Crippled Capacity Magazines Kill People

MrColionNoir tells a harrowing tale:

Jason sure got screwed by that 7 round state law.  Oh huge and surprise the bad guys had a 13 round magazine!

The story was a good intro to his point, which we have heard a millions times before, but needs to be stressed:


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21 responses to “Crippled Capacity Magazines Kill People”

  1. Thought: Get more Assault Weapons Ban t-shirts in stock. I want to give you money for one.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Awesome, I just put in an order… they’ll be back in about 3 weeks.

  2. Thoughts? This video has the best lighting of all the videos.
    If only he (MCN) had a suit on!

  3. hysteria never leads to good actions, this NY law is riddled with loopholes and illogical regulations. Hopefully the arms companies up there will move away to more gun friendly pastures. People get the government they deserve.

  4. As a New Yorker who is DIRECTLY effected by this bullshit; My only choice of weapon for self defense is how fast I can run! Hooray!

    On another note 75% of the lower New York (still a rural area, not the city but lower counties) Judges are denying people who go through to process of legally getting a conceal carry permit, their permits. So unlawfully and unconstitutionally these judges are denying the people the legal process of obtaining a carry permit and just throwing out the paper work, not cause the state law says so, but because the judge feels it is in his power.

    I fucking hate my state.

    1. Texas is great this time of year! Come on down! No state income tax!

      1. I visited Texas last year (Austin & San Antonio) – It was absolutely amazing. I fell in love with it. If I could afford that and had family there who knows! (New York is such a pretty place, atleast where I am – lower Hudson Valley 1 hour north of NYC) But the fucking Manhattan retards that run this state NEED TO GO. The liberal few run the state.

        1. Funny, I have friends in Southern Illinois who say the exact same things about Chicago.

        2. The NY countryside is indeed beautiful, but if you have no rights to defend yourself there why stay? NY is lost to the socialists man.

    2. I would recommend moving to PA, but there’s already too many New Yorker’s here, fucking shit up. And not talking about the boriqua. The damn ex-Manhattan-ites/Long Islanders. They leave NY for lower taxes, and to get away from the eff’d up politicians, then come here… and vote for higher taxes and eff’d up politicians.

      I love NY; the food, the culture, the nightlife; but considering the socialists in charge, we should give everything except Liberty Island to the Chinese to settle the debt. Hell, it would be a better fit government wise. I’m willing to throw in Jersey too.

      Actually, I insist on the Chinese taking Jersey.

      1. Junyo, I’m pretty sure that even China would rather have Afghanistan than New Jersey.

        1. At least Afghanistan has some resources. New Jersey is a great place to be from; far from. ;-)

  5. MosinMango Avatar

    Turns out, they didn’t exempt cops…(which is a portion of hypocrisy in itself if you feel that nobody needs more than 7 shots…)


    1. I don’t see what the big deal with this is. Police patrol the same streets everyone else travels. They don’t need them either, right? I mean they are only used for killing large numbers of people very quickly… how many people do the police need to kill and how quickly?

    2. Sigh… I remember commenting that people should read the laws that are being passed before supporting them, and was called delusional for it.

  6. Well, supposedly the 7 round mag limit was suggested by NY LEOs. Maybe now LE will understand the fear that the rest of the state faces. It’ll be fleeting fear though, because they know they will be saved by a follow up law.

  7. I can’t see the NY law surviving a constitutional challenge for the simple fact that it would deprive thousands of people of the +7 magazines without due process.

    But then there is the proposed Delaware law:

    “We will propose to define high capacity magazine based on the experience of other states that have successfully regulated them,” said Denn. “[That would] mean a magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds for a handgun or five round for a rifle or shotgun.”

    Law enforcement and members of the military operating in their official capacity would be exempt from the law. Those who already own such magazines will be allowed to retain them, but not have them in public or within 20 feet of a firearm that could use it.

  8. i just want to saw I’m applying to be a police officer and im in the military. 1. i believe some democrats of the republic of california have their heads so far up their rear they think the police can protect everyone, everywhere, at every time. truth is the police will not always be there or the circumstances which justify a response of armed law enforcement differ so greatly we cannot begin to compute the amount of variables in this equation. its true the “bad guys” will not follow law enforcement magazine limiting capacity. so why do the private citizens and the responsible Firearm owners of America have to do the same. Im sorry but i am no sheep, i am the sheepdog that will gladly stand up for others, where they cannot stand for themselves.

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    Not bad and I usually like MrC but it was too melodramatic for me. I carried a 1911 with a 7 round mag for years and never felt under gunned, no I don’t agree with these stupid laws. I just think it’s better to fight on the basis that it’s unconstitutional, stick to the legal arguments otherwise we give the progressives a chance at twisting these kind of arguments around on us which they are so good at since facts are not important to them.

    1. I agree it was melodramatic, but he is showing us that the libs are arguing with emotions, not facts.

      The latest and greatest example is the new AWB they want to put in place, based on the Sandy Hook killings. They say the nut job had an AR-15 and blame that for the murders. The fail to note that the AR-15 was found in the trunk of the car. So yes an AR-15 was involved, but not directly. I’ve mentioned that to a few people who were sort of in the mode of we have to “do something” and it calmed them down.

      I’ve also instructed people on the “gun show loophole”. Once you start using logic base rational arguments on people, you might win them over. Some people just know.

      1. That should be “Some people just don’t know better. “