Then when he commented on the delay, the LEO summarily scorned and dismissed his complaint about the delay. Then he had hands laid upon him.

              You are just as bad as the cop in the video if that is your attitude.

              I do my best to avoid any LEO. I don’t condemn any out of hand, but when the LEO are caught — take the time to look at it from the citizen’s side before you line up on the blue line.

              1. You sound like a child arguing on the playground…
                In the two examples you offered me, I took both sides of it (Once the Officers, once the citizens). How is that “lining-up on the blue line”?

                How bout you ride along for a day and see what kind of abuse Officers are subjected to? Maybe this Officer was having his own rough day… Oh yeah, they’re not allowed to be human or emotional, right. When the kid starts by cussing them out, the conversation is already going in the downhill-direction he pointed it to. Maybe they should give him a second chance at showing the respect he expects he deserves.

                I ran into that same attitude in a restaurant tonight; thanks for the perfect example. We waited 45 minutes past our reservation. “We’ll get to you when we get to you.” We let it go, because we understand that everybody has rough days.

                I’ve already said that I didn’t necessarily agree with how he handled this deal, but I’m not his investigator so I won’t monday morning quarterback it. I’ll leave it to experts like you.

                1. Matt in FL Avatar

                  “I ran into that same attitude in a restaurant tonight; thanks for the perfect example. We waited 45 minutes past our reservation. “We’ll get to you when we get to you.” We let it go, because we understand that everybody has rough days.”

                  Perfect example, lolwut? You can choose a different restaurant. You can’t choose a different cop, or a different cop agency.

                  1. Have someone re-read the post for you, and try to explain context to you.

                2. How bout you ride along for a day and see what kind of abuse Officers are subjected to? Maybe this Officer was having his own rough day… Oh yeah, they’re not allowed to be human or emotional, right. When the kid starts by cussing them out, the conversation is already going in the downhill-direction he pointed it to. Maybe they should give him a second chance at showing the respect he expects he deserves.

                  I’m ex-USAF and have been in IT as a professional during numerous system crashes. Only once have I lost it in front my superiors. I don’t care how bad your day is as a cop you need to be a professional all day. If you can’t handle it, you need to find a new career.’

                  And saying that I’m being childish holds no water with me. So you are doing traffic patrol and get bitched out because you stopped the Jag driver means that I’m driving fast to get to my second job means that i get a ticket instead of a warning?

                  If you are a professional that means you don’t carry your emotions onto others.

                  I’m not saying anyone can’t have a bad day, but you refuse to acknowledge that the officer did nothing to step back.

                  1. Thank you for your service.
                    Apparently your outburst wasn’t caught on camera (as most every Police-contact is these days).
                    I’m saying that the Officer, called there by this person who then starts the confrontation, does not have to give ground.
                    I’ve also said that I don’t agree with how he handled the situation.

                  2. BludBaut Avatar

                    It’s not that cops don’t understand your perspective.

                    It’s just that they don’t care! They have the badge and they can get away with abusing people SO THEY DO.

                    Then they lie and pretend that it will cost them their lives if they don’t.

                    And they think we should be so stupid that we buy their lies.

                    You don’t, I don’t, most people don’t. Unfortunately, enough do that they just keep on abusing people and getting away with it and once out of every hundred or two or three, one comes to the attention of the public on TV, so there’s a lot of noise and lies and posturing by the Chief until it dies down and then that cop gets away with it too.

                    Then one in 500 gets caught stealing and selling drugs and they all act appalled and throw him to the wolves and he goes to prison, while the crooked cops who were part of his crimes act like they knew nothing.

                    The older I get the more I am amazed how evil our government is.

                    Our own government murdered Kennedy and the government and the news media is STILL HIDING IT!

                    Remember Rumsfeld announcement the day before 9-11? No? That’s why it was given then! “We can’t account for 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS.”

                    Let me encourage you to search “what does one trillion dollars look like” and after you see how much space one trillion dollars takes up, tell yourself, “yeah, I can see how they’re missing 2.3 trillion dollars. That wouldn’t be hard.”

                3. “the respect he deserves”

                  You feel you are owed respect as a LEO from everyone you encounter? Good luck with that.

                  1. The amount of respect you deserve is the same as the amount you give.

                    It’s not respect if you force someone to give it to you via a badge and gun.

                  2. Again, have someone re-read it to you for comprehension and context… I was asking how much abuse do you think the Officer needs to take before “respect” is bestowed on the kid.

                    1. liquidflorian Avatar

                      So the amount violence you’re allowed to use against an interviewee is directly related to how they treat you? Having a badge doesn’t excuse assault and battery. You’re not in some special warrior caste, like Samurai. You do not have Kirisute Gomen; to use submission and control holds on people you don’t like.

                    2. @liquidflorian (somehow replies are blocked).

                      Yep. I’ve had female victims attack me after they called for help when their husbands/boyfriends beat them and were about to go to jail.

                      Back to your dojo; I’m not trying to be an expert on ancient martial arts.

                    3. LiquidFlorian Avatar

                      These threads have a limit on replies it seems…

                      I don’t see how some exception, some anecdotal story makes it OK to put a kid complaining about the level of service in a submission hold because you don’t like his attitude.

                    4. The officer was not abused. The dumb kid said something that upset the officer. Not an excuse to abuse your power and authority. It is not the job to bestow “respect.” Cops are not some moral authority that need to go set people straight. You seem to have some experience, you would think you would have realized that is a losing proposition anyway.

              2. BludBaut Avatar

                Well said, but it won’t wash with crooked cops (“crooked” i.e., cops who have crooks (criminals) as bosses and therefore know they can bully anyone they want and get away with it and *do* because they’re pathetically immature, irresponsible and are cops because they “like the power.”)

                These criminals, like Nakedgun and “Truth” much prefer to think they *are* the law, rather than being charged to enforce the law, and everyone should kowtow to them. As long as they can get away with their abuse of others, they will.

                It takes a strong and mature man to have the “liberty” to abuse others and resist minor provocations to their ego. Few cops are that mature.

                I grew up respecting cops because that was what I was taught. It was cops and cops alone who changed my attitude. I’m now a senior and I recognize that we need cops… but I don’t want to be anywhere alone with them in a dark place, even though I obey the law, have never been in prison and have no record.

                The bad behavior of cops has been recorded time after time after time. I actually have less anger at cops immaturity and lack of self-discipline as I do the criminals like Nakedgun who defend criminal behavior by cops. When they do that, they show that they’re crooked to the core. Everyone knows right from wrong and physically hurting a man (with impunity) because you “don’t like his tone” IS an ABUSE of authority and Nakedgun is a scumbag liar to deny it and pretending it’s “deescalation” shows he IS a scumbag liar in addition to being a criminal with a badge.

    2. Money says you’re a bad cop yourself. I’ve been in this exact position, and always chose the path of de-escalation. There is no excuse for initiating force against an irate victim. Ever.

    3. RoyalMoron Avatar

      You re a certified moron . I’ll pray this kind of things happened to you . Smoking or not it not an excuse to bully a citizen. Because you work for them. Moron

  29. Fuck all of you guys that are saying the officer was justified. That was insanely unneccesary.

  30. SittingDown Avatar

    Darden needs to lay off the sauce. Good grief, bro. This ain’t North Korea.

  31. Jackbooted thugs assault a victim of crime and then you cunts defend the thug?

    Fuck all the assholes in this thread who are sucking the cops cock right now.

    Fuck you all to hell.

  32. I just sent that department a nice email.. and the cop was wrong in the way he handled himself it was disgraceful to the uniform and his department!

    1. Well said

  33. I am a police officer in california, you would be surprised at how much this happens. The officer in question was not justified in his reaction. The kid had a cigarette in his hand and the other was in plain view. This officer, just like the majority of California police officers and why patrol operate in this manner because the public accepts it. I loathe having to deal with these scumbag cops on a daily basis and used to call them my friends. There comes a time when you have to stand up for what is right, all people are created equal but i can assure you that is not what they are teaching us at the academy. This makes me ashamed. Does anyone know how hard it is to work alongside this and be afraid to say something? welcome to my life.

    not too mention that our citizens out here aren’t even allowed to protect themselves.

    1. Franco, I’m sorry you felt there was no choice but to leave instead of living in fear of reprisals for speaking out about abuses of authority. I respect your decision
      As for me, I have spoken-up several times and taken fellow Officers aside when necessary. I took this job to be able to stand-up for those that can’t, and to be able to protect myself and my family. It disgusts me when other Officers actions tarnish my badge.

    2. BludBaut Avatar

      I’m not surprised how much it happens.

      I’m 60 years old now and I grew up with respect for cops and my FIRST encounter with one was when I was 16 years with a friend who had just bought a car from a friend.

      We were pulled over (had done nothing wrong or illegal)(this was 44 years ago and the rules weren’t the same) and we got out of the car and headed back to the cops’ car and I was smiling. I was smiling because I was a law-abiding young man and the cops were my friends and I smile at my friends.

      When I go alongside of the passenger door of the cop car, the cop in the passenger seat decided he’s throw the door open and assault me with it. Yeah, just your local friendly cop.

      Then they told us to get in the back seat and began interrogating us. The driver cop’s story was that he knew the guy who owned the car previously and thought it had been stolen, not recognizing the face of the driver.

      These were Houston cops under Herman Short, who apparently liked the reputation of the LAPD and liked to abuse people as some of the criminal cops on this page have shown us is their “duty” to do to “stay alive” because if they don’t abuse people, it will cost them their lives.

      Yeah, we believe it that, of course we do.

      So, I have NO RECORD, but have gone for much respect to appalling shock that cops think they can beat people up and even kill them because they’re cops and it’s their job!

      At my age, I’ve seen situation after situation where cops have lied, framed people, not only made up bogus charges but announced beforehand that they were going to do it! I’ve seen cops murder people and ALL THE COPS HELP COVER IT UP!

      The one place I don’t want to be in this country is in a dark place with no one around except me and cops. That is the single most fearful place I can think of.

      That ought not to be.

      Do the cops care? It probably makes them feel proud.

  34. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Sooner or later this kind of shit gets somebody killed.

  35. For those that say the police officer did the right thing, or had to control the situation, I will guarantee you this would have gone down different if the Blake had’ve been 6’3″ 260#. The LEO would have definitely tried to verbal defuse the situation first. He pulled that stuff cause he had the guy by height/weight and had back up.


  36. As long as police get away with actions like this, it is people like Darden who will want to become cops.

  37. A) “Do we have an understanding?”
    B) “Put your cigarette out that”
    C) “[F]ully introduce myself”
    D) “Let’s start over”
    E) 4:10+ Moaning on the ground

    A) Wait the FUCK? Is anyone else thinking this? Understanding bully mentality? Blake called for the police, they were late. What the fuck? He called for them, he’s angry, and he wants an explanation. Why else should he or anyone Vallejo pay taxes for such a inefficient system? Why should someone who’s poor get shit response time from the police while Kardashians (More here, would have police in a minute and half?

    B) The police are on private property (apartment parking lot, from what I can tell) they can piss off. Smoking isn’t a crime, well at least not in my state…

    C) Is that code for “Police brutality”? Or “I didn’t have shiatsu this morning”?

    D) Wait, if he’s a US Marine isn’t he violating posse comitatus? “I’m a marine.” Doesn’t excuse anyone for that kind of behavior. Maybe the officer should reenlist.

    E) WHAT THE FUCK!? WHAT THE FUCK? That cop’s explanation is utter bullshit, “professionals”? Acting like a bunch of fucking thugs is professional? I don’t care what that officer says, that he “took a step towards [Blake] to talk to [Blake]” attitude is no different than a fucking bully. No fucking wonder Blake declined pressing charges.

    Blake was angry because the people he called for help, were not only late, they [the police] caused Blake to suffer emotionally to the point where he seemed more fearful of the police than of his original attackers. He is VOICING his grievance, which he’s entitled to under the 1st amendment. Now if the officer quoted Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction about being scared, that might have helped Blake understand that Darden felt under potential physical duress.

    (Example of conflict resolution, where everyone is chill: ) Short version for those who don’t want to watch greatness:
    Now when you yell at me, it makes me nervous. And when I get nervous, I get scared. And when motherfuckers get scared, that’s when motherfuckers accidentally get shot.

  38. @liquidflorian
    Anecdotal? Actually it’s called experience; it has happened to first responders many times.
    Give it a few more days and a million more public contacts with the Police, and I’m sure you’ll have a better video to get excited about.

  39. Scum with a badge.

    He was the one that “stepped up” as he put it, then assaulted a member of the public.

    I can’t believe be has the nerve to make out he’s doing his victim a favour by not arresting him.

    That pig needs to run into a thug just like himself who will be willing to put a bullet in his face.

    Jack booted thugs like that have no business serving the public. They should be in jail where they belong.

  40. This video makes me completely disguisted in cops. Why do they always use physical force when it is unnecesary?

  41. You can tell who the cops (or former cops) are here. Always justifying police brutality even when it’s not warranted. I’m former military myself and I wish a cop would put his GD hands on me without provocation. I need a good fat pay day from those self righteous bastards. While I admit there are some good cops, most are suffering from little penis syndrome and are trying to make up for it with an inflated ego of themselves because they where a badge and can carry a piece. Power hungry control freaks is all most of them are. Especially this douche bag.

    1. Bryan –

      Here’s my issue with your statement. Instead of voicing your opinion in a professional manner, you immediately turn it into a physical challenge and then make your own Freudian assumption about why an entire occupation’s worth of people do what they do. Police officers don’t like being judged any more than any one else. I am a cop, and I have had the privilege of dealing with many current/former soldiers in the course of my duties. I have the utmost respect for the military, just as I have the utmost respect for police, nurses, EMT’s, firefighters, etc.

      Unfortunately, sometimes we run into soldiers who “are suffering from little penis syndrome and are trying to make up for it with an inflated ego of themselves because they where a badge and can carry a piece. Power hungry control freaks is all most of them are”

      See how that works?

      Both parties could have handled this incident different. In my personal opinion, the “victim” changed the rules when he played the soldier card. I don’t understand why the cops are supposed to “serve & protect” and be your slaves, yet soldiers are allowed to flaunt their status and be disrespectful?

      Most cops ARE also military. We’re on the same team, we need to do better trying to understand each other and realizing that the rest of society doesn’t give a fuck about EITHER of us.

      1. While I agree with you in some part, I gotta tell you that officer Steve Darden escalated the situation himself when there was no need, did absolutely nothing to de-escalate the situation, was confrontational from the very beginning and should be stripped of his badge because he poses a serious threat to the community.
        No citizen in the US should be afraid to talk to a police officer.

      2. John Starks Avatar
        John Starks

        Absolutely not true that noone gives a fuck about you-Do you give a fuck about a construction worker on a steel beam 30 ft in the air ? Your family and friend care about you. The construction workers family and friends care about him. Here is the problem- Your not BETTER than everyone else. Police are NOT soldiers. They are public servants hired for order maintenance. Darden rolls like an MP who s job is different. This is a big problem because these types of people make people hate cops, they cause massive lawsuits when they step so far over the line that someone gets killed or seriously injured. This situation the kid got lucky, and the taxpayers got lucky he didnt have a medical condition and come from a wealthy family.

      3. BludBaut Avatar

        “Both parties could have handled this incident different. In my personal opinion, the “victim” changed the rules when he played the soldier card. I don’t understand why the cops are supposed to “serve & protect” and be your slaves, yet soldiers are allowed to flaunt their status and be disrespectful?”

        You’re a LYING cop.

        The cop MADE THE RULES and the rule he made was, “I’m god in this situation and I’m going to hurt you so that you’re know who’s god next time you think you can DARE square your shoulders when I’m intimidating you!

        A good cop has more class than that clown OR you.

  42. joey buttafuoco Avatar
    joey buttafuoco

    Can Officer Steve Darden beat me up next? Then he can punch and assault everyone else in the god for saken state of california. Wow what a tough guy. Say what you will, that douche bag cop should be behind bars and his partner too. Life in PC would be good for this tough guy!

  43. this nigger trash talking ex marine rapping pos cop should not have attacked this guy. The kid could not fight back to an armed thug who wears a badge and took their sweet ass time getting there.

  44. Aramis Hegler Avatar
    Aramis Hegler

    I don’t think Darden did wrong at all. Does this kid think because he’s a “US SOLDIER” it’s ok to charge a uniformed police officer??? Sorry dude, wrong! And as for the rest of youon this forum who are bashing Corporal Darden need to check yourselves. Darden is far from being cocky, abusive or an ass he did something that any other officer would of done. So before you start tarnishing a respected police officer’s character do your damned homework and watch this video 5 times and think about whose out of line!

    1. Did you read any or all of the comments before you came up with your vaunted opinion?

      Where did he charge the cop? Did the the cop do a single thing to de-escalate the the situation? Did he anywhere acknowledge that the the victim of a beating might be upset?

      Pleas point those out. Just because you are a cop does not mean you are sitting at the left-hand of Jesus. It means, that as a cop, you are trying to keep the peace. Laying your hands on a victim to enforce your version of peace is not acceptable.

    2. USMC 3 star Avatar
      USMC 3 star

      Hey aramids, your wrong, the kid never charged that pussy cop. Ooh and if you would do the same then you are a threat to the citizens of the United States. There for you are a terrorist. And if you would like to see me in real life and see how many checks your mouth can cash then hit me up. Ooh and if this kid would of pursued this with his military commanders, then it would of been shit creek for that department and anyone that works there. Once that shallow of a cop struck that soldier it was destruction of government property, and him saying he was a Marine, he was impersonating military personal. Plus the restarted cop was in the Navy not the Marines. People like him give us real true Marines a bad name.

      1. Well said!

    3. BludBaut Avatar

      I watched it 15 times OR MORE… and YOU’RE A LIAR.

      Typical for cops. Here’s another “respected police officer” “just doin’ his duty.” Tell me I’m tarnishing his character. Tell me he was “provoked by this bitch.” Tell me what the law says should happen for an assault like this in Skokie. Tell me if he’s going to get the same consequence I would get if I had done it. Tell me the only reason he’s shown no remorse is because he’s ‘obligated’ to. And if you’re REALLY honest, then tell me THE TRUTH: that you don’t give a damn because he’s a cop she’s nobody.

      Search “tape of horrible police brutality released – 110lb woman’s face shattered” It’s on LiveLeak and YouTube. After the video, it shows pictures of the woman’s face.

      Here’s the info on LiveLeak about the incident.

      Skokie, IL – Disturbing video evidence has been released of an incident
      that left a woman’s face so badly injured that she needed facial
      reconstructive surgery. The woman is filing an excessive force lawsuit
      against Skokie police after being thrown face-first into a bench inside a
      jail cell, followed by alleged false statements to justify the
      unprovoked assault.

      The incident, all captured on video, shows the petite 110-pound woman
      calmly following directions, posing no threat or aggression to her
      captors. The footage — subpoenaed by Feuerstein’s lawyer — shows the
      woman being asked to leave the cell, and after a few brief seconds,
      brought back to the cell and shoved in at full force.

      Feuerstein was launched into the cell by Skokie Police Officer Michael Hart.
      Literally using both hands to shove her, the small woman helplessly
      sailed into a cement bench… face first. The results were devastating.
      He face was shattered.

      As a pool of blood began to pool on the floor, officers scrambled to do something. One officer, who Feuerstein described as “kind,” cradled her on the floor as she bled. Her thuggish assailant, Michael Hart, did not seem the least bit remorseful and was described as “totally unapologetic” by the victim.

  45. U.S Army Airborne Grunt Avatar
    U.S Army Airborne Grunt

    That “Marine” just violated a serious veteran code. You don’t EVER treat a Brother-in-Arms that way. I really wish the kid filed suit, it’s the only way any change gets done in a PD, especially one that’s pulling that cowboy crap. That officer officially loses his vet. status, any and all man cards, and earns the title of fat fascist pig. I took an oath to protect America from all threats, both foreign, AND domestic, and OFC. Steve Darden is as big a threat to me as Hadge. That punk should be stripped of his badge, be hauled into court, and have a George Zimmerman full court press put on him. It’s such a shame that we can’t treat that thug the way we would any other, and just drag him into the street and beat him with a rubber hose. As other “officers” have put it, they are exempt from the law. a twist on an old saying that fits here would be, when freedom becomes outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum people. If you want peace, prepare for war.

  46. The police officer Darden Steve clearly showed excessive use of power in a situation that should have been controlled in a totally different manner. First he tells the kid ” he is not on his time watch” completely out of place, but then stepped up to the kid in a clearly confrontational mode. The video shows a perfect example of excessive abuse of power by part of a police officer, no doubt about that. Citizens should not be afraid to talk to cops. The fact that the channel news received the tape and a letter complaining for the “cowboy attitude” within the police department, and that the cops spend more time bullying citizens than doing their jobs fits the profile of the crazy police officer that we all watched in the video. Two facts from the video:
    #1. The cop states ” I am not on your time watch” in an attitude not supposed to be used against any citizen by a cop arriving at the scene.
    #2. The police officer Darden Steve smacked the kid on the head for stepping up to him, just right after he did the same thing. Should a police officer be able to step up to you and ” control the situation ” with a bullying attitude?

    Police officers are to be respected and valued for they great job in the task force, but they should be accountable for their actions when they make a mistake or use excessive force when is not necessary.

    1. John Starks Avatar
      John Starks

      Well stated

  47. USMC 3 star, Lets get something straight. Because you are Marine that gives you absolutely no right to refer to someone be a terrorist. You don’t know me and your views as a citizen are jaded. Watch the video again before you start rambling dumbass. And I will cash every damned check your willing to writ So “hit me up” so I can school your dumbass in being a man, cause no real marine carries himself in manner of a thug.

  48. John Starks Avatar
    John Starks

    The kid was a wiseass but that cop clearly stepped over the line – Funniest part was him accusing the kid of lying about the attitude of the policeman on the phone , then subsequently lying on is own report about smacking the kid down.If that was a chest shot, I am a vallejo policeman. The man should have been reprimanded, or fired. No wonder the town is bankrupt.

    1. Your response is an appropriate example of the basic details and perspective that should be part of every comment of every observer.

      That police around the county excuse this type of behavior exacerbates the “us against them” mentality that is 100% contrary to the claimed disposition of “We serve and protect.”

      It won’t change until police are expected to obey the laws just like every other citizen.

  49. Darden is a yellow belly bully hiding behind the badge. The kid can say ANYTHING he wants, as defined by free speech in the US, and the police have no authority to retaliate. The sow filed a false report and used force when he didn’t have to so he can get a hard-on that night. Sad excuse for a uniform, of any kind.

    1. Absolutely correct assessment of this poor excuse for a cop.

  50. Seriously Avatar

    This topic is so damned old. Get a life already it is over and has been for sometime. Move on and leave this where it is back in early 2013.

    1. BludBaut Avatar

      I’m sure that’s how you’d feel if it was your daughter who’d been treated that way.

  51. Look in the mirror Avatar
    Look in the mirror


    No one ever explained to you what “ignore” means?

    1. I will be ignore you idiots who keep beating a dead horse. If this officer were a White man you would not be on here bashing his name. I think all you guys are hypocrites. You talk about what Darden has done, but you sit here passing judgement with racist energy behind it. I don’t see a forum up about the white police officer who shot and killed a Black man who was merely asking for help after surviving a car accident in North Carolina here recently.

      As for this Blake kid he’s no angel. Look at his background and a record of his arrests in the local newspapers in Vallejo and Napa California.

      You guys all need some help and Jesus in your life anyone who dwells on a topic such as this one for almost a year now have a serious issue and need to get a life and grip on reality. People get shot, beat up, and killed all the time at the hands of other citizens, police officers and military personal. So that being said Officer Darden’s incident is nothing compared to these things listed above.

      1. BludBaut Avatar

        “I will be ignore you idiots who keep beating a dead horse. If this officer were a White man you would not be on here bashing his name. I think all you guys are hypocrites. You talk about what Darden has done, but you sit here passing judgement with racist energy behind it”

        Obviously, you’re a racist black, in addition to being a stinking liar and noticed that he was mistreating a white man. For your information, I spoke against the crooked cop NUMEROUS TIMES before I found out that he was black. I didn’t even know it until I found out about his music and my first thought was that there must be a mix-up because Darden doesn’t sound black at all. He just sounds like a lying thug (kinda like you) with a badge.

        You can check my comments on YouTube, and you’ll see I despise ALL CRIMINALS WITH BADGES and don’t pick on blacks. Furthermore, Over a forty year period, I’ve invited three men to live in my home. Two of them were black.

        You’re projecting your own racism, you racist pig.

      2. BludBaut Avatar

        I notice your mouth is shut. It’s about time. You shouldn’t have opened it, you stinking racist.

        The race problem in America is PRIMARILY Black racists like you who can’t get over racism THAT OCCURRED BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!

        What idiots and fools! I’m 60 and I’ve seen a lot of racism and MOST OF IT WAS FROM BLACKS.

        If white America is so racist, why is Obama in the White House, you lying fool?

      3. BludBaut Avatar

        Still no answer, you racist blowhard?

        Here’s a white scumbag cop for you, to help you keep your mouth shut. Search “tape of horrible police brutality released – 110lb woman’s face shattered” It’s on LiveLeak and YouTube. I happened upon it on LiveLeak and it so angered me that I was going to post it on YouTube AS I DID A YEAR AGO OF ANOTHER VIDEO OF A WHITE COP (but when I found it had already been posted on YouTube three times, I figured that was plenty).

        But, the facts don’t influence your racist bigotry, do they?

  52. I am gonna make up some wanted posters of this bloated wasted excuse for water and carbon and put them up in Vallejo. “Wanted for battery, please report to CHP. Consider him armed, dangerous, and missing several rounds from a full mental clip.”

    1. BludBaut Avatar

      I really hope you do and post them on YouTube with the cop’s face.

  53. This is why i’m against former Marines being law enforecement officers. Army, Navy and ect are okay but Marines are lose cannons. A report done by 60 minutes a while back, pointed out that over 50% of cleared police shootings were done by former US Marines. True story, and I sugest people do alittle rsearch. Marines are hotheads and aren’t meant to serve the public. They’re bona fide front line combast troops. How can you send a trained combat sailor out to rescue a cat from a tree or write a report about ect. Police serve the public and must gain respct from the public. Otherwise, they’re just a Gestapo type police force being ran by the US Police state. This country is no different than East Berlin in the cold war. NSA can now monitor your poops and cum shots. Wake up America!!!! We’re not in Kansas anymore.

  54. Officer Wilson. Avatar
    Officer Wilson.

    This officer had every right to use force. The officer was responding to the threat. The officer made a move, and the kid made a threat: US Army!!! The officer tried to stop it. Rewatch the video. The kid was being a hothead and the officer respinded faster than normal to this threat. Officers like myself, have to react on split second decisions. Because this can mean life and death. The Dept will okay this type of policy because it’s based on the virtue: Officer safety. With all of these shootings and police deaths, we as officers have to react and be on top of the situation in a split second.

    1. BludBaut Avatar

      I’ve watched it two dozen times and you’re a liar.

      The kid had a smart mouth and the cop assaulted him for it.

      It’s idiots and fools like you who approve of criminal behavior by people who are SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD THE LAW INSTEAD OF BREAKING IT BY ASSAULTING PEOPLE, that make the problem as great as it is.

      The kid was dumb, but that’s justification for assault by a cop and you’re a low-life scumbag to LIE and call it other than the ILLEGAL ASSAULT that it is.

    2. BludBaut Avatar

      I responded before I read your entire remark.

      I didn’t read that you’re a CRIMINAL WITH A BADGE.

      Now I understand your response. You think you’re above the law.

      You’re the reason so many people hate cops. I don’t hate cops because I have enough sense to recognize that there are many criminals with badges like you who like being a cop because you can abuse people and get away with it where you couldn’t without the badge.

      And, you have the requisite DISHONESTY to lie and pretend your behavior, while criminal for everyone else, is perfectly OK because you have a badge.

      You’re an idiot; an evil idiot.

    3. BludBaut Avatar

      I’m not through yet, you sorry excuse of a human being.

      I despise liars and YOU ARE A LIAR!

      No cop WITH HALF A BRAIN would have, with ANOTHER COP BY HIS SIDE and BOTH COPS BEING TWICE HIS SIZE AS WAS THE CASE, would have seen that kid as a threat.

      You’re pretense that you’re so stupid is laughable and comparing that situation where there REALLY IS DANGER is JUST MORE OF YOUR LIES.


      Not because you’re a cop; because you’re a criminal who has a stupid boss without enough sense to fire you for being a scumbag!

    4. BludBaut Avatar

      “the kid made a threat: US Army!!! ”

      You’re a despicable person. That was immature pride, not a threat. I don’t think you could tell the truth on a bet!

  55. Officer Wilson. Avatar
    Officer Wilson.

    @ Jafo. You have a lot to learn about life kiddo. Maybe you should get on some meds and stop listening to the people talking.

    1. BludBaut Avatar

      He’s not going to learn; he doesn’t want to learn. He’s just like the cops in all the YouTube videos who get caught being criminals with badges. He’s got no conscience. He’s a liar and a scumbag and he’s going to continue being one until someone beats some sense into him because that’s the only thing he respects, is someone who is as conscienceless and brutal as he is.

  56. Fuck you pig!!! Go eat out your wifes cum soaked pussy. Them navy guys love to visit here when you’re on duty. Scratch and sniff motherfucka.

  57. Officer Wilson, if you can get a jury to buy that then you have way too much bribery money to spread around. Oh, and what’s that I smell… Yes you do have that fine merda bos musk. You devil you.

  58. Seeing all your guys opinions, I am sickened. The state in which people in this country think, is a disgrace.

  59. Well thank you Aaron, we happy to oblige any future disruptions of your digestional tract upon request.

    Since we try and cover all inflammatory and outrageous statements as completely as possible, can you narrow down which statements really irritate you lower bowel so we can make sure to hit those in the future?


    Captain ExLax with sidekick Kid Constipation.

  60. Frank Jones Avatar
    Frank Jones

    The police report is lying! He clearly didn’t apply the force to the upper chest – unless upper chest includes the side of the head. You can clearly see in the video that he hit the citizen in the jaw and upper neck area of the head. The office clearly lied on the report to in order to make his “force” appear justified. The reality of this situation is that police officer is a piece of shit and is a danger to anyone in the community!

  61. officer darden Avatar
    officer darden

    Darden needs a double tap to the head!

  62. Darden’s dead as fuck. Dude was a bitch and probably got shot by somebody who’s rights were being violated by him. Act like a Cowboy, Die like a Cowboy, BITCH ! !

  63. Corrupted cops,
    Abusing of power they were given,
    This kind of attitud makes me vomit
    Pure garbage they are and whose ever act like animal just like this one,
    until you find some one your size and type
    Your attitud will Change or they will make
    It change.


    1. Kilo Mike Avatar

      You should really use spell and grammar check before you post. You probably didn’t even watch the recording.

  64. USMC 0311 Avatar
    USMC 0311

    Blake Robles is a fucking butt pussy!! Try’s acting tough and thinks he’s a fucking operator and gets bitch slapped back to his fucking kitchen..then he wants to go on tv again crying like he’s the tampon that got chose for Bruce Jenner’s fucking purse… if you wake up in the morning and you want to look cool that day by trying to start some shit just remember this, US Marines got up two hours before you did and were already wishing a mother fucker would… so make sure and tell Blake and any of you other ass pussy cock swallowers that just because you got a chainsaw mouth that runs fast and loud doesn’t mean you aren’t gonna get your paper mache’ ass whooped like what the daddy that wasn’t there to help raise you should have done before he looked at you as a baby and realized he didn’t want a retarded baby

  65. Kilo Mike Avatar

    Blake Robles is a whiny self-entitled little Bitch! “I’m a US Soldier. Know who you’re talking to.” This was all said as he’s closing the personal gap with the officer. The incident escalated so fast because Robles immediately set the tone. The officer responded the same way any other person would have, when their personal space in forcefully invaded. It’s my opinion, the little shit got what he deserved.