You’re A Gun Control Hypocrite If

MrColionNoir hits the nail on the head:

MrColionNoir-YouTubeHe forgot “You think AR-15s are assault weapons which make the sound BrrrrrrrBrrrrBrrrrrp



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  1. Best one yet imo

  2. sapper911 Avatar

    This guy allways says what I’m thinking.

  3. Keep preaching it man!

  4. Speaking of hypocrites…I noticed yesterday the news media calls them “tactical rifles” when police have them, but they call the exact same rifle “assault weapons” when you and I have them.

  5. Ex-St. Paul Resident Avatar
    Ex-St. Paul Resident

    Most of it merely insinuates who he’s referencing, but my favorite is when he straight up calls out Peirs Morgan.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Awesome!

  7. First off, hell yes on calling out Piers Moron. Second, left out a huge one which bugs me to no end: “you play any shooter game”. I don’t care if it’s halo, time splitters, or even good ol’ golden eye 64. If you talk gun control and enjoy shooting people/robots/monsters, hell if you play big buck at a bar when you’re drunk, your points in any debate or conversation are null and void.

  8. As usual — on point and correct.

  9. MrColionNoir:

    When will you be announcing your intentions to run for office in 2016 and where can I get one of your signs for my yard?

    Sincerely, mlk18

    1. He would never make it. He displays to much intelligence. And common sense.

  10. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    Not sure what he does for a living but his future should include getting paid alot of money to work for the NRA. Great guy with a lot of good stuff to say.

    1. Of course a black guy working for the NRA is going be called some very bad names. The left believes in racial profiling.

      1. All NRA members are white males, kkk members, wife abusing anti gay, anti abortion nuts – Diana frankenstien told me so

  11. Have I expresed lately how happy I am that we have HIM on OUR side?