Put A Sign On Your Lawn Saying No Guns Here

Big surprise no one in the media wants a sign on their lawn:

4:29 – hahah at the wrong house they got where the old guy was carrying.

5:27 – “The issue is never gonna be guns.  What the issue is, is that you got to get them back down to one bullet magazines” – Ah… so THAT’S the issue.  Glad to see we’re striving for one round now… 10 or even the new 7 round thing I’ve heard is just too “high capacity” apparently.  And these are the guys paid to write for a living… impressive!

In case you missed it, this is all in response to the Journal News publishing a map with the addresses and names of all pistol permit holders in NY’s Westchester and Rockland counties.  Ironic that a lot of those reporters had armed guards because of the recent uproar over that info being published.


Hat tip: Vincent, Matt


13 responses to “Put A Sign On Your Lawn Saying No Guns Here”

  1. Tipping my hat right back at ya.

  2. epic video is epic. good job yall. id put a sign in my yard saying “gun owner lives here!” but in texas, its kind of understood.

  3. O’Keefe, you magnificent bastard.
    It was hitting Holder’s house that really put this over the top.

  4. croppedxout Avatar

    “I’m Not… Does that answer your question?” HAHAHA

  5. “that would be an invitation for someone to come bargin in here”. I think he’s got it! He just doesn’t know it yet.

  6. Wow, took me a while to realize the opening segment wasn’t real. I about blew a gasket!

    1. I almost did too until I heard one of them say “We’re Defenseless!” then I was like “Wait a minute…”

  7. That little comic in the bottom corner is awesome.

  8. Awesome video! Except they misspelled “ammendment” in the caption about recording officers :/

  9. Love the Veritas videos, Too many liberals dont have the balls to stand up for their assbackward ideals. At least if they were consistent I could respect them. Che is frowning at these journalists, from hell.

  10. Nakedgun Avatar

    Typical hypocrites…
    They should have just placed the signs in the street in front of the houses of these A-holes that printed the gun-owners list.
    And replaced them as needed when the hypocrites armed-guards took them down.

    Is it entrapment if I put one on my lawn, then zapped the home-invader?…

  11. Awesome…absolutely awesome but I truly wasn’t surprised one bit. I’m sure none of you were either. These are typical liberals.

    I support anything you say but you ain’t puttin that shit on my lawn. Lolol. Wow! It’s ok as long as its not their ass on the line. And I bet my life that if there was an intruder in/near their home, they’d be the first to shoot the poor bastard. But no they’re totally against guns. ASSHOLES!!!

    I hate hypocrites.

  12. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Somehow I don’t fear anything from the “progressive” types in the future revolution. Shlomo is correct – we have the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines on our side. We also have the overwhelming majority of Sheriff depts, State police, and small town PD’s on our side. We own the country.