Brandon401401 Wifes Kirsti – Tannerite Proposal

His beautiful girlfriend of four years:

Like I always say, the couple that shoots together stays together.  Actually that’s the first time I’ve ever said that, but I’m going to roll with it.  Congratulations to them both, what an awesome way to propose.   Initially I thought the ring box was maybe encased inside something indestructable inside of the bear, and he was going to say “oh look at the flourescent box that flew 200 yards down range… go see what it is!”.  Probably best he didn’t do that though, because if it unpredictably flew back and hit one of them, the video wouldn’t have been as heartwarming.

Rainbow-Shooting-Shotgun-Kirsti-Brandon401401I hope the frequency of their videos doesn’t decrease to make room for wedding planning! heh

In other news… Me?  Still #ForeverAlone.  ;/

Thoughts?  Did you propose in a shooting related way, or know anyone that did?

Hat tip: Kyle, Eric


11 responses to “Brandon401401 Wifes Kirsti – Tannerite Proposal”

  1. A message of hope for all Chuck Norris’ Bert fans who dress like they live in Walnut Grove: you may eventually propose a smokin hot gal who enjoys shooting Tannerite, and she’ll say YES!
    Keep going boys!!
    Thanks for this Christmas spirit-filled vid’.

  2. She have a sister? :D

  3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    Didn’t propose while shooting, but I did meet her at the range :D

  4. Better than Cory N Erica/Erika anyday.

    1. +1

  5. *Chuck Norris’ beard* damn iPad autospell-crap

  6. What if she would have missed???

  7. One of the things I liked about the video — he cleared the shotgun before throwing it on the ground. That says love if nothing else does. :-D

  8. Well, we weren’t shooters back then, but we did go spend our ten year anniversary making targets dance at 100 yards. Didn’t video it though.
    Congratulations to the happy couple

  9. You guys are great! Keep the videos coming! Good luck to you both!!