M72 LAW Rocket Fired Too Close To Wall

But apologized for.  “My bad bro”:


hahah oh well, at least no one got hurt.


21 responses to “M72 LAW Rocket Fired Too Close To Wall”

  1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    he just threw it down a hole. lol what?

    1. Yeah, where do these 3+ foot deep holes come from.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        Look, there’s one right there *push*

  2. thebronze Avatar

    Always make sure your back-blast area is clear, you fucking rook!!

  3. Andy from CT Avatar
    Andy from CT

    Notice the shooter with the camera was using a Surefure 60.

  4. He is using a Surefire 60 Round mag. Look at around 28 seconds and you can see the shape of it when he is reloading.

  5. sapper911 Avatar

    Wwwooowww. Good to know that he is useing all of his marksman ship training. Not to mention that 11500 $ acog that tax payers have purchased him. Did he look down his sights once? What was he even shooting at? Did he ever properly shoulder that weapon?

    1. shooting to suppress. It’s common enough when you don’t have any clear idea on where the enemy is other than basic direction; or you want him to keep his head down.

      1. what, you mean not all military is tactical one shot one kill only need one bullet HSLD peeps? you mean alot of it is just sitting on your ass shooting over a berm at dirt?

        come on man, call of battlefield modern medal of socom taught me better than that.

        1. Obsidian Avatar

          This made me laugh. Thank you sir. Let’s go fire up the XStation900 and pwn some n00bs.

      2. Because when you have limited ammo, the best thing you can do is piss away ammo shooting at something you cant see.

          1. See Vice’s Inside Afghanistan video, the US soldiers are always yelling at the Afgahni’s to stop shooting at things they cant see, cause theyre just wasting ammo.

      3. elephantrider Avatar

        I see this all the time in videos from Afganistan. It just seems like such a waste. But what the hell do I know, I’ve never been in that situtation.

        Seems like designating one or two men with binoculars to observe the enemy position and direction of fire for movement and postiviely IDing targets would be most benficial. Along with DMs or Snipers to zero in on exposed and semi concealed targets. Air cover can take care of everything else.

        1. I would guess those were MPs. At least I hope they weren’t 11B. We had to work with some MPs on my last tour that refused to carry SAWs and 240Bs because they’re too heavy. So they would have to give suppressing fire with their M4s–which is a terrible idea (you run out of ammo!).

          Regarding the Afghan troops, our issue was they kept getting shot in the ass. We would take contact and they would throw down their weapons and hide in ditches in the fetal position but with their asses in the air. Then our platoon medic and I would go around and tape up asses and legs. Occasionally, the Afghans would wait until we routed our ambushers and then they would emerge from the ditch, pick up their weapons and fire randomly in a 360, then claim victory.

          Makes me sad that some NCO somewhere lets his troops fight like this.

      4. sapper911 Avatar

        MGS suppress! they establish a base of fire so that the infantry or rifle units can engage the enemy with accurate fire and destroy them. I have served! and the big problem that i see, is that regular units don’t use fire and maneuver. They sit in one place and spray bullets in to outer space until the bad guys leave the area or until the unit needs to withdraw for ammo resupply. Fire and maneuver is a basic infantry tactic that 100% works, but is rarely used.

    2. What’s a marksman ship? A boat that’s not quite a sharpshooter or expert?

  6. Mr. Obvious Avatar
    Mr. Obvious

    Why would you throw it down a hole? The LAPD would have paid $200 for it!

    1. fuck thats a great idea.

  7. Damn…I wish I could get some of that ammo he’s wasting! The panic buying has emptied the stocks!

    See?..that guy is laughing last. Now he doesn’t have to hump all that weight back to the COP.lol