Buck Yeager Will Kill Anyone Who Tries To Take His Guns

This just went (turbo retard) ^ infinity * DERP / 0:


  • If the president bans assault rifles on Biden’s request, Yeager says that will spark a civil war and he’d be glad to fire the first shot.
  • He wants patriots to get their guns and ammo ready, and get ready to fight.
  • He will not let the U.S. be ruled by a dictator, he’s not letting anyone take his guns, and if it goes one inch further he will start killing people.

I’ve seriously never seen a guy try so hard to get thrown in jail.  I don’t know much about the law, but I assume death threats (even if they are not toward a specific person) are not covered under free speech.  People get in trouble for even making the most vague threats about school shootings and what not in the news all the time.  He’s allowed to infer that he will shoot government members, the military, and police?  It’s only logical to assume those are the three groups threatening his guns.

A related note… what did he or anyone else do during the last AWB?  Oh nothing?  Yea exactly!  Because no one wants to get killed or thrown in jail for life.  Buck Yeager is the biggest shit talker known to the gun related side of the internet… I’m truly surprised that so many guys support him when literally all he does is talk.  I can’t stand people that talk shit and don’t back it.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedHuge surprise that the original video got set to private an hour or so after he put it up.  haha this guy is a loose cannon.  Thank god people are saving these videos now.


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  1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    yeah, let them play that video during a conference and it will stand for a reason to strip guns away. mental check

  2. In regards to the whole “People get in trouble for even making the most vague threats about school shootings,” you have to understand that most of those people are children, who have virtually no free speech or privacy rights in regards to the school system.

  3. Free speech covers EVERYTHING expect threats to specif individuals and even then generally those laws are on a state level.

    1. False. Free Speech does not cover EVERYTHING except threats to specific indviduals…

      Plenty of exceptions and areas that have limited protection.

      1. http://www.freedomforum.org/packages/first/curricula/educationforfreedom/supportpages/L04-LimitsFreedomSpeech.htm

        Not an official source but this illustrates some of the major limitations to Freedom of Speech.

  4. fullretard.jpg

  5. I was hoping you’d pick up on this….my sides…..

  6. shockfish08 Avatar


  7. He makes us all look like assholes. Hopefully he will just keep running off at the mouth and the Secret Service will ship him to Gitmo.

  8. *6 Months Later*

    Guy 1 – “Hey, what ever happened to James Yeager?”
    Guy 2 – “Shh… We don’t talk about him anymore.”

    1. lmao

  9. farmerjoe Avatar


  10. SittingDown Avatar

    Get off the brakes! LOL And remember, your responsibility to be ready for the fight doesn’t end until you’re sharing a cell with a 400lbs rapist that really wants that top bunk.



  12. And, no one going to deprive me of my firearms, this is something I’m know, and that is because it would get real loud real quick!

  13. So really guys don’t say what you don’t know; you all sound anti-gun/idiots.

  14. I’m not giving up a single round, mag or gun.. if that means I’m right next to James then so be it. If you all aren’t prepared to fight and die for something you believe in then what are you prepared to do? I hear Seattle is offering you up to a $200 gift certificate for amazon if you turn in your AR’s.


  15. Hah, but really I don’t have a people with a by choice gun -buyback programs.

  16. I was wondering why keyword hits for “James Yeager” had jumped this morning on my site…

    I have a very hard time taking the not-terribly-veiled threats of a known and self-declared coward very seriously…

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Notice he always sets these videos to private shortly after posting them. I’m still waiting for the latest “duel contract” to appear.

      1. with muskets/flintlocks and queers moron? Id watch that.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          The winner will get an award: A gift certificate from Cheaper Than Platinum Dust where $1000 will buy them a few magazines or enough ammo to sight in their favorite red dot.

  17. Unanimous Avatar

    As much as I’m not a Yeager fan, I agree with him CDH

    1. Yep. 4/19/1775 again.

  18. YEEHAW much?

  19. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Let him back it up. I ain’t giving up my weapons….I’ll just bury them in a federal park along with a huge stash of ammo.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He can’t he’s already proved that at BIAP, his stupid duel contract, and even a “battle of whits.” He just disappeared when people actually stood up and challenged him. Ditch Twitch Diving is his favorite sport. He only gets off the brakes when he sees the ditch mirage. ;)

      1. ‘I brake for ditches’ bumper sticker anyone?

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Send one to Yeager. ;)

  20. croppedxout Avatar


    1. Dude… I was just thinking that.

  21. croppedxout Avatar

    In reality, IF a registration bill is passed and IF you have to register your firearms and IF you don’t want to do it then the answer is simple… DON’T DO IT. How do you enforce a law no one follows? Prohibition of alcohol, for example, was ended not because of the violence that it created but the fact that no one obeyed the law. And despite what the conspiracy theorists think you cant send everyone to jail. Just dont obey the law. The more that disobey the weaker the law becomes. I for one won’t start any “Civil War” I simply won’t obey.

    1. Its pretty simple, you will go to the range,gov official/rangemaster/ leo will look at your gun and check against a database, find out its not registered, charge you with a felony and thus prevent a dangerous madman from having guns and kick your door down, shoot the dog and take all of them.
      You can have them, but you will never be able to let anyone else see them.

      1. As of 2011 in Chicago there were 116k FOID card holders, and only 3.1k Chicago Firearm Permit applications. That number includes denied permits, and you need a permit for each firearm.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think there will be enough police even that will just be like “confiscate firearms? ha… no.”

      1. They all ready confiscate firearms from Americans on a daily basis, and think of themselves as heros for doing so. I challenge you to find a single LEO who isnt brand new, and who hasnt confiscated a firearm from a felon, domestic violence suspect, subject of restraining order, etc.

        1. Nakedgun Avatar

          Do you really take offense to LE confiscating guns from Felons?! Or placing them into safekeeping as a result of domestic violence/restraining order incidents?!
          If so, you obviously do not understand the related Laws… These people are not legally allowed to own or possess firearms.
          Down the road, many of these firearms are returned to the owners (pending proof of ownership, etc.) depending on the outcome of the DV/rest. order cases.
          Convicted Felons may NEVER possess firearms.

          1. Yes. Where does it say in the constitution that none of those people are allowed to own guns? What is so difficult to understand about the supremacy clause of the constitution? There is no difference between a cop confiscating a firearm from someone under the present laws, and them doing so under future laws prohibiting ownership of evil black guns and standard cap mags.

            1. Nakedgun Avatar

              You should have someone show/read the Constitution to you…. Check out the 10th Amendment (if you can focus that long, fighting the urge to jump back into XBox). It focuses on this thing called “States Rights” to their own legislation that is in line with the Federal standard.

              There’s also a little resolution going around these “States”, to regulate guns on a State level (Firearms Freedom Legislation).

              Another good one is “Nullification” … Nullification, is the legal theory that a state has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal law which that state has deemed unconstitutional or exceeds Congresses’ constitutionally authorized powers. The courts have found that under Article III of the Constitution, the final power to declare federal laws unconstitutional has been delegated to the federal courts and that the states therefore do not have the power to nullify federal law.

              The difference that you talk about is what the rest of us normal-minded citizens have agreed upon… Like not allowing Ex-armed robbers to possess firearms.

  22. You just wait Mike! Buck is gonna come kick your ass first! :O

    1. Nah

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m not letting Buck anywhere near my ass. haha

  23. To be angry is reasonable. The part about Biden asking Obama to invoke executive powers to bypass congress and negate the constitution? I don’t believe it. I think its internet bullshit. The people in the White House, no matter if you agree with them or strongly disagree, are not stupid. They realize the kind of uproar this would cause. However, we face one of the most dangerous times in our history right now. Our God given rights to self defense, privacy and liberty are being threatened as we speak. What every gun owner who is not a member of the NRA needs to do is become a member of the NRA.
    They have the political clout in Washington but they need us to back them up. Lets also keep cool. Shooting or threatening to shoot anyone only gives the opposition more ammo to use against us.

    1. Maybe you should do some reading on what executive powers are; because bypassing congress and The Constitution of the United States is something an executive power by the Pres. Can’t do.

      1. Americans of Japanese descent were placed in internment camps under Executive Order 9066. Gold was seized from Americans under Executive Order 6102. Executive Order 13603 authorizes the commandeering of private industries during any emergency declared by POTUS. These are all examples showing the difference of “can’t do” and “I don’t give a fuck what you think. I’m going to to do it.” We all know that EOs are for making changes only within the Executive Branch, but these are clearly out of line and yet were accepted. No one wants to start a civil war, but let’s not deny the possibility of a fire when we smell smoke.

        1. Executive Order 6099 was also upheld by the supreme court because they were scared shittless buy the Judical reform act that would have given FDR 7 more jury seats and broken our supreme court. It took another few decades before the government apologized Bush sr. actually.

          Don’t think they won’t put you in a camp … they have proven what THEY are capable of.

          The biggest mistake that they are making is thinking that this is only a right held and adored by the lower middle class redneck and a few of them colored kind.

          Some of us are actually doing well enough to by a Machining center for our home shop.

          …. you think its bad now? Just wait till we are automatically made felons because of our guns. If your going to put me in jail for making an ar15…. well shit I might as well make an m16. If I can’t use my gun at the range…. well shit i might as well sell it to some guy on the “silk road”

          When we are made criminals because of our rights…. the law becomes just words on paper

    2. I think it is reasonable for you to feel stupid after that comment of yours; better to be though a fool that prove it.

    3. SittingDown Avatar

      Biden in his own words: http://youtu.be/aNjxzFgKcHY

      1. U.S. Presidents only issued executive orders; I don’t think Biden is President of The United States.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Correct. I was responding to Toozman, specifically where he said: “The part about Biden asking Obama to invoke executive powers to bypass congress and negate the constitution? I don’t believe it.”

  24. Look this isn’t the time for us to start a war on each other when the very fabric of freedom is being torn; forget you ever saw this video and move on!

  25. Oh so NOW he decides to stand his ground and shoot and not just run and hide…..


  26. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    haha the video was removed.. I scoured my emails and embedded another though, it’s all good.

    I bet he’s working all day submitting removal requests to YouTube. Priceless.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      LOL. I saved the video as an MP4! ;)

  27. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Buck puts it quite bluntly I agree with what he said. I dont honestly know if any of this AWB faggotry will pan out. I hope not but if it does I’ll *stand with Buck on this one.

    * More specifically I will stand a few feet to the right or the left of him, not behind and never ever in front. I also would prefer it if he were not my driver.

    The Royal Governor of Massachusetts, General Thomas Gage, had forbidden town meetings from taking place more than once a year. When he dispatched the Redcoats to break up an illegal town meeting in Salem, 3000 armed Americans appeared in response, and the British retreated. Gage’s aide John Andrews explained that everyone in the area aged 16 years or older owned a gun and plenty of gunpowder.

    Before dawn on September 1, 1774, 260 of Gage’s Redcoats sailed up the Mystic River and seized hundreds of barrels of powder from the Charlestown powder house.

    The “Powder Alarm,” as it became known, was a serious provocation. By the end of the day, 20,000 militiamen had mobilized and started marching towards Boston. In Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, rumors quickly spread that the Powder Alarm had actually involved fighting in the streets of Boston. More accurate reports reached the militia companies before that militia reached Boston, and so the war did not begin in September. The message, though, was unmistakable: If the British used violence to seize arms or powder, the Americans would treat that violent seizure as an act of war, and would fight. And that is exactly what happened several months later, on April 19, 1775.

    Those that Ignore History are Doomed to Repeat It.

  28. Its these retards that are doing the most damage to the sport. Reality check, its not going to be the president or some other political jackass that shows up on your door step, if it comes to that. It’s going to be some LE that just wants to do his job and go home.

    1. And when met by armed citizens not willing to relinquish their arms, that lowly LEO will have to make a hard choice knowing full well he could start something big, or retreat as I suspect many will do….SHOULD such a thing happen. I’m sure JY is not imagining Feinstein knocking on his door or even black SUVs rolling up on him…it’ll be his friend in the local SD making a martyr of JY or vice versa. And of course the media will portray him as a terrorist (something we’ve already done), but plenty will see that it’s the reliving of 4/19/1775.

      I can’t stand JY and agree he’s a friggen loon, and he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about here, but he’s still right and people do need to not be in denial or appeasing when/if this stuff happens. We’ll see Tuesday next week.

  29. I’m starting to wonder is this guy is a CIA spook or working undercover to try and make us all look nuts like him. Might be the reason why he isn’t in jail yet.

  30. Total nut.

  31. looks like the splc found him and re-uploaded the vid “pack your bags”


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea conveniently edited. Too late Buck!

  32. Its really sad that this stole attention the same day that Travis Haley posted something far more interesting and insightful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIGzj6eIwWU

    1. yes much better presentation Travis “nailed” it. for sure.

  33. Besides being a douche, the problem here is that Yeager has no tact when it comes to arguing in favor of uninfringed arms rights. He could have directed his dwindling fan base to Matt Brackens short story on the subject “What I saw at the Coup”, a frightening read for both gun lovers and gun grabbers. Tact is how we preserve the second amendment.


    1. ya thats true. but james jeager is caveman, only knows how to club

      1. Thats an insult to Cavemen Regulas, not cool bro

  34. Here is the FARK.com thread on this video http://www.fark.com/comments/7528633/If-it-goes-one-inch-further-Im-going-to-start-killing-people-other-logical-sane-musings-from-a-good-guy-with-a-gun

    The Buck Yeager graphic makes an appearance and there is a side discussion on what other gay porn stars old James looks like.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah hilarious. Thanks for the heads up Dallas.

  35. He can use a lesson from Travis Haley.


    1. Travis Haley is clearly referencing JY in his piece…and probably A Jones.

  36. ape suit Avatar

    Thank God y’all are making some sensible remarks here. The crazy is thick these days.


    Signed, A Responsible Gun Owner Who Isn’t Worried About Anyone Taking My Guns

  37. Yeager is spot on, he’s just a little bit ahead of himself. Chillax. If there comes the time when anyone tries to take our ARs we will act. That time is not now and hopefully will never be. I will give up nothing and a lot of people feel the same way. Yeager doesn’t always go about things the best way, but that’s probably the reason I halfway like him. He’s like an angry hillbilly in a tight shirt. If the shit ever goes down you’re gonna want that hillbilly on your side.

  38. Walpurgis Avatar

    I’m starting to wonder if the obsession with this guy is unhealthy for both the website owner, and those who just agree blindly in order to score social brownie points.

    Yeah, Yeager is kinda nuts on that video, and not the best spokesman for gun owners, but he reflects a growing anger among gun owners at being vilified and hated. The left is doing this on purpose people. They are giving the unwashed masses someone to hate and fear, so that they deflect attention from the real issues that they are sliding in under cover. (spending, debt, financial ruin)

    At a time when we need to band together, you all seem to be jumping over each other in order to chastise and belittle. Can’t you see that’s what they want? Don’t like his video, don’t watch it. Don’t agree with him, come up with a better angle of attack. This infighting and backstabbing has to stop. If you let them divide us, they win. Give them a united front, and just ignore the many, many people like yeager making inflamatory videos and posts.

    1. True, i practically live on this blog every hour of every day so I can make insulting comments in order to gain the favor of ENDOMike! Heck, I don’t even know what the videos are about because I just want to make my childish comments and get thumbs up from my interwebz buds!

      I perceive that thou art a prophet!

  39. Now the Yeager bomb is going to be on The Ed Show tomorrow night on MSNBC because this dumbass video got so much attention. Should be entertaining.

  40. he’s fucking worse than alex jones. who is this and i liked him i never took him seriously (still don’t) but he is stooooopid.

  41. I was actually said to a friend a couple days ago that I was appreciating the intelligent, articulate, gun owners speaking out. Then this happens… *shakes head*

    1. Oh shit, yeager has jumped out into the big fish pond. This isnt going to end well for him. Being a fucktard in the ‘i heart halo, fps russia and like to spank it to erikas daisy dukes’ gang wasnt enough for him.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        LOL. I knew it!

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Yeager claims he allowed his certification to expire:


  42. Crunkleross Avatar

    What does it take to get pulled off youtube?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yeager would file a removal request seeing ast he is the copyright owner, signed under penalty of perjury.

      1. Crunkleross Avatar

        What I mean is where is the line that youtube decides to pull your account? What is their standard?

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Oh haha yea I would assume “threatening violence against someone” would be a clear violation, but what do I know.

          1. Crunkleross Avatar

            I’m thinking his world would cave in on him if he lost his internet audience.

            1. SittingDown Avatar

              Yeager is probably going to lose his guns out of his own sheer stupidity. Could TN pass a Yeager Law? Kinda like Bird Law, but even more (R)etarded. :D

              1. Crunkleross Avatar

                I am all for free speech, and the last thing I want to do is censor anyone. But once you cross that line, and especially when you do it in the environment we are contending with now, well, his rights end where mine begin and his crap has a great potential to hurt the rights that are near and dear to me and all my gun loving brothers and sisters.

                I don’t say this lightly but if youtube pulled his account it would help our cause and possibly keep him out of prison, maybe without his youtube audience and that money he would see the light and tone it down. I have no confidence in youtube doing anything because from what I’ve seen your safe unless you do some gay bashing or something else crossways with the liberal agenda. They may be loving these videos for all I know.

  43. I wouldn’t go as far as Yeager is claiming to want to go But I can agree with his sentiment. But if an LEO shows up at my door and asks about what weapons I have, my next question is going to be “Why, and where is your search warrant?”

    Depending on the response I would be making a phone call to a lawyer or ordering the asshole off my property.

  44. you sound like a faggot. Live free or die, faggot.