Saiga 12 Candied Bacon Fail

Bacon-GrenadeThis isn’t the first bacon wrapped rifle barrel Mattv2099 has done.  What pisses me off is that the first video had the exact same issues as this one with the bacon coming unwrapped under recoil.  All he would have had to do is wrap the bacon with something like aluminum foil a few times and everything would have went smoothly.

If you check out Cooking Some Bacon – The Machine gun method you’ll see it done properly.

P.S. – Digital Bacon FTW!


2 responses to “Saiga 12 Candied Bacon Fail”

  1. Anthracis Avatar

    Now that’s Tactical Bacon!

    If it was done right…of course!

  2. But who candies bacon? That is the disgusting. I just like my bacon fried.