Newtown Parent Bill Stevens On Gun Violence Prevention

Some of you might like this:

People have been shitting a brick over how awesome that video is.  I wasn’t impressed… he was awkwardly reading off a laptop screen, something we have already heard a billion times.  The Charleton Heston quote and fist slam?  Meh… didn’t move me either.  Maybe it would have if he was more dynamic about it and didn’t have: *Slam fist on desk, Fold laptop screen down, Try to storm out like a boss* written in the document he was reading.

Frankly the only reason I posted this was to highlight the fact that I’m sick of the somber attitude toward firearms that lingers after every mass shooting, along with the requisite political moves made against the 2nd Amendment.  I’m also sick of saying “guns aren’t the problem, it’s people” because I feel that falls on deaf ears as well, and doesn’t need to be repeated over and over again because it should already be known as a solid fact.  Maybe it should be repeated over and over again though?  What do I know?  I’m just a guy that wants to enjoy the design, mechanical engineering, personal protection, and recreational aspects of a hobby.  That all becomes quite exhausting when there is so much background noise from the media and gun hating portion of the public.  Maybe I should pull out my Pogs and start a blog about them?… last I heard there was no push to ban those… I’m pretty sure you just never see them anymore because they are boring as shit and painfully uncool.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackJust a bit of a rant.  I really need to stay away from political posts on here I know…



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  1. Ghostalker Avatar

    As a local resident myself, (Bethe,CTl) I can say that the reason this is getting so much press is because this is how the area is. Newtown is NOT Chicago, or even a city, it is not inherently dangerous. People ‘out there’ assume everyone from CT is cowering in fear and clinging to ‘gun control’ as our only possible savior in a world so dark… People need to realize that this is the true CT, passionate, level headed, educated, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend what is theirs. But yeah, it sucks that we have to play the politics game, but I have heard many a time that if you own a gun, you are political. Because certain people hate guns, and hate you for having one.

  2. Pogs may be ok, but Kinder Surprise are banned in the US.
    In Australia we can buy Kinder Surprise, it’s written in our Constitution.

  3. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    I agree, I don’t think that his speech was that great. I preferred this speech. – Remember, you do not have to be born in The United States to be a true Patriot. This country was started and built by immigrants.

    1. I sent that one to him awhile back.

      1. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
        Never Go Full Yeager

        10-4. I’ve been reading this blog for a few months, and I don’t read through the comments all the time. I just think that the video we both posted needs more exposure.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Definitely better. That said, he just read stats we already know and stated facts off a sheet of paper.

  4. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I read elsewhere an opinion about this that I agree with. It basically goes that we own the facts and the logic, but the Civilian Disarmament Movement is owning the emotional side. This video is getting so much “brick-shitting” because it’s one of the few examples of our side showing some emotion about the issue, and that emotion resonates. Henson Ong was great, beyond great even (American by choice and all that), but he still stuck to the generally pro-gun script of facts and quotes and logic. We need that, because as I said, we own the facts and logic, but we also need an injection of humanity. The CDM uses the old line about saving one life. It appeals to our emotion, but lacks reason and logic. People who respond to and act on emotion will not be swayed by facts and logic. They need an emotional appeal, at least to open the door to listening to the facts. This guy provides that.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      It basically goes that we own the facts and the logic, but the Civilian Disarmament Movement is owning the emotional side.

      Interesting way of putting it! I like that.

  5. TheRealDave Avatar

    It is a good video and a good speech, absolutely no reason to pan it. How many of us have gone before our legislature and “awkwardly read off a laptop”? Given the climate in that building and in the media, it took some emotion and guts to go in there.

  6. you would have like it if he was wearing one of your tshirts… just sayin

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Troll successful. Haha You’re right I probably would have bit my tongue and went a bit easier on him.

  7. I think the distinction that makes this particular video is the moral authority “gun control” supporters automatically extend to victims of “gun violence”.

    No, by our definitions, Mr. Stevens here is not a victim of anything, but by the loose-and-fast definitions of those who would take our rights away, simply by his child knowing someone who was murdered by someone else using a gun, that makes him a “victim”… or, rather, it would if he were on the other side of the fence, allowing his story to be exploited by folks who need dead children to fuel their message.

    Instead, this guy freely smacked those folks around, and bucked the trend put forward by them that all “gun violence” “victims” universally demand more “gun control”.

    People like him are invaluable for showing that the “gun control” movement is unfairly stereotyping and exploiting families and friends of people gunned down in cold blood, and for that alone, the video serves its purpose.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You are always good at putting things into perspective Linoge. I see exactly what you mean.

  8. In response to your statement that “he just read stats we already know and stated facts off a sheet of paper”, I would posit that the target audience of the speech was not people in the gun blogosphere, but rather the rest of the sheeple in this country who likely do not know those stats. And, as was stated earlier, he combined those stats with the human element of emotion. You may not have been impressed, but what is important is the fact that this video is being actively circulated among the non-gunny population (my wife sent it to me, not the other way around) and is being seen by people who are not involved in the gun rights movement. The fact that this guy and his speech resonated with everyday Americans is what makes it effective, for it is they that we need to convince, not gunbloggers and gun blog lurkers such as myself.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s a good point actually regarding it not being geared to toward guys like you and I. Interesting that It’s travelling around the non-gun enthusiasts… that’s good to hear.

  9. NMM1AFan Avatar

    I want a “It’s because I’m black” t-shirt!

  10. I disagree with you. This speech was moving. Not sure if you have kids or not, but that’s what hit the cord for me. He was speaking in front of some pretty important state lawmakers, lets see how well you speak in front of that type of crowd about an emotional topic. I think the awkwardness in his voice was what grabbed people, he was real. He’s a real DAD. It pulls on the heart stings of any parent out there – you will do whatever it takes to protect your children.

  11. I saw a wonderful bumpersticker a while back that I think applies here. “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” This guy deserves kudos for speaking his mind; so what that it was not polished and read off of laptop screen.