AK-47 VS AR-15 – The Definitive Answer

Science is never wrong:

LOL this is a must watch.  The cottage cheese, peanut butter, and ham sandwich tests were pretty much what sold me on wanting an AK.

That AR-15 muzzle rise hahah.

He has another recent video… What to do with that AR-15 you just bought:

hahah good stuff.  He goes by CarniK Con on YouTube.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeNote to self: Buy some tactical Sponge Bob Squarepants duct tape.  Yes that actually exists.. check the link.

I’m looking forward to more vids from this guy. Thoughts?

Hat tip: Squid


22 responses to “AK-47 VS AR-15 – The Definitive Answer”

  1. That second vids hilarious

  2. Oh my god these are fucking hilarious! I love that ham sandwich!

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing. I love it.

    Oh, and it appears the Oakleys in the second video are knockoffs.

  4. So much win

  5. This guy is awesome

  6. I love how the rails of the M4 were packed with dirt from him throwing it after the “reliability” test.

    TOO funny!

  7. >girly tears of laughter

  8. I’m sold on the AK. I can’t afford to have my rifle jam when taking down my Zombie Paper Targets. Although I will keep my AR around to use as a doorstop or a club should I run out of ammo or Spongebob Squarepants Tac Tape.

    1. Meh

      You can keep your AR’s and AK’s.

      I just took my Mini-14 to the range yesterday (wearing an ATI Pistol grip/collapsable stock combo) and fell in love.

      Oh, and it’s loud. I like loud.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Did you hit anything with it though? ;) hahha low blow, I know.

  9. wow, laughed my ass off

  10. John Fritz, HMFIC Avatar
    John Fritz, HMFIC

    So did I see what I thought I saw, a full auto AR and AK?

    1. yes. i hope to god they are not transferrables and are just form 2 guns…..

      if not…..that takes some serious balls to put a ham sandwich in a 15k AK-47.

      1. I spotted it as well! Full auto… :-)

  11. The 1911 logo had “twig and berries” hahaha

  12. LOL did you see that dog freaking out at the beginning?

  13. Beyond awesome.

  14. Anthracis Avatar

    Some funny shit right there.lol

  15. And my pistol grip compartment will forever hold skittles.

    1. Should use jaw breakers, they double as tactical tripping device

  16. Tears of joy at both videos. Subscribed, best gun vids on the nets.

  17. “You’ve got only two modes: Sleep and Kill, and you’re not wearing any jammies” LOL

    I knew my love for Magpul and Skittles were some how related.