Arrow Trick Shot Through A Spinning CD

This is unbelievable:

I can’t even believe someone could make a shot like that.  22Plinkster could make a living from making outrageous bets with people at ranges across the world.  “Bet you $1000 I could shoot a leg off this ant from 1000 yards”   Other guy:  “HA lets make it interesting… $2000”   22Plinkster: *pew* *direct hit* “Pay up”

22plinkster-YouTubeIt’s really too bad that Top Douchebag is being cancelled before 22Plinkster got a chance to show up and mop the floor with all of them all while being his likable and cordial self.



8 responses to “Arrow Trick Shot Through A Spinning CD”

  1. He always does “impossible” stuff. That’s awesome!

  2. skillz that killz

  3. ok ill be the one to say it…why isnt he on the olympic shooting team..?

    1. Exactly what I was wondering!!!!

  4. If there was a better word than “awesome,” I’d use that to describe .22 Plinkster. But for now I guess awesome will have to do.

  5. I hate this guy with a jealous passion that rivals Rosie O’Donnell at a Krispy Kreme.

    I honestly believe that it may be easier to learn how to steal his powers from watching Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom than to do half the tricks on his channel.

  6. Could you imagine him as a military sniper?

  7. Spencer Wade Avatar
    Spencer Wade

    that shot is prolly one of his easier shots. at 20 yards hitting a dime size target is not easy but its very do-able. I could get it done no prob. its the timing on the spin that would take a few tries. not hating on the dude but anyone that shoots compounds knows this.