Goofy Looking AR-15 Stock Made For California

Thank god for those California laws.  This stock/grip setup would be unusable for a criminal… not to mention the fact that a criminal couldn’t just put a regular stock and grip on the gun if he wanted to:


Oh wait he could just do that, and I forgot, criminals don’t follow laws.  Anyway, this stock looks kind of stupid, but is probably fairly comfortable to shoot with if you’re looking for something for your California AR-15 that will make it not an “Assualt Rifle” according to the law there.  One real bonus is that apparently as long as you don’t have a flash hider on the end of your barrel, or a forward pistol grip you are allowed to shoot pre-ban regular capacity (30 rd) magazines, and you don’t need a retarded bullet button.

You can buy a “pre-production” model right now for $190.  Lots more pics also over at the link for you to check out.  Unless you’re in a big hurry, I’d probably wait until early 2013 when they have the production model ready for sale, because I am assuming it will be quite a bit cheaper.

Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.



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  1. A stock like this on a 20+ in varmint AR wouldn’t be too bad if you were a prone shooter, might actually make it more comfortable for those who use to standard rifles primarily

  2. I don’t understand, why isn’t the buffer tube connected to the rest of the stock? Is that a cosmetic thing, or is there some actual crazy ass law that doesn’t allow it?

    1. probably because if you did that then the stock would become a thumbhole stock. =illegal

    2. That would be a skeleton stock , i think these are also banned

    3. It appears the the stock attaches to the lower using the pistol grip mounting point. To make it compatible with most AR lowers, that makes sense. It allows a user to simply unscrew the pistol grip and screw this stock in place. The recoil pad is included in this design. If not, the user would have an exposed buffer tube and no recoil pad or shoulder stock.

      It may also be a weakness if the lower is used on larger caliber applications. I don’t know the tolerances designed into the pistol grip mounting points. It may very well weaken or break over time.

    4. Yep, actual crazy ass law doesn’t allow it. LOL

    5. The wording on the law says no thumb holes. If it’s not conected it dose not make a hole

  3. I’m glad they also put the fruitiest upper I’ve ever seen on that thing

  4. That kinda doesn’t look like an AR anymore. I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize its silhouette

    1. thats probably the point, if it looks like an AR its a bad evil assault gun, if not its ok.

  5. Crunkleross Avatar

    Looks like it would be a long reach for your trigger finger. On the other hand it might be a bump firing beast, wouldn’t that be ironic?

  6. ” you are allowed to shoot pre-ban regular capacity (30 rd) magazines, and you don’t need a retarded bullet button.”

    I’m not that familiar with CA guy laws but I thought those standard-cap mags were banned too, unless you had them before the ban.

    1. You must of owned the standard capacity magazines from before the ban, that is correct. Actual high capacity magazines are not allowed at all.
      Also, you can’t sell, buy, keep for sale, or bring in from out of state any regular capacity magazines, but if you find one, you can keep it.

  7. theblackknight Avatar

    I’m not from cali, but if you do a “featurless” build(non flash hiding muzzle break, no foregrip, solid stock)you can run non-kid glove mags. I thought you used to be allowed thumbhole stocks.

    People in california are fucking stupid.

    1. XMarine90 Avatar

      Just an fyi, there is thousands of ‘stupid’ people here that are Marines, Army, AF, and then the average joe who dont agree at all about the “assault” rifle laws. Its the retarded state politicians, and all the soft hearted valley girls here who think guns float around and kill people on their own. So keep that simple minded shit to yourself.

      I my self am trying to fix up a rifle on with an AR platform so I can at LEAST have a gun I enjoy shooting here. Your comment sounds like an excellent idea.


    2. SaxBeast Avatar

      People who make statements like this ( theblackknight ) are the fucking stupid ones. Particularly when said against those of us who are trying their fucking best to keep & preserve 2nd amendment rights under oppressive conditions. these are times where the wise response would be to aide & assist us fellow gun enthusiasts who are being oppressed.
      Ask anyone from England, Canada &/or Australia. think i’m wrong.! GIVE IT TIME, EINSTEIN.

      The tyrants are just getting started Mother F***er. if you think they will stop with california, look at New York.NY. .
      do you think they want to stop with NY & CA. lol…..! Now THAT REALLY IS Stupid.

      Get a clue Knuckle-head (theblackknight), You WILL be affected by more & more “STUPID” People.
      But Sure…. YOU can keep thinking you are NOT affected by this shit, in YOUR state where ever that may be. give it time BROTHER. GIVE IT TIME.
      you too “ErnestThing”, you are not immune just because you’ve moved, you just delay the pain.

      May your blind eye’s ROT through to the back of your ignorant skulls.

  8. elephantrider Avatar

    This is what is called a “featureless” CA legal AR build. The feature being ‘Evil Features’ that scare liberals to death, such as collapsing stock, pistol grip, bayonet lug, grenade launchers (as if you could just pick up 40mm grenade rounds at the local sporting goods store), flash hiders, etc.

    Fourtunately barrel shrouds, and shoulder things that go up don’t count as evil features, at least not yet. Going featureless allows you to retain a detable magazine arrangement. I assume, but not 100% sure, that it is OK to use hi-cap magazines with a featureless build if you owned them before the magazine ban took effect (back in 2000 if memory serves). Aren’t CA gun laws fun? Thankfully we get to enjoy some of the safest cities in the 50 states because of these laws. <— INTERNET SARCASM.

    If you go with a bullet button device for the magazine release then you can have all the evil feature you want, including barrel shrouds, but are limited to 10 rounds magazines that require a "tool" to remove them.

  9. Former California resident
    You can only use 30 round magazines if you have a pre ban or registered assault rifle
    Whats this allows you to do is get rid of the bullet button, using 10 round magazines.
    It is even illegal to put a (fixed) 30 round magazine on a bullet button AR……makes it an”Assault Weapon
    Magazines that accept more than 10 rounds are legal, but can not be imported,sold,manufactured, etc etc. But again if you use it in a non pre ban or non registered “assault weapon” it is a felony
    You have to use this flow chart

  10. Its actually an interesting design

  11. Seems like a better design than the “standard” non-pistol grip stocks. Probably a market for it, which is a shame.

  12. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    That actually looks really cool. I’m in Hawaii and I’m thinking about one, just for the hell of it!

  13. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    not gonna lie, i am kinda of a fan of this design, would want to test it out before i bought one tho.

  14. I love that I no longer have to worry about this nonsense. Fleeing Ca for Ky has been awesome. Anyone want my monsterman grip? :D

  15. Sardaukar Avatar

    Can’t stop thinkng “PEW PEW PEW”. Looks like a laser rifle from the 80’s…

    1. Same here. I actually like it, sans the the CA grip though. That fool rob is an idiot. Does any one know what upper that is?

  16. This is the gun I’m looking forward to when I turn 18? …Maybe I should consider applying for college elsewhere

  17. THEBLACKKNIGHT- Why dont you save your ignorant asshole comments for yourself and stfu instead of calling people in an entire state names. Maybe you forget that some people here defend fools like you and are stationed here. Break.

    There is a better looking stock out there:

    1. XMarine90 Avatar

      Amen brother.

  18. Antibubba Avatar

    At there are hundreds of pictures of “featureless” builds. It’s like a game.

    I like that stock, BTW–do you have a link for it?

  19. This is getting sad.

  20. Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.

    Hear frickin’ hear.

    1. Windy Wilson Avatar
      Windy Wilson

      You know when they’re complaining about “loopholes”, what they really mean is they are royally peeved that someone has better reading comprehension than they do — or did when they wrote the law.
      And yes, it is indeed heartwarming.

  21. No shit. +1

  22. Since this stock is attached to the pistol grip part of the receiver and not the buffer tube could you put this on an AR pistol without needing an SBR stamp? You know like the “Mares Leg” lever action pistol? I live in Tennessee and wanted to know about this.

  23. I just got 3. Put one on a Citizen Build 80% AR based set up. I actually like it. Easier to pull up to sight position with a single mount sling than the pistol grip. It also doesn’t snag as easily as pistol grip. Sorta looks airsoft like at a distance. Since I have well over 100 hi cap mags this was the choice. It seems to absorb recoil compared to a buffer stock. May have something to do with minor flex in arc shape or no pressure on tube. I don’t know, it just feels better/different. Going back to range tomorrow to blow off a few 100 M855 and think more. I do have a MonsterMan grip but couldn’t get used to it unless I was shooting prone. I haven’t tried a hammerhead. I might. Still checking on the pinned 6 position stock CA issue. Some say OK, some no way. I have two 6 position stocks that have set screws on both sides. I wonder if they are OK like the evil bullet button… it needs a tool doesn’t it!?

  24. Genaro Garza Avatar
    Genaro Garza

    where can i get that barrel shroud? its awesome

  25. I have 3 of these. They are very easy to shoot with. Much more natural than the standard AR15 setup. I do advice use of a pad. The edges are almost sharp and do dig into you if only wearing a T shirt. With a jacket or vest the edge helps steady the rifle. I find it very easy to shoulder quick with a 1 point sling attached at the ring on the grip. I also advise the use of a 60 degree safety. The stock AR safety is OK but the 60 is a smoother release with this stock.

    I run a 16 pencil FN barrel with a free floating very trim Palmetto SQR, real Magpul sights. It looks super and I always get swarmed at the range. The setup looks like something from HALO3.

  26. If they make that for ak’s I’m in! I’m waiting on an sbr stamp for my m92 pap, and think that could really work!

  27. I like the idea, but the execution needs some change, especially in the adjustability area, nothing is one size fits all, and I rarely find a stock that fits right out of the gate, adjustability is the thing that would move this ahead to a better product, it looks interesting-but also adds extra weight-which nobody wants on their rifle, and again adjustability to clothes, user size ect is critical in making a rifle as friendly to a user as possible!

  28. Question- if I’m wrong I apologize, but I believe the new laws state. “Capable of accepting…” Under all the categories in description of “assault rifles”. This means that irregardless of what is on the rifle the distinction is in its ability to accept and change out these items in the first place. Meaning… The simple ability to add a detached mag and flash suppressor will be illegal. If you have a threaded barrel then it is “capable of accepting”. If you have a bullet button and can change the mag in either way… “Capable”, if you can put a pistol grip on it at all, “capable”. Rail or the ability to put a rail on the foregrip… “Capable” … Get my point. They wrote it that way for the very reason to eliminate the fact that innovative products like the bullet button came on the market the last round of bans. The lawyers for the state are staying quiet until the last minute because they don’t wNt to tip their hand. The only way we keep from registering is to petition and repeal these unconstitutional laws.

  29. Badass I want one in white please.!

  30. What doesn’t California understand. Shall not infringe. I just shot my buddies California AR. was awesome. I just ordered my new stock was very comfortable. Will not have to register it. Just wishing someone will put together a set. Stock, muzzle flash, and regular magazine rease button. What is the best part is having a 30 round magazine again. I would suggest everyone do this. Not having to regester your firearm is a good thing…thx California for being so ignorant

  31. firstlast123 Avatar

    FYI. Some incorrect info here. Under no circumstances can you own a 10+ round mag in California.