Scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt Et Al


Yea I get it.. supply and demand, but when you double to triple the price of things like magazines, people are going to get pissed off.  I’m not linking there, you can google it if you care.

When they pulled the same shit in 2008 before Obama was elected for the first time, I said to hell with them.  I hold grudges, but I’m sure their business didn’t suffer because I didn’t spend my few thousand per year on guns and accessories there.

They also announced this in the morning via facebook and twitter:

Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately. We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.

*eye roll* congratulations, you’re retarded.  Way to jump on the bandwagon of ridiculous knee-jerk decisions such as Cerberus Capital Management selling the Freedom Group of companies, NBC Sports cancelling 3-Gun Nation, Discovery Channel canceling American Guns, DICK’s sporting goods not selling certain rifles anymore, and I’m sure either missed some or there will be more to add to this list in the next few weeks.

Oh well good riddance, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.  Maybe this company/franchise shake-up will be good for the industry as a whole, because investors who are not afraid of controversy, and support the 2nd amendment will step up to the plate and take control.



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  1. I’ve been so disgusted by “Pro-Gun” reactions. I expect this sort of nonsense from the anti-gun types, but not from our side.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Well, at least they’re still selling the cheapest nylon shit ever made. Just like their name implies. LOL

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    By the way, love the “(R)etarded” addition. Speaking from experience, it’s a fact. The only thing I ever bought from these clowns was a Gerber knife. When the package arrived, it contained only two Pro-Mag Mini 14 magazines. WTF?

  4. Wallmart also jumped on the stop-selling-semi-autos bandwagon along with Dicks.

    1. Not exactly true. Walmart sold out of their Bushmasters and pulled the add from their website until the can get resupplied. As soon as they can get more stock the add will return. Meanwhile, they do still sell other AR clones and semiautomatic rifles — i.e., Ruger Mini 14/30. They have publicly stated that they are not going to suspend sale of such guns as long as they are legal.

    2. Not true, just bought a Colt M4 at Walmart last week. They got 4 in and all were sold within 30 minutes.

  5. Fake Chris Avatar

    To be honest, I partially blame the NRA for this sad state of things. Put down the pitchforks for a sec, hear me out…

    The NRA today is just a giant circle jerk group with the Republican party. The crap they blast their members with on a weekly basis is HIGHLY divisive and inflammatory, much like the crap on Fox News, makes it sound like half the country are Communists that Hate America. Then they operate more or less as an arm of the Republican Party, heavily endorsing Republican candidates with even more divisive and inflammatory messaging. Problem is, people believe it.

    Now these people they’re whipping up into a frenzy are for the most part already pro-gun. The rabblerousing they do is I’m sure good at raising funds, but it’s bad for the overall mission. Because in the process of raising those funds, you tell our half of the country that the other half hates America. People naturally defend themselves when attacked. So the Democrats conclude that the NRA types are all out-of-their-minds gun crazy lunatics who can be safely written off as nuts.

    What the NRA *SHOULD* be doing is reaching out to those Democrats. Invite them to learn about guns and shooting, provide training and experiences to educate people about firearms. Show them that gun owners are (for the most part) friendly, sane people who value life just as much as everyone else. Show them the range time and training CCWs go through voluntarily to keep their skills sharp. Show them that guns don’t just ‘go off’, and that buying a gun isn’t just a cash-and-carry affair at the corner store.

    With a little bit of knowledge, many of those Democrats will abandon gun control agendas, even become pro-gun. If enough Democrats become pro-gun, gun control will no longer even be an issue worth discussing. And then we’ll have won.

    Why do I know this works? Because I am (for the most part) a Democrat. I live in a blue state, and I voted for Obama. If Newtown had happened even one year ago, I’d be one of the voices calling for more gun control laws and AWBs. I was lucky- I had a friend who took the time to educate me and take me to the range. That got me interested enough to further educate myself.
    Where was NRA? They once (years ago) sent me a flyer about how Democrats were destroying America and I should give them $100. I laughed and threw it out. I don’t hate America, never did. And if I’d ever have supported taking someones guns away, it’s because I didn’t know the first thing about those guns or what they do. Now I have knowledge, but so many others don’t. THAT is NRA’s failure.

    1. This is too true.
      I am sick of the NRA and Republican party alienating normal people away from gun owners. If either of them wanted to do gun owners a favor it would be to stop linking support for gun rights with their hatred of other rights.

      1. Fake Chris Avatar

        Ed- Well said.

        NRA should endorse candidates based on one issue alone- guns.
        I found it sad (and telling) that Romney could buy their support with a few grand for a lifetime membership and an obviously bullshit story about hunting squirrels. Here’s a guy that signed and proudly defended MA’s AWB as governor, and NRA gives him a glowing endorsement. What a sham.

        NRA should have endorsed Gary Johnson. If only to show the Republican party that NRA’s support isn’t to be taken for granted- nominate a guy with an anti-gun past and we won’t endorse him. And they should reach out to Democrats- if a few Dems got NRA endorsed and it led to a noticable bump in votes, I suspect many of the rest of the Dems would get in line…

        1. Was ctd actually cheap ever? I never used it so i dont know.

          1. John shaw Avatar

            Not from what I had seen

          2. Yes, it was in the ealry 2000’s…they now focus on margins.

        2. Thats called politics chris, pretty much everyone in power from R’s to D’s to I’s are corrupt and serve solely for their own desires. But its pretty clear that the majority of conservative and libertarian voters are gun owners with strong beliefs that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. While its also evident that the majority of liberal voters are either anti-second amendment, or endorse severely limiting the numbers and types of firearms available to the public. If you happen to be a liberal that truly believes in our inalienable rights to arm and defend ourselves? Then I say bravo, but that makes you a minority among the ranks of the left.

          1. Fake Chris Avatar

            I’m not sure I agree about liberals. I think there is a small group of hardcore anti-gun liberals who will be anti-gun no matter what. But I think the majority of liberals are just uneducated. I used to think ‘there is no reason for a citizen to own a military style assault weapon’, because I thought an AR type rifle was significantly more powerful/deadly/dangerous than a ‘safer non-military’ hunting rifle. Most of those who support gun control believe fallacies like this, because nobody has ever bothered to educate them. They learn about guns from movies and TV news.

            When I started to learn about guns, the first thing I learned was that everything I thought I’d known before about guns was totally wrong. I quickly realized that my own positions were based on inaccurate information and needed re-evaluation. So I spent some time reading and talking to gun owning friends and learning some good information. The conclusion I came to is that while some common sense regulation is a good idea (background checks etc), the majority of the anti-gun argument is an emotional argument based on ignorant hoplophobia, not facts. I’m now strongly pro-2A, pro-CCW, anti-AWB, and I think ‘gun free’ zones are fucking stupid if not outright dangerous. I own guns myself (including an AR which I’m building from scratch) and I get to the range at least a few times a month. (That’s another thing anti-gun liberals don’t get- how much fun shooting is. They think anybody who enjoys shooting is a psycho until they try it for themselves.)

            I’ve discovered in my largely blue state, there are more gun owners than I thought. But the majority do it under the radar and don’t publicize it. I believe if we as 2A supporters want to keep the freedoms we have, we have to educate others and build our numbers as much as possible (which NRA fails miserably at). I try to ‘pass it on’ when I can, if a responsible friend seems open minded and listens to logical arguments I offer to take them shooting. So far I’ve already turned one mildly pro-AWB person into a total gun nut, this person’s CCW paperwork is filed and they text me every weekend wanting to go to the range. And I’m meeting with another person next week who says they want to learn more…

        3. The NRA do endorse democrats, they endorsed Harry Reid over IMHO a much better republican candidate that was more pro-gun. Their defense is that Harry hasn’t done anything too bad against guns, and track record beats proclamations.

          They do the same thing ALL THE TIME here in Kalifornia. They’ve endorse several politicians who are mildly anti-gun over pro-gun candidates, based on their “track record”. Hell, look at fucking Schwarzeneggar. He Signed some of the worse anti-gun laws in California history.

          The NRA’s political wing is all f’ed up. The *only* reason that I renew is I appreciate it when their lawyers go to court to overturn poorly written gun laws.

          1. Fake Chris Avatar

            You should check out the Second Amendment Foundation. They mostly stay apolitical, their mission as a group is to file lawsuits against bad gun laws. They’ve been involved with some of the higher profile cases lately, and they have a good track record. check them out

        4. SFC_Swede Avatar

          @Chris. Sir thank you for your thoughtful and honest posts. Too be honest, I am one of “those guys” who tend to turn anything a liberal says off in a moments notice. Mostly because of things you are reflecting on the NRA and other groups, but coming from the other side.

          You sir have given me pause, and a need to reflect and re evaluate my stance and thought process


        5. Right on – Romney should have never been invited to any NRA dinner…he sould have been run out of town. The are only for Republicans and not for Democrats or Independants who support guns. Sent my membeship card back to them.

    2. Yes. Exactly.

    3. croppedxout Avatar

      I could not agree more. The second amendment is for ALL of America, not just the right. The NRA does no favors when it alienates and polarizes the 2 sides even more.

      1. Well I havent seen the NRA leadership threatening people, whereas quite a few liberals in high places have called for the murder of the NRA’s members in the last few days. Whats more alienating? Slightly allying with the political party that the majority of NRA members vote for? Or calling for the execution of gun owners? I’m not a fan of the NRA at all, but to accuse of polarizing this country is ridiculous.

        1. i was reading comments just like that all weekend, All gun owners should go to jail. All guns should be confiscated etc. They are some serious wackadoodles

        2. Fake Chris Avatar

          Disagree. I’m not making an excuse for the whacko brady type liberals, fuck them. However NRA’s messaging is very divisive, it’s targeted ONLY to scare money out of already pro-2A gun owners. When liberals see it, it makes gun owners as a whole look like radical psychos and reinforces the gun control mentality.

          What they should be doing is reaching out with calm facts-only messaging to liberals. NOBODY is doing this. If I had lots of money and time I’d start a foundation to do it. Explain what ‘semi-automatic’ means and why it’s not a bad evil feature would be a great start. We take knowledge like this for granted. Liberals without that knowledge hear “semi-automatic military-style rifle” and think “automatic death sprayer that has no business in civilian hands”.

    4. I’m pretty sick of the NRA facebook page and their dumb propaganda. I’m very pro gun, but some of the shit they post is nuts.

    5. Actually Chris, I believe that the NRA endorsed Harry Reid’s most recent re-election bid. I’m not a fan of the NRA purely because of their complicity in the 1986 and 1994 Gun Control laws, but they do endorse dems and others that claim to be pro-second amendment.

      1. If I recall correctly Reed was a big supporter of a project to build a big shooting complex outside Vegas.

        1. I lived in NV, Reed is very pro gun. NRA does not help him as much as they should.

    6. And they waste the members dues money on other conservative agendas that have nothing to do with gun rights just republican issues. That’s asinine.

    7. I completely agree with you. Thanks for posting.

    8. bubba mustafa Avatar
      bubba mustafa

      the NRA is NOT a non-pprofit. THey do NOT file a 501/C. They are a PROFIT organization. They ALWAYS have a hand out saying every little thing is the end of all guns as we know it. We need $50.
      The CEO makes just under $1MILLION a year. F the NRA.
      Hell just look at the # of gun owners in the US vs NRA member. G.H. Bush, R. Reagan both canceled their lifetime memberships.

      NRA = Chicken little mixed with a bully.

      Yes I own guns, pro gun, but F the NRA!

      1. wikipedia says……….
        The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is an American 501(c) organization[1] that advocates for the protection of the Second Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights

    9. Sid Van Avatar

      Chris, You hit the nail right on the head and I wont to thank you for that. I hope it will be ok if I repost this.

  6. They lost my business for sure.

  7. *looks around the room* am I the only one who has never spent a dime with cheaper than crap?

    also, I totally wish I had a few million to throw at Freedom Group…

  8. I am with you on any business that folds and stops selling AR-15s in advance of the coming ban. But raising prices to whatever the market will pay? That’s business. Whatever products are for sale, price is determined by supply and demand. At the moment, the demand for AR magazines is enormous.

    If I have the last unobtanium magazines and want to sell them? I post a price. If it’s ridiculous, don’t buy. If no one buys, I can either keep them or lower the price.

    The AR magazines I currently own? I wouldn’t sell them for $50.00 a pop. I would sell some of them for $5000.00 each. Somewhere in between is my current price. Everyone should think about, what would you let your magazines go for?

  9. Joe Lester Avatar

    This isn’t the first time CTD has pulled this kind of thing.
    They’ve been doing it since the AWB of 1992.
    Jack the price till the hype goes down.
    Also, as an avid on line shopper, I’ve found out that on any given day, Cheaper Than Dirt isn’t always cheaper than dirt…..
    Plenty of other quality on line stores out there with better prices and sometimes, free shipping.

  10. Crunkleross Avatar

    So far I haven’t spent a penny with Dumber than Dirt and won’t.

    Times like these sure do expose who is who. A lot of folks who claim to support the Second Amendment fold up when times get tough, it’s enough to make me puke.

    Why is it so hard for some to understand that evil sonofabitches will kill defenseless people when they can?

    Blame the NRA, reach out to the anti-gunners, only fools believe that will prevent murder.

    1. Fake Chris Avatar

      Because believing that ‘evil sonovabitches will kill defenseless people when they can’ requires admitting that life is inherently unsafe and that the evil of the world CAN affect us. People want to feel happy and safe and secure, or put differently, fat dumb and happy. And rather than accept that some people are just psycho and it’s hard to keep them away from us, or that the state of mental healthcare in this country is a fucking joke, it’s easier and more emotionally comfortable to just blame the guns.
      ‘Civilians with access to military weapons’ just sounds wrong in a Stephen Colbert ‘truthiness’ sort of way, so it’s an easy cause to get behind, especially when you know shit all about guns (so they frighten you even more).

  11. Please feel free to leave these price gouging politically correct morons a piece of your mind at:

    [email protected]

  12. What I’m burnt about is not that they stop selling and raised their prices to stupid. I am burnt about all the yuppies and other no loads that have literally bought every black rifle locally and caused shortages on the net. These guys have their head up their butt and don’t even know what they are buying and have zero intention of using anything they are schucking their bucks out for. I was out in my locale at three different shops yesterday and saw the same thing at each shop. Yuppies coming in and looking at the wall saying, “Let me get three of those (pointing at the wall)”. They didn’t know the name or the capability of what they were buying. And almost everyone said the same thing, “Nah, this is going in my safe, it will be worth triple next year.” Seriously?! You just bought a Bushmaster Carbon 15 for $1800. These idiots are not people that would oppose a ban, but welcome it to flip-that-house style auctioneering. I’m an armed professional and weapons are my bread and butter. And these guys are what irk me more than CTD, Dick’s and the rest of them did combined. So, don’t be mad at the companies, be mad at the yuppies that are causing it. Noble my aching back, those companies chose to do wrong in a bad time. PMags should not be 60 bucks in a free trade, 1000rds of M855 should never be $900. Bit when you have yuppies binging the system, that is the root cause. They did it to Harley, and here they are doing it again. Look, if you’re a real person that is buying because you don’t want to be a victim anymore, keep buying. But if you have a personal assistant and a penchant for tea and crumpets with your own personal protection detail, go home and save it for the Joes that need a weapon. Here we are in the middle of an awakening and possibly in a position to eliminate gun-free zones, and you’ve made it impossible for anyone in that zone to actually arm themselves effectively. Good job hoarders. But don’t think you’re off the hook Cerebus, Discovery, CTD, et al. You guys are the worst traitors to the cause. You will see.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      CTD have always been jerks, and their website is terrible. Why people buy from them, IDK.

      I really wish that gun people on the whole could be more rational and less knee jerk about these sort of situations. Even if there were a snowball’s chance in hell that a new AWB would pass, it would likely take several months of prolonged legislative debate and news coverage before it went through.

  13. CTD has SHIT prices, takes advantage of customers with said prices, and most of what they sell is cheap overpriced shit. I can’t believe they bumped the $13 PMAG to $70 over night; and try to sell a case of 1k 5.56 rounds for $900!!!!!! (plus shipping). Serious taking advantage there…

    I understand supply and demand but CTD (and other companies fucking everywhere) are taking advantage of the shifting market.

  14. Seems to me that it is and always has been a buyers market . If someone wants to pay usurious prices for an ar let them . I won’t . If someone wants to buy from ctd let them . I wont . I also won’t loose a minutes sleep over it , i picked stuff up long ago and have no need or desire to participate in the panic . If you didn’t and feel you have to buy RIGHT NOW then you are getting an expensive lesson in the free market . If the game is too rich then don’t anti up but why whine that you dont want to afford a seat at the table .

  15. Farmer Bob Avatar

    I know Wally World has already been mentioned. Buddy of mine was planning to buy his first AR there and use his employee discount. Got it 45 minutes before they pulled them.

  16. Sapper911 Avatar

    I live in cali, and they will not ship annnyyy thing here. They are a crappy company, and are more than happy to pander to the gun grabbers.

    1. No offense, but nobody can send annnyyy thing to Cali because of all the screwed up laws there. Almost everything on any weapon support website cannot send to Cali for that reason. Don’t hate, move.

      1. Just get a mailbox at whatever the closest town over the state line is, or shop when you visit places its no biggie.

  17. I could care less about CTD. Almost everything they sell is cheap junk and they never really had any deals better than what was available elsewhere on what wasn’t. The rest of that stuff pisses me off more. Both sides end up better off if they talk about, but don’t pass, any gun control measures. The left gets to show their supports how evil the right is because they hate children and want them to get shot as seen by their blocking any legislation. The right gets industry support by letting them price gouge for a while but stopping anything that would really lower sales. Both sides also benefit from a status quo that angers or frightens their supports into continuing to vote them in.

  18. Why don’t we just ban porn while we’re at it? Watching that stuff is rather insensitive to rape victims you see.

    1. Banning drugs would probably stop substance abuse too.

      1. Obi-Wan Kenobody Avatar
        Obi-Wan Kenobody

        I like the way you think.

        I’ve always wondered about the demographics as far as guns vs. drugs.

        I mean, I know a ton of people that have guns and abhor drug use.

        And it seems like every anti-gun person I run into is a former or current user.

        No real point but it has always struck me as interesting.

  19. The ONLY good that MIGHT come of companies voluntarily pulling products is that it could take come of the heat out of the proposed ban.

    Look at what happened to Black Talons: As soon a a ban was proposed on these “cop killer” bullets the manufacturer voluntarily pulled them from the market. Few years later they release almost exactly the same bullet minus the black coating and life goes on. Had they waited for the ban they might have gone after all hollow-point bullets.

  20. fatmac1045 Avatar

    CTD, just folded to the pressure. I just opened a email from them stating “They will continuee to sell guns online”. Here’s the email text…..

    Cheaper Than Dirt! will Resume Online Firearm Sales Pending Policy Changes

    Cheaper Than Dirt! recently announced that it was temporarily suspending online sales of firearms pending a review of its order processing and procedures. Well-known for its ability to process and ship orders within 24 hours, online sales have skyrocketed to a point where it may take up to 72 hours for firearms and other items to ship.

    “In light of recent events, we believe it is prudent to review our policies and procedures to ensure we can continue to provide the products and firearms our customers demand,” said Chief Operations Officer Roberta Wilson. “We will resume online sales once we update our process and continue as we have always done by shipping firearms only to FFL dealers.”

    Ms. Wilson closed with, “As a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment, we will continue to serve the needs of the firearms community while ensuring our unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.”

  21. So, thats ‘we closed ‘cos we were so busy we couldnt ship as fast as we promised. Now we dont promise to be as quick.’ if i read it right

  22. Cheaper than Dirt was never Cheap.
    I understand why Walmart is doing it, they sell A LOT more than guns and shooting accessories. But this is CTD’s core business. That is a bad move.

    Shop Brownell’s, Midway USA, Lone Wolf, etc.

    And always try to round up that extra change for the NRA, or give to your local state gun club or defense group….even rounding up, they are Cheaper than Dirt.

  23. Everyone keeps talking about supply and demand and companies responding to the increased demand by increasing their prices; however, even from this standpoint, CTD still failed. A factor that most of us have noticed by now is that companies that raise their prices not only respond to quantity demand but also straight up obliterate their demand as a whole. What demand for your product do you have when everyone hates your guts?

  24. All this NRA bs is getting really old. They cant please everyone, lay off them. The 2nd wouldnt be were it is today without the NRA, GOA, NAGR, 2A Foundation

  25. Cheaper than dirt should be ashamed of themselves. Im ashamed that they would go along with the notion that these weapons need to be reevaluated. They like local gun shops should say we know that we are selling to reputable people and there is no need for us to change policy. I think they should be dropped by the Outdoor channel! I dont buy their crap, never have, never will!

    As far as the NRA is concerned, I personally gave the gift of NRA memberships for Christmas as I felt like Id be supporting my 2A rights. I agree that the NRA needs to come across the isle and educate the other side. Because I truly believe if they had the opportunity to learn about our sport they would be addicted. I also believe that the NRA needs to stick to guns but there is a whole machine at work that neither your nor I will ever understand, the schmoozing and BS they have to do to ensure that our rights are safe, you probably wouldnt want to know. But that’s the nature of the beast I guess.

    I think that we all need to take the previous posters advice, educate everyone that you can, teach our next generation of sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, wives..etc that guns are not scary in fact they are a hell of a lot of fun and one day they may save your life or feed your family! Spread your addiction. The real issue is gun ignorance! Teach… If you can reach one person and they reach one person we are getting somewhere! Protect your rights my friends!!

  26. fuck "fake chris" Avatar
    fuck “fake chris”

    Fake Chris, you ARE a fake – a fake gun owner.

    The NRA didn’t take Romney’s money, Romney took the NRA’s money!

    Romney had to be supported because he was the lesser of two evils, and yes, there WAS only 2 choices. Get out of your Ron Paul fairy tale world, no one else had the support Romney did and I’m not even comfortable with the idea of mormons in the white house.

    However, Obama WILL try EVERYTHING he can to ban these weapons.
    I’ve been following the NRA-ILA for some time, and the NRA has made A LOT of progress in the last 4 years. FAKE Chris, go die in a fire you LIBTARD.

  27. Ummm, why is there an ad for CTD here? lol

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah I don’t have control over that, but if CTD wanted it off of there they would just have to send an email or make a phone call to my ad company.

  28. They are scrubbing comments and setting “not allowed to comment” permissions on their posts on facebook. I just posted a comment on a pic they posted, and withing 2 minutes, my post was deleted and i wasnt allowed to comment on ANYTHING on their page. I logged in to another FB account i have, and I had commenting abilities… pathetic scumbags – now they are after the 1st ammendment, looks like. BTW, my post wasnt vulgar or anything. Merely stated i couldn’t buy an AK or AR at their store….

  29. Yeah. My thought exactly. What is it with the CTD ad here?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I don’t control the ads. I could get the CTD ones taken off if I wanted to, but the irony is great.

  30. Michael Avatar

    Want to bring a deafening silence to the room? Ask who else is defending your right to gun ownership in this country other than the NRA. Was that a pin I heard drop? Your guns are a political hot potato and in a very short time Mr. Bloomquist and his ilk will try to get your guns given the chance. Any gun owner that doesn’t support the only organization that is strong enough to combat the anti-gunners is shooting themselves in the foot.