Shooting With An Oil Filter Suppressor

Hickok45 tests one out on a .22LR handgun and rifle:

I blogged about Oil Filter Suppressors a while ago… awesome little adapters.  That is incredible quiet on the rifle!

For $75 + the one time $200 tax stamp it really doesn’t seem like you can go wrong.

Hickok45-YoutubeI wish he would have compared the .22LR oil filter suppressed rifle to another one on that AR he had there.

Thoughts?  And of you guys own one of these adapters?

I’ve always wondered if Hickok45 has haters… My guess is since it’s YouTube, he probably does, but I can’t possibly see why anyone would hate on him.


21 responses to “Shooting With An Oil Filter Suppressor”

  1. only 4 adapters have been paid and transferred through. ATF will rule on it soon. Basically it’s legal RIGHT NOW…later..most likely not. ATF has a precedent on it. Oil filters are not replaceable wipes. In order for it to be legal the filter has to be installed by a manufacturer (02/07) and only able to be taken off by a manufacturer (02/07). Variable length suppressors and variable caliber suppressors don’t work well for the ATF.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Why only 4? They snuck through the system?

      1. Dunno. That’s what industry contacts say. Glock makes a suppressor similar to a used oil filter (sealed with chamber and ablative oil-like substance) and it isn’t legal in the US as its not a wipe.

        We are having a big argument over this on my home forum. Alls I knows is, I’m not buying one. Not in a million years.

        Last items the ATF ruled were legal then illegal (Akins accelerator 10/22 bump fire and soda bottle adapter) you got refunded the tax stamp from ATF but you were out the money for the item as it was sent to ATF to be destroyed.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          If I felt like waiting on the paperwork, I’d definitely get $75 worth of fun out of it before they banned it ;)

          1. That’s part of the issue. We won’t know official data on it compares to an actual 22 can (say silencerco sparrow ss/ spectre/ gemtech alpine) and the fact that it will probably be striked illegal by ATF makes me say no way.

            No way in hell id use it on anything stronger than a 22 anyways. I doubt a fram can handle 40 s&w, 45, or any centerfire rifle without going “ballistic” not to mention the back pressure of used motor oil going BACK into my gun.

          2. Crunkleross Avatar

            Don’t forget Mike you have to pay that $200 tax stamp also.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Sure email me the link if you don’t want to post it on here or twitter.

        3. The Akins Accelerator wasnt ruled to be illegal, only the spring inside of it. And the same guy is behind the SlideFire stock.

          1. without the spring it was a fancy stock.

            there are more rulings coming for slide fire as well, unfortunately.

    2. ” variable caliber suppressors don’t work well for the ATF.”

      AAC’s MG-SD is advertised as essentially being a variable caliber suppressor. -26db 30cal -25db .22

      1. It meters well on a .22 caliber but does not have a variable bore size. I shoot 5.56 though a .30 cal suppressor all the time, doesn’t mean it’s registered in 2 calibers.

  2. Crunkleross Avatar

    It would be great if you could replace the oil filter when it wears out but you can’t without another $200 tax stamp so what looks like the cheapest suppressor is the most expensive.

  3. aversusb Avatar

    Crunkles…I think you can simple replace the oil filter. It is just the mounting bracket that you are buying and getting the tax stamp on. Oil Can A wears out, unscrew mounting plate and attach to Oil can B. At least that is how I see it.

    1. That’s how the manufacturer wants you to do it, however in the ATF’s eyes (as a precedent) that is manufacturing a new suppressor. Manufacturers can do that all they want, civilian non manufacturers cannot.

  4. I went to their site this very morning to get started on purchasing an adapter.

    After reading further in their lit, it says that you have to send it back every single time you want to change a filter!???!?!!?

    That totally negates the entire purpose, so i closed the page

    1. because legally thats what you are supposed to do.

  5. Richard Sandwich Avatar
    Richard Sandwich

    Pfffft! STP suppressor? Spend a couple bucks more and get a tactical black WIX suppressor.

  6. Not worth it. The Huntertown arms Guardian is only 170 + 200 tax stamp. It also has a life time warranty.

    1. and that is MSRP!!, you can probably get it cheaper if you look around. ive heard the guardian personally and its a great can!

  7. Daniel Avatar

    You can buy a functionally identical adapter on Amazon for only $12.00 without any need to register it. The ATF cannot require this adapter to be registered with them or ban it simply because it “could” be used to make a suppressor out of an oil filter. As far as the legality goes… well… the percentage of tactical weapon owners who don’t want the government to know what they have is increasing daily.

  8. Using subsonic ammo(1050fps) works great. Using supersonic ammo(1200fps) hardly tell the difference. Am I missing something, or are you using subsonic ammo in the rifle? Thought I heard one round from the rifle that sounded pretty loud. The question is about the rifle, not the pistol.