James Yeager x FXHummel1

FXHummel1 is so likable that “Good Guy Yeager” is back in effect:

Outtakes then an interview.  Hilarious stuff:

FXHummel1-James-Yeager2:50 – “and he did not bring his fucking piano, which is bullshit because I assumed that he was going to be providing entertainment each evening and he did not.” -James Yeager  LOL

4:24 – “Is it possible to be a sniper that uses the Mosin Nagant, and still be heterosexual?” -FXHummel1

I won’t quote anything else, because it’s all pretty damn funny… so just watch it!

Keep Calm And Carry OneThanks as always goes out to FXHummel for representing ENDO.  Keep Calm And Carry One indeed…

I’ve never been so back and forth on my support/like of someone as much as Yeager… One minute he’s the biggest douchebag on the planet, then the next he seems like a hilarious guy that would be awesome to hang out and have a few beers with.  Then there’s the “I’m going to start killing people” rage version.  I guess that’s just him… three drastically different personas.



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      You in for a ticklin boy! you best watch it or i tickle you again and you wont like it!

      Hummel needs the aviator shades as a standard accessory, the bad JY camera angle makes him look like hes detoxing or some shit. I love the piano vids either way just saying.

      1. Then why you watch it?

  1. I am subbed to a lot of gun folks and each person is different in their ways of getting information across. There’s also sooooo many different niches of gun related information that not one single source should be used as sole source of information…One other thing, everybody enjoys learning/watching a different way so if they enjoy watching Yeager (such as I do), then think of it like this…that’s more gun people that may buy your products along with more people that support the 2nd amendment. If Yeager were a monotone/no personality guy…I’d probably have grown bored and would only be able to watch him when I’m wide awake and can endure the boredom (like roughly half of those I’m subbed to on youtube).

    So, with that, to each their own – I enjoy almost everybody’s content (besides bashings of someone/a particular weapon w/o any hard evidence supporting validating their claim) =)

  2. I don’t bother listening to FXHummel1in the first place. I’m just not into parody songs in general.

    Then to mix and match him with Yeager — I tried, but about the 45 second mark without Hummel having said a word — I just quit.

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      hummel doesn’t make just parody songs….

  3. I lost respect for FXHummel. And if James is going to keep on doing these videos, is it too much to ask that he replace the florescent lighting, FNHummel looks like a different person. And why is the Buck Yeager approved label missing from this thread?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      For “nice guy Yeager” I drop the Buck Yeager pic… I’m sure it will be back ASAP though seeing as history seems to repeat itself.

    2. You loss respect with yourself there too matt.

      1. Well, what do you expect on a blog that took a day off yesterday pffft

  4. I am both homosexual and use a Mosin Nagant for hunting deer in Australia.

    Really not sure what to make of 4:24.

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      1. No, you are just poor.

  5. BlackBeltNation (@BlackBeltNation) Avatar
    BlackBeltNation (@BlackBeltNation)

    Your responsibility to be ready for the fight ends with a nipple ring and a tribal tattoo.

  6. As someone over my way said, James Yeager is in need of some serious help… of the “psychological” and arguably “heavily medicated” varieties. With his multiple, obviously disjoint personalities, we are potentially looking at an early onset of dementia, and if you do not catch that early, it is only going to get horrifically worse.

    Of course, it is going to get worse regardless, but that is life.

    1. LiquidFlorian Avatar

      I think its more that he’s taking a “supplement” for low testosterone, and he’ probably taking more than he should and he’s going into rages from time to time.

  7. I think its his internet persona more and more, just like the dude with the russian accent, the guy with the hooker in shorts, and a thousand others with their own gimmick to drive up views.

  8. The shirt is kind of a kick in the nuts to Yeager since he lost his CCW. I’m sure that’s not stopping him.

    1. I think this was shot before the shoot people vid. I dont know what fx did to piss him off, maybe the 40 takes per shot pushed him over the edge.

  9. Gotta be honest… I think FXHummel is trolling here. Subtle trolling.

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    2. Too subtle for me. Of all the good firearms trainers out there, why did he pick Buck?

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        I was waiting for fxhummel to call him a coward. Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime. LOL ;)

        1. nikonmikon Avatar

          you should do it, make sure to bring a camera.

          1. SittingDown Avatar

            There’s no point in going to any further trouble to do so. Already tried, multiple times. He’s already proved he’s exactly that. Dozens of people came forward to accept his coward challenge and he dove into a proverbial ditch a second time.

            He said if I showed up to just say the word coward (keep in mind, I never made any threats or broke any laws) he’d use his “PKM to shower my car with AP rounds before I even got to say that word.” Yeah, that’s real tough, isn’t it?

            When I challenged him to a legal, sanctioned MMA or Muay Thai fight on GOTX he sent me that stupid duel contract, threatened me again and deleted my post. Oh and then banned me so I couldn’t respond.

            On his Facebook, he claimed his reason for running away in Iraq was that he was performing a center peel maneuver (See Linoge’s screen cap). Any one who knows any thing about this maneuver knows you have to be in communications with your team before you can perform this maneuver. You also have to be in a position to exchange fire (i.e. not in a ditch, behind cars and a concrete divider where you can’t see any thing at all). You also have to shoot at a target and not some random house where innocent people probably live. And what happened to his shoulder tag if he was providing cover for egress? (See AARs)

            It is my opinion that Buck “Get off the brakes” Yeager is a criminal, coward. hypocrite, fraud, and liar. Look at his videos, FB posts, comments, and forum. He’s advocated illegal activities, made death threats and bodily injury threats, has duel contracts that violate the TN constitution, ran and hid in a ditch, backs out of any challenge even when he’s accepted or initiated the challenge, left his brothers in arms to die, lies about his resume, lies about what happened at BIAP road, and contradicts his prior statements and actions repeatedly. That is the definition of instability and mental illness.

            We need to continue to expose him so that the genpop doesn’t equate all gun enthusiasts, soldiers, contractors, and LEOs with Yeager’s sort of sick behavior.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              why are you so butthurt man? did james hurt your feelings in person and now you’re all butthurt? geezus christ let it flow through you dawg. for your sake man.

              every james yeager post is guaranteed to have you bitchin and moanin about him writin micro textbooks about the operation apollo incident.

              what up man? do you feel bullied by james? is his personality just too much for you? you don’t know how to deal with people like james? what’s going on in your life sittingdown? seriously dawg. let it all out.

              1. SittingDown Avatar

                Use your legs, use your arms, push off Yeager’s chest, spread, and rise up off Yeager’s dick. Kthx. ;)

                1. nikonmikon Avatar

                  Yes that is what you need to do. Good advice man, now take it.

                  1. SittingDown Avatar

                    Your new nickname: Buck Rhyder – Man Clit Lover. *cues your favorite: “Right Said Fred – I`m Too Sexy” with A-B repeat mode on Yeager’s shirt removal scene* ;)

                    1. nikonmikon Avatar

                      I like how I’m the one jocking james yeager to you but you’re the one who posts SERIOUS novels about how terrible he is in EVERY james yeager blog post.

                      stop projecting faggot, seriously. no one likes him on endo, you’re preaching to the choir you fucking dipshit. that’s how I know it goes a lot deeper than just comedic picking at james when you respond. not to mention you just KEEP doing it.

                      i’m starting to wonder if you’re not part of some smear group or something. maybe you took one of his courses and he made you cry? who knows. we all get it, he’s an arrogant prick. no one likes him.

                      go somewhere else gaywad.

                    2. SittingDown Avatar

                      We’ll send Delta Force to rescue you from whatever prison has you and is forcing you to read these Yeager posts and comments you hate so much. ;)

                    3. nikonmikon Avatar

                      Cool bro

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  10. Socially akward fxhummel1 is hilarious!!

  11. He’s just a guy with some flaws like everybody else.

  12. Was FXHummel wearing that shirt to rub it in?

  13. Let just not jump the gun here.

  14. Buck The Schmuck…Please make this MORON go away…A poster child for those who wish to take all our guns…