Microsoft Shuts Down Halo Point Ammunition

Apparently M$ was quite irritated that this existed, piggy backing on the popularity of their HALO franchise:



Liberty Ammunition removed all mention of HALO from their website, rebranding the ammunition simply as “civil-defense” now.

If you wanted to get some for your collection though, Midway USA still has some 9mm +P for $20 per box.

There’s a huge article on this ammunition over at Kotaku you can check out for more information.


Hat tip: hocklermp5


10 responses to “Microsoft Shuts Down Halo Point Ammunition”

  1. Haha! That’s so dumb. At least they didn’t copy something from Apple, they would have gotten sued.

  2. Its only because the company used a Mac…

    1. ahh… A double entendre…

  3. OOO fancy 2000fps in their 9mm luger loading. I think I am going to have to buy some.

  4. Halo still exists?

  5. 100000% Possitive that was just some stupid mistake… Aka “Oh my nephew is a designer”, he could design the box for cheap! I’ll give him a call” and he asked “hey what do you think we should call it?”

    The Halo font is a cheap knock off, as are the crappy PS effects. Horrible typography, crappy negative/white space, woah – did he use a grain filter? not as n00b as I thought – lvl up! – the clear space is ridiculous, and the overall design, (much like 99% of the ammo boxes out there) is complete crap.

    *reminds me of a project I’ve been meaning to kick off*

    1. Redesigning the worst ammo boxes…

  6. Has this ammunition been tested and proven to penetrate through an Elite’s energy shields, helm, and skull with five shots or less? If not, then I call shenanigans!

  7. considering they dropped the trademark 2 moths ago, i think they already realized it wasn’t going to work.