Hitler Is Pissed At Brownells – Backordergate

Hitler got on the list first, yet some other guy on ARFCOM got his mags ahead of him:

Hitler-PMAG-Backorderhahah I was sick of these for a while, but this particular one is amazing.

I lost it at “I might as well buy TAPCO mags” LOL it gets better after that even.

Anyone else get screwed by Backordergate, or just him?

Hat tip: So many of you sent it in, thanks!


11 responses to “Hitler Is Pissed At Brownells – Backordergate”

  1. thats hysterical

  2. DoubleTap Avatar

    uhhhhhh……I almost passed out, so funny.

  3. I about pissed myself when he made the “Olympic arms” comment….

  4. My DSGarms order for 10 pmags for $100 was placed 12/21 and hasn’t shipped, yet gobs of others have gotten their before me!!!

  5. I managed to get a order of Lancer’s (MAX OF 5!!!!) from AIM about 1min 45 seconds after i got an email notification. They sold out 30 seconds after I got my order in. On my porch 2 days later.

  6. Hey, 7 Aluminum GI mags is 7 more than I have =P

  7. Got an e-mail from them while at SHOT Show to call them so they could release my mag order put in early in December, they have subsequently charged my credit card and I still have no shipping notice or magazines.

  8. I am on the hunt for every AK Mag, Drum etc on the market that isn’t at Raep prices.

  9. Anthracis Avatar

    Yeah…these were totally played out but this one, given the current status quo, was funny as shit!

  10. “FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!!”- A. Elizabeth Hitler

  11. I thought Hitler ran arfcom…