Sign A Duel Contract And Possibly Get Murdered By James Yeager

NOTE: This post is in reference to James Yeager “calling out” people who think he is a coward, but are too scared to say it to his face.

This is really getting out of hand.  Would someone that is so secure with the fact they are “not a coward” really go to these lengths?

*facepalm* I don’t know what to say.  My legal specialty is bird law, so I’m not familiar with duels but something tells me that simply signing a contract saying “I am OK with possibly getting murdered etc…” isn’t going to absolve the other party of all charges if that happens.  I very well could be wrong though.


The fee to get something notarized online is $10 – $15.  If someone that reads the blog, or someone you know wants to take Yeager up on his offer I will pay the person that Yeager picks to challenge him $500 to cover incidental fees such as bringing guns and swords to Camden Tennessee.  You agree to provide the proof strictly to ENDO… I want the whole event video documented, scans of the plane ticket, and your personal info as well.  I can mail the money order to you personally when you get back, or to your estate.  I’m sure a few other guys would be willing toss money in to sweeten the deal too if you spread the word about this on forums and the like. Keep in mind that if you take Yeager up on this offer you will secure yourself as an internet toughguy legend, and future generations will talk about how epic you are.

Here are some more Yeager related LOLs:

Gats and Tats… wtf?  This video is retarded bottom line.  That’s all I have to say about it.   So some woman who could definitely beat me up, and who likely does his tattoos simply states that Yeager is not a coward, and I’m supposed to be impressed?  *yawn* Whatevs.

 4 Chan trolls the shit out of him. He threatens to murder the caller, then hangs up:

I’ve heard of publicity stunts before, but this takes the cake.  Someone PLEASE take him up on his offer.

I really didn’t think the internet was such serious business. I guess I was wrong. My offer expires Wednesday December 12th 2012.



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  1. I’m the one who got that contract for him. He unfortunately refuses to go by his statement in his first video, of doing “whatever it takes” to get someone to call him a coward. He wont just send me a plane ticket, let alone a round trip ticket and hotel room, and instead insists on this convoluted contract for a one way ticket.

    Also although I told him that Tennessee doesnt permit mutual combat, and that this “contract” does nothing, he insists on having it signed. Also due to the requirements for a “second”, it would make it economically infusible for me to take this trolling further.

    1. Just wondering, but are there enough people here who would put up some money to sponsor me to take this trolling further, let me know, and I’ll look in to starting a kickstarter project to troll him IRL.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        I’d add $500 to Mike’s offer or get it Kickstarted. I think it has lots of promise. Arfcom would probably have a few hundred people who would give some as well. Seems logical that even Yeager’s friends would pay to see him get his ass kicked like he did on “One Man Army.”

        I can see it now…. *fuzzy screen edges* *cue dream sequence*

        Matt vs Yeager.
        Matt shows up.
        Yeager no shows and makes a video claiming he had to teach a class.
        Matt wins by default.
        Yeager claims Matt is a coward.
        Gats&Tats makes a video saying Yeager is not a coward.
        /k/ pranks Yeager and Yeager makes death threats again.
        Cory and Erika have Yeager’s babies.

        Sounds like de ja vu…. LOL

        1. I was going to say i wonder if erika dropped her little short shorts for him, but i doubt his weiner works after all the steroids.

          1. SittingDown Avatar

            He might take a little blue pill and crank up Toby Keith’s “I ain’t as good as I once was…”
            Wait… We’re forgetting his mangina though. Little Buck just won’t work right any more. :D

        2. Quint Young Avatar
          Quint Young

          Just do it with Simunition

        3. thebishopp Avatar

          I wouldn’t be surprised if it went down like that, this seems part and parcel for Yeager and his “Minions”. I personally know at least one person who accepted his 1911 challenge. Repeatedly tried to contact him (website, email, facebook) – Yeager just deleted his messages and wouldn’t reply.

          There is a forum called Indiana Gun Owners where a lot of his minions seem to gather. Both they and several of the “Moderators” strongly support Mr. Yeager despite the recent death threats. This was a topic of discussion there and one of the comments from the moderators was that the controversy drove up traffic to the site.

          I got banned from Indiana Gun Owners for responding to a challenge by one of Yeager’s supporters.

          They wouldn’t keep this guy or his buddy from coming in and taking pot shots at me in various posts. One of the Moderators gave a general “warning” saying not to “talk” to each other but the guy continued with no repercussions. Then when I responded to his most recent attack I was “banned” for 48 hrs.

      2. I’ll pitch in what I can too

      3. The man is teaching class to support the second amendment and self defense. You ppl trolling the man need a boot so far up your ass it would have to be surgically removed. He didn’t right thing. As far as hotel stay you’ll get that at the hospital and not sure if you would make it back. Sign the gd contract so we can see your ass broke off it’s hinges Yeager is a man to be respected. I would love to take his training class but just can’t afford it. That’s money for another glock. But I will eventually if you dumb ducks stop wasting his time. Hope you got a phone handy to get out of a combat situation a play queer jokes to get help.

    2. Matt, did you mean you got the contract “from” him or “for” him? Meaning was the contract really sent FROM Yeager?

      1. Yes it was sent FROM Yeager.

  2. Im gonna need a poncho, a colt and either a small orchestra or at the least, the local high school band.

    1. Guess i cant go, its illegal for me to take part according to wikipedia

  3. According to Wikipedia, dueling is illegal in Tennessee.

    1. Per Tennessee State Code Article IX, Section 3, “Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”

      In other words, James Yeager just violated the Constitution of Tennessee, and in so doing, committed a crime. One can only hope his local authorities prosecute him.

      1. nikonmikon Avatar

        I don’t think you understand legalese at all.

        1. “and shall be punished otherwise” seems pretty darned clear to me.

          1. nikonmikon Avatar

            ….in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.

            don’t forget to complete the statement if you want to learn something….

            1. Yes, and? You have yet to provide any new information, so what is there to learn?

              Per TN constitution, James is now prohibited from holding any official office in the state, and may be punished as the legislature likes. I cannot say as though I am overly enthralled with that remarkably open-ended clause, but there it is.

              1. nikonmikon Avatar

                I didn’t provide any new information? I just defined something you didn’t even understand. You thought “office of honor or profit in this State” meant he couldn’t hold an office of honor OR (make any) profit in the state. I clarified and you got defensive.

                Allow me to write my response from a samefag perspective:

                What I think nikonmikon is trying to convey here is that dueling was a major problem amongst public officials back in the day and this law was put in place to prevent them from dueling and killing each other over trivial things.

                Does it make sense now?

                1. You thought “office of honor or profit in this State” meant he couldn’t hold an office of honor OR (make any) profit in the state.

                  Ah, no, that is an assumption on your part, and a flawed one at that.

                  Go waste someone else’s time.

                  1. nikonmikon Avatar

                    Ah, yes. It is.

                    You further proved you didn’t understand what you were reading when you claimed that there was criminal penalty.

                    1. Well, at least you agree you made baseless assumptions. Thanks for that.

                  2. nikonmikon Avatar

                    how’s down syndrome working out for ya?

  4. scooter mcdoodle Avatar
    scooter mcdoodle

    Looks like Mr. Yeager needs to fill out a Butt Hurt Report Form.

  5. So there it is. All you haters need to put up or shut the f#ck up. James is an asset to the gun community and someone I would want standing next to me in a gun fight. I have seen the video where his team gets shot up and he seems to be one of several shooters actually shooting back. James videos are full of excellent information. If you don’t like them…don’t watch them.

    1. James is the guy who ran across the street, not firing a round, then diving into a hole.

      1. I must edit. HALF a mag.

        1. Duels only last a max of 3 shots so he will be at home.

        2. I know who he is in the video. He stopped firing because it would have been a waste of ammo and a liability should he have not hit his intended target. From the video the insurgents just ran a few belts of effective machine gun fire then fled. Big picture…James is a good patriot and good instructor. He is a cocky arrogant brute who can back up his talk. It takes all kinds of personalities to make up a world…and a gun community.

          Matt you need to put your money where your mouth is and get to Camden.

          1. nikonmikon Avatar


          2. thebishopp Avatar

            Did you read the official report put out by ESRM regarding the incident? It specifically states that Yeager put himself into a position where he was unable to engage the enemy and then stayed there the entire fight.

            He was the ONLY one to do so. The ONLY one. Meanwhile “Surrette” (one of the casualties who took a round in the initial contact) who was literally dying was fighting back. In addition the other member that was in Yeager’s vehicle, “Collen” not only engaged the enemy with his SAW but when it malfunctioned he switched to his m4 and continued to fight. Then when it was over he tried to give medical attention to Surrette.

            It is very possible that the reason Yeager was able to safely run away was because those two stayed in the fight.

            The rest of the teams in the other vehicles were also either engaging the enemy, attempting to move into supporting positions, or giving medical attention to the wounded.

            All this while Yeager had safely tucked himself out of harms way and STAYED THERE until the fight was over.

            The only thing that is in question was did Yeager do what he did because he was “following sop” (as he states in his personal report -which by the way reads like one part dramatic story and several parts marketing script) or did he do so because he was afraid of dying.

            Let us also not forget that Yeager makes a big deal about how screwed up ESRM and the other operators are and how they should all attend his training (yeah his 12 years as a cop in a town in TN makes him qualified to train people for a combat zone better than the military branches they were in), it was Yeager who put the car in neutral and engaged the emergency brake which is why they had to bail out of the vehicle and the entire team got stuck there.

            As far as going to Camden this guy is off his rocker. He has threatened a criminal act. He has demonstrated behavior in the past that at the very least calls into question his “honor”. He wants people to sign a document basically stating they are intending to come and fight him to the death. In addition to the very real possibility they could be arrested by one of his local cop buddies when they show up, there is also the possibility that he shoots you on the spot without any warning and claims you “came to kill him”.

            Only a fool would walk into a situation like that. Tactical training isn’t just about how big your muscles are, who shoots the straightest, having the most outspoken opinion about which gun is better than the other, who can dress the coolest, or who can make the loudest threats. It’s also being able to use your brain. How to analyze a situation and determine the best course most likely to result in “victory”.

            I for one will laugh the day one of Yeager’s minions gets into a shooting situation and while defending himself in court all of Yeager’s comments, dueling contract, and his threats to kill people for saying something he does not like is used to suggest to the jury that they are just as unstable as their teacher.

            So Mr. Defendant, you say you shot because you were in fear for your life? Did you take training from a Mr. James Yeager of Tactical Response? The very same guy who advocates killing people because they offend him? The same guy who comments in another video that it’s not about what you are “allowed to do” but what you “can do”? Is this your instructor? Seems to me he is teaching people that it is “ok” to kill others because they say things which offend them.

            -plays video, recordings, and misc other documents to the jury-

            So Mr. Defendant, let me ask you again, were you REALLY in fear for you life? Or did that guy just piss you off?

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              As far as forum mods not being impartial, I can feel your pain. That is supreme bullshit and they can go fuck themselves. Though I am not on the same side as you regarding Yeager, I am on the same side as you when it comes to being allowed to express my opinion. So, if INgunowners is that kind of place I don’t think I’d want to visit their site regardless of this SPECIFIC topic bias.

              As far as what happened in Iraq, you’re wrong.

              They were ambushed. The fire from the enemy lasted no more than 30-60 seconds and then they were GONE. On top of that, the vehicle they were using was armored. One might say: “You have to try” Yes you do but more importantly you have to follow SOP, Yeager was following SOP for the situation. (vehicle not responding to input)

              You do realize all 3 vehicles were taken out of commission by the gunfire right? Smartly Yeager assumed that is what happened but unfortunately, it had not happened yet, it was the e-brake. However later on all 3 vehicles would have to be towed back or left on the road because they were 100% incapacitated by the gunfire. I’d wager this happens a lot in these types of situations and Yeager did the exact thing he was supposed to when it happens: egress from the vehicle quickly and the AAR even says that.

              Unfortunately people can’t see this as a training reaction because they use emotion to base their judgement instead of logic. Emotions sourced from the death of 3 people and one of them was in his vehicle. You can’t let emotions dictate these kinds of things. It sucks a lot that those people died, I am not saying you shouldn’t care. You should also not emotionally try to find a source to place blame where it doesn’t belong either. Until we invent time machines, I’m going to stick with what the AAR said instead of using emotions to make judgement. The AAR said they were ambushed and there was pretty much nothing that could be done. Initial contact is when all of the mortal wounding occurred and it was over before anyone could appropriately react.

              Also you dramatic courtroom scene is total bullshit, that’s not how law works.

              1. thebishopp Avatar

                Hey nikonmike –

                We will have to agree to disagree on the video and AAR. I guess I am seeing and reading it a bit differently.

                While the AAR says they came under fire and that vehicles where also disabled by enemy gunfire it does not say exactly when and what order.

                In the video Yeager, the gunner, and the vehicle IC bail out (which according to all accounts was due to the e-brake being set and him forgetting about it).

                If you notice Vehicle two was still able to move as evidenced by it’s driving into a more angled position and closer position behind Vehicle 1 at 34:29. Clearly it was not “disabled” during the initial attack.

                Shooting starts at 33:49 of the unedited video and continues till 34:42 ‘ish (last point where I hear gunfire).

                Yeager makes a break for the Median at 34:04 and stays there till at least 36:05 (You can see his legs in the video until the camera gets knocked over at 36:05 ). You don’t hear him at Vehicle 3 till around the 37:02 mark (saying what do we got? I got you brother). That’s over 3 minutes and about a minute or more after the last gunshot.

                It is possible it was a training reaction but he was also the only one to react in a manner that took him completely out of the fight as well as kept him out for up to a minute or longer after it was all over.

                This is not an emotional analysis. It’s what actually happened with a break down of the times as shown in the unedited video.

                Granted I dramatized the courtroom scene a bit to make a point. Having been on the prosecutorial side (as a police officer) I can tell you that things like training with someone who appears to be a psychopath can be used against a defendant.

      2. Link to video?

        1. ‘route irish ambush’ should get you there on youtube

    2. liquidflorian Avatar

      Yup, James is an ass hat to the gun community….

  6. Nicholas Avatar

    So, I’m under 18, am I legally allowed to do this? He can’t lay a hand on me or else he goes to jail and becomes a bigger coward for beating up a minor, sound like a perfect plan?

    1. 45CALifornia Avatar

      +1. he may even be put on the sex offender registry.

  7. nikonmikon Avatar

    I think anyone who doesn’t sign that contract is 10x the coward that everyone is claiming james is.

    just sayin.

  8. I work with a guy who’s always riding Yeager. I can’t understand how anyone can respect him or take him seriously as anything when he can’t handle internet haters.

    Challenging anyone that calls you a coward to a duel doesn’t make you any less of a coward, it makes you an idiot.

  9. liquidflorian Avatar

    How many people have recieved this contract.

      1. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
        Dr Kranknstein

        WOW…Holy Twitchy McSteroid…He is even telling peeps on his Facebook page who are backing them to go fuck themselves. Get off the juice man!!!!

  10. The only reason this bitch is willing to put this shit out is because he knows noone is stupid enough to willingly murder his ass on film. Anyone who did would spend life in jail most likely. As much as I would love to see this, its a terrible idea.

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      Equally as much, I don’t think anyone will sign it. Pretty much proving his point about people being keyboard warriors. I’ll be thoroughly surprised if anyone follows through. That person who does is definitely not a coward.

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        I don’t think an unwillingness to sign this retarded nonsense document is really proving anything. Yeager has thrown up a contract that is meaningless and unenforceable at best and illegal at worst. Playing along with this silly contract is only indulging his crazy notions on calling someone out.

        Personally I would not call him a coward because I was not present at the incident in question and have no idea of what was running through his brain and heart at the time. I do believe that he is a grade a jackass which is evidenced by his own crazy behavior.

        I don’t think I would want to duel him, or anyone for that matter, with guns, knives, swords or any other deadly weapon for that matter. A friendly sparring session might be fun though. Maybe he should challenge his internet detractors to spar with him instead of exchage gunfire?

        1. nikonmikon Avatar

          Sign it then if it’s nothing and take him up on his offer if it’s nonsense.

          I’m fairly confident that if someone can call him a coward and wants to so badly they should sign the contract and not be a coward themselves.

          It’s a 2 way street IMHO.

          1. elephantrider Avatar


            Please stop being a knee-jerk James Yeager apologist Troll for a few seconds and read my post in its’ entirety. In my post you will see several reasons why I would not play along with this silly ‘contract,’ not just because it is BS.

            Although he may see it as turning the tables on his internet attackers, this really just shows how much of an unprofessional nut Yeager really is. He should have never responded on this issue in the first place.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              I read your whole post. That’s why I said “someone” and not “you”.

              At the end of the day it’s still BS and that trumps your other reasons entirely right?

              Are you trying to befuddle the definition of BS? It pretty much means inconsequential, with no value, etc… In which case all your other stupid reasons really mean nothing.

              Regarding me being an apologist? I don’t give a fuck about James Yeager or Tactical whatever the fuck. I wasn’t there at the incident so I’m not qualified to call him a coward. All these idiots who jump on the coward bandwagon are simpletons and you can pretty much tell what kind of dullard they are by the ease with which they jump on the name-calling train. It’s obnoxious.

              1. elephantrider Avatar


                Well I guess you got me and the rest of the idiots on here. We are all just mouth breathing retards who are jealous of James Yeager. NO, NOT REALLY.

                Allow me to put things in perspective for you since logic and critical thinking clearly aren’t your forte.

                James Yeager is a “professional trainer” who instructs people in legal aspects of the use of deadly force. This same guy who distributes a “contract” that waives individual Civil Rights (not actually legal to do that) for the purposes of inflicting bodily injury or death to another person. It is idiotic for someone who is supposed to be an expert in self defense to distribute this. If you cannot understand that then you are either an even bigger retard than Yeager or just a massive troll. It has nothing to do with who is calling who what. In pulling crap like this he just comes across as unhinged. It actually jeopardizes himself, his students and his business.

                How well do you think things would go if one of his students was on trial for a self-defense related shooting? Would the prosecution bring up the fact that the defendant had attended Tactical Response? Would the prosecution also bring up James Yeager’s unstable ‘I’m gonna kill you for calling me a coward,’ antics? I would if I was a prosecutor.

                Finally if you cannot understand that James Yeager is an idiot, brings this crap onto himself by reacting to it, and deserves ridicule, then you to are an idiot. In conclusion, kindly FUCK OFF and go away.

                1. nikonmikon Avatar

                  I never said ANYONE was jealous of James Yeager. I never even had hoped to imply it (it barely makes sense?) and frankly I’m wondering you immediately gravitated to that conclusion of all conclusions.

                  You don’t have to put anything in perspective because I clearly stated I don’t give a fuck about James Yeager or his company “Tactical whatever”. I’m starting to wonder if you EVEN read my post at all.

                  By the way, I already knew and understand everything you explained about how stupid his reactions are because I’m not a dullard and I am hoping you aren’t either but, my hope is waning because you seem to think I’m defending Yeager, again I’m baffled because I clearly stated I don’t give a shit about him or his company. Furthermore, I’ve stated multiple times that I think he is absolutely better off by not replying (again… which further indicates that I understand what he’s doing is stupid). You can control+f this comment section and search for overkill556x45’s post to see me saying this. I’ll wait.

                  I don’t feel the need to re-iterate the true point of my post as I clearly, VERY clearly laid it out in the reply right before this very reply to you. Combine that post with the one you’re reading now and MAYBE it’ll make sense.

                  1. Mom! MEATLOAF!!!!

                    Where is she?

                2. You just need to understand Mikey to understand this argument.

                  He most likely has asperger’s and, *literally*, cannot disengage from an argument once he’s taken a side.

                  1. nikonmikon Avatar

                    blah blah blah gtfo here, you’re not contributing anything.

                    1. I refuse to play your games!
                      You’ve broken my internet heart one too many times!

                    2. elephantrider Avatar

                      And what do you ever contribute but contradicting everyone on here over just about everything. Go eat an AIDS infested dick.

                    3. nikonmikon Avatar


                      you’re literally mad that i dont agree with you.


                    4. elephantrider Avatar

                      Nice comeback. Now please go back to masturbating while staring at your James Yeager lifesize cardboard cutout.

                    5. nikonmikon Avatar

                      yikers! i hope you get that butthurt checked out man!

                  2. nikonmikon Avatar


  11. Imagine if about 20 people showed up at SHOT show, all wearing T-shirts that said “James yeager is a Coward”.

    Epic is not Epic enough to describe the Epicness of such an Epic event.

    20-50 people, just in the general area with the exact same shirt.

  12. Imagine if someone with a gun blog made a t shirt that said ‘I called James Yeager a Coward and all i got was this lousy T-shirt’

    1. Like.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha with a small buck yeager “James Yeager Approved” picture on the rear bottom?

      1. D Larsen Avatar

        If that shirt exists I will buy several and mail them to the vigilant Spectre derps if you still have mr hallstums address. If those morons would wear the shirts as they play their derp army games and get into it with Yeager it would be the most hysterical thing since Barack Obama was reelected.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Holy, you and Vigilant Spectre. I am beginning to think you’re one of them too, because if not you are definitely their biggest hype man.

    3. elephantrider Avatar

      Or, “James Yeager promised to break my back and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

  13. s30jared Avatar

    Id buy that shirt.

    1. Me too! That would be epic!

  14. I’ve read a report from a British firm that covered the Iraq incident fairly in-depth, and I don’t fault him for taking cover after his team took 50% casualties in five seconds. The team made a lot of mistakes in planning, which set them up for failure when the ambush happened at the worst of all times. If people want to give them shit for failing to plan, I can get behind that. (No medevac plan, no heavy weapons, no alternate route, no coordination with US units on the ground, no contingency plans, etc)

    That said, having been in combat a number of times, if anyone wanted to call me a coward, I’d have a flash of butthurt, followed by decades of not caring. All this roid-rage and threatening to KILL ANOTHER PERSON OVER BUTTHURT makes him look like an idiot. James Yeager, if you’re the ninja master you claim to be, then drop all the butthurt and simply train people. If you do a good job, and don’t run a mall-ninja academy, the haters will fade away or look like morons. Doing something like this makes YOU look like the bad guy!

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      I think in that AAR they said it wasn’t the team’s fault, it was higher ups that refused to plan or provide them with equipment that they needed to be fully effective.

      This is why I don’t talk shit, I wasn’t there and don’t understand the full picture. Yes he comes off as very rude and bullheaded but I think I’d rather have him next to me in a firefight than any keyboard warrior. Just my opinion.

      1. Yeah, most of this shit comes from keyboard warriors. However, what do you think Travis Haley or Clint Smith do when people call them names on the internet?

        Yeager comes off as totally unhinged and on drugs. I’d guess steroids and some kind of uppers. Professionalism goes a long way toward silencing trolls.

        1. nikonmikon Avatar

          Oh of course, he could just ignore it altogether and keep putting out good stuff. I think he has the potential to be very admirable.

          1. Nikon fuxk off. You troll this blog all day everyday and piss people off.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              I’m sorry you feel like I’m trolling you. I think most people just see my posts as my opinion. If you are having trouble telling what posts are trolls and what post are just everyday no days off patrons perhaps I can interest you in my book?


              Am I trolling you bro?
              Are you trolling me?

              1. dudes, if either one of you feel you’re being trolled, the answer is simple

                1. nikonmikon Avatar

                  Imma have to draw up a contract tho. Fo reel.

                  Oh also I literally read Dom P’s post as such:


                  lmao what a retard.

                  1. SittingDown Avatar

                    LOL. Don’t forget to post it on Facebook so your fans can see you mean biz. :D

                    1. nikonmikon Avatar

                      I don’t have a facebook.

                    2. SittingDown Avatar

                      It’s free and you can post a picture of yourself and tell the whole world what you ate that day.

                    3. nikonmikon Avatar

                      cool bro.

                    4. He would have to have friends to utilize a facebook.

            2. D Larsen Avatar


        2. I kinda feel like someone should tell him that. But the more he gets into this “I’m gonna kill all you people who call me cowards” bit the more I think he wouldn’t take it very well being told he’s making things worse.

          1. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
            Dr Kranknstein

            People have tried….Mike posted a link to his facebook where he is talking about this. He had people backing him on the shit he was saying (like Nikon) and he still was telling those peeps to fuck off. The man has come straight unhinged. Up until this I thought he was rather entertaining albeit a little wound up and never even watched the RT Irish bush thing till this shit cropped up. He just needs to slow down and get a thicker hide.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              I don’t have a facebook so how could I be “backing him on the shit he was saying”? Furthermore I don’t agree with his fucking retarded outbursts. I just think armchair operators need to lay off calling him a coward because of a video they saw.

              They got ambushed. It was a well executed hit and run, the damage was already done regardless of what Yeager did with the parking brake (nobody is perfect). The people who shot them were long gone before Yeager really did much of anything.

              People fucking die, sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. If you watch the footage and read the AAR you’ll get the big picture.

              If you guys want to blame anyone for those deaths, blame the morons in charge of that PMC who didn’t provide Yeager’s outfit with any real gear, armored vehicles or have any kind of contingency plans written up and trained for.

              1. Dont hake me bro

      1. Well, that’s odd, one of those must have been Pending under Moderation or something.

  15. :/

    He needs to stop. The more you flail about loudly even with good intention, the more zombies you will attract.

    1. ^^This.

      The people who think he’s a coward aren’t changing their minds and he’s making it impossible for anyone to take up for him. All he’s doing is feeding the trolls. He does not come out the winner here.

  16. Steve D. Avatar

    I would laugh my ass off if someone took him up on his offer and added a supplemental orifice to his big noggin.

  17. does fxhummel1 still come by here? i whipped up a little ditty for him.
    (to the tune of margaritaville)

    I made a mistake
    Forgot the park brake
    Most of my team now are bleeding out
    get me out of here
    whoops its not in gear
    were all gonna die I have no doubt

    runnin away again in james yeagerville
    Searching for my lost pair of balls
    Some people claim that there’s a rag head to blame
    But I know it’s not my fault

    I got of the x now
    I laid in the ditch now
    Nothin to shoot at while their shooting you
    I’m feeling lucky
    please don’t call me bucky
    How i got here I haven’t a clue

    runnin away again in james yeagerville
    Searching for my lost pair of balls
    Some people claim that there’s a rag head to blame
    Now I think
    Hell, it could be my fault

    I mouthed off on you tube
    now I look like a noob
    trolls made me cry, I want to go home
    But there’s roids in the blender
    And soon it will render
    That hormone concoction that helps me hang on

    runnin away again in james yeagerville
    Searching for my lost pair of balls
    Some people claim that there’s a rag head to blame
    But I know it’s my own damn fault
    Yes and some people claim that there is roid rage to blame
    And I know it’s my own damn fault

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I don’t know if he reads the comments so I emailed him telling him to check yours out.

      1. JY just shared Fx’s youtube channel on his FB page, Fx was thrilled.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha awesome. Now to use my “In” with FXhummel and convince him to make a “Eat a dick you coward” Buck Yeager tribute song. LOL

    2. SittingDown Avatar

      That was pure gold. Way better than my attempt. LOL :)

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Best I can do… We need more material to get this going! :D

        “Buck In Da Ditch” (to the tune of In Da Club by 50 Cent):

        Go, go, go, go
        Go, go, go, shawty
        ‘Cause it’s my teams’ death day
        We gon’ hide like it’s yo death day
        We gon’ flip parking brakes like it’s yo death day
        And you know I don’t give a fuck
        It’s not my death day!

        [Chorus: x2]
        You can find me in the ditch, mag full of bullets
        Look mami I got off the X if you into men taking feminizing drugs
        I’m into diving in the ditch, I ain’t into making war
        So come give my clit a rub if you into the Angel named Buck

        When I pull out up front, you see the Benz on dubs
        When I roll on Route Irish, I nearly catch twenty PKM slugs
        Bitches heard I fuck with drugs, now they want to show me Matt’s golden gloves
        When you sell like Haley, the hoes they want to fuck
        But homie ain’t nothing changed hold down, I fucked up
        I see my AAR didn’t make the cut so I decided to roll that shit up
        If you watch how I move, twitch twitch, you’ll mistake me for a queer or a gimp
        Pretending I’ve been hit wit a few fists but I don’t walk wit a limp
        In the TN hood when the COD playaz saying “Yeager you hot”
        They like me, I want them to love me like they love ‘Pac
        But holla at ENDO them bitches’ll tell ya I’m loco
        And their plan is to put the Yeager instructional game in a choke hold
        I’m feelin’ frightened man, my money on my mind
        I got a mill out the deal and I’m still on the hump and grind
        Now my contract is cramping my style, the Internet is feeling me as my stupidity shows
        My plan is to become bi and show my clit ring, I’m ready to go

        You can find me in the ditch, mag full of bullets
        Look mami I got off the X if you into taking drugs
        I’m into diving in the ditch, I ain’t into making war
        So come give my clit a rub if you into old Buck

        My school, my show brought me the dough
        That bought me all my fancy things
        My crib, my cars, my guns, my jewels
        Look, bitches, I came up and I ain’t changed

        You can find me in the ditch, mag full of bullets
        Look mami I got off the X if you into taking drugs
        I’m into diving in the ditch, I ain’t into making war
        So come give my clit a rub if you into the Angel named Buck

        1. nikonmikon Avatar

          you do realize you faggots are joking about a situation where real people died right? i wonder what any of those people’s family members would think about your cool songs if they read them. im sure they would totally love it

          1. SittingDown Avatar

            I’ve talked to two of their family members already and they told me in so many words: “get his ass.” If you search Youtube for the videos of the incident, you’ll see several of the family members are on their taking jabs at Yeager about once a week.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              Which of the two did you talk to and who were the family members?

            2. nikonmikon Avatar

              Which 2 then? Oh that’s right, you’re making shit up.

              1. SittingDown Avatar

                It’s been around 11 months since I contacted them. You can find them in the comments on Youtube and one of them used to post on GOTX forum but was banned. He posted info about his brother in several Youtube comments. Tried to use to find those old GOTX posts but they are gone. One told me he lived in Oz and his brother was Chris. It’s tough to prove who people are online, so I’m basically going by what they told me and their matching surnames (which is all posted in AARs, so take it for what it’s worth). They had nothing positive to say about Yeager and seemed really pissed to even discuss it.

                1. nikonmikon Avatar

                  Oh okay well since you can’t prove they were really his family members I’d say your post was bullshit.

                  You should send these lyrics to the mothers of the guys who died. SHIT WUD BE MAD LULZ YO! LOLOLOL

                  1. SittingDown Avatar

                    It could be. Like I said, their surnames matched and that’s all I can reasonably go by online. It’s not like I was intimately familiar with them and they were ready to share their life stories with a stranger that contacted them through Youtube. LOL The fact they knew a lot about the incident and were agonizing over mentioning it made me think they were legit. YMMV

                    1. nikonmikon Avatar

                      W/E you say buddy. I’m over it.

                    2. SittingDown Avatar

                      Good deal. I’m not going to give out names of victims or their families because I don’t know if they are even legit with no way to confirm them. I’m making fun of Yeager. Not the victims. Lighten up. They deserve better so I’m trying to expose a fraud where I see it. You can contact Edinburgh and I’m sure they’ll have their PR person talk to you and get you in touch if the family is willing and you’ve got some journalist creds. You probably know someone who can get farther than me. I tried this and was told that they only dealt with members of the media…They wouldn’t confirm the names I have.

                    3. nikonmikon Avatar

                      I’m not media, I don’t give much of a fuck about Yeager regarding my responses to this specific matter. I’ll explain further:

                      I think its distasteful to make a song joking about an incident where people died and then not have any regard for the families of those people who died and how they might react to these stupid songs. On top of that you’re claiming to be supportive of them. It’s pretty lame.

                    4. SittingDown Avatar

                      That’s your view. It’s good of you to care about the victims. I’m directing my songs at Yeager and have no intention of inflicting further pain on the victims of the incident in question. I’m not even sure they’ll ever see my posts. That doesn’t mean I should remain silent and not enjoy seeing someone who played a role in their demise squirm. My intention is to expose fraud and get at the best available information while entertaining myself and others where possible to get the word out as effectively within my abilities.

                  2. MarioEIU Avatar

                    You are such a god damn troll it is unbelieveable. There’s probably at least another 25% of the internet that could piss you off, so go bitch about it there. Or hell, go get laid. If you’re this fucking tense, it could do wonders for you.

                    1. nikonmikon Avatar

                      It’s my opinion, if I was trolling you’d know it.

          2. Lolinski Avatar

            You do realize that peopøe generally dont lile people who hid in a ditch while their brother or father is getting killed, so I would dare to assume that their families dont mind somebody making songs like this anout him.

            1. nikonmikon Avatar

              Yeah I’m sure this would make any mother happy:

              ‘Cause it’s my teams’ death day
              We gon’ hide like it’s yo death day
              We gon’ flip parking brakes like it’s yo death day
              And you know I don’t give a fuck
              It’s not my death day!

              get the fuck out of here with that reaching-ass bullshit. far stretch to assume any mother whose son died in that incident would like these lyrics.

              1. SittingDown Avatar

                I’ll send her a CD. You have to record the vocal track. My rap game ain’t tight enough to hang with the likes of you.

              2. FishBuzz Avatar

                Nikon your such a pussy

                1. nikonmikon Avatar

                  Go fuck yourself faggot :)

                  1. James Yeager Avatar
                    James Yeager

                    Nikon mikon. I want to offer you an all inclusive 5 day trip to my new butthurt recovery camp. With exclusive activities like rusty tromboning, elephant walking, and dynamic rounds of ‘soggy biscuit’, Its sure to leave even the biggest fucktards like yourself feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on another day of guzzling cocks and eating the internets ass.

                  2. Noone likes you nikon. Go kill yourself.

                    1. nikonmikon Avatar

                      FUXK OFF DOM P! U R REALLY STARTING 2 PISS ME OFF.

                    2. SaintSmoke Avatar

                      Nikon do the world a favor and walk into oncoming traffic.

                    3. nikonmikon Avatar

                      thread not going so well on /k/ andy?

        2. i think a parody album would make a good xmas gift for anyone

  18. State constitutions prohibiting dueling specifically are those of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and the Session law of Texas.

    I believe TN prohibited dueling in 1801 or 1810. Some of that useless high school research becoming useful it would seem.

    1. According to TN State Code, the Constitution wherein dueling was banned in Tennessee was adopted and proclaimed in effect in 1870. Not sure if the dueling clause was in it before then, though.

  19. Hmm, yeah I don’t see too many people standing in line to get injured over this bozo’s ego. It’s just not worth it, especially since “coward” probably isn’t the right term. “Idiot”, “hot-head”, egotistical MANIAC!” come to mind though.

    Even though the would-be, could-be, won’t be, name caller signs a contract, duelling is still illegal, therefore criminal charges could be filed even if no one is injured (depending on how the law reads). However, I think that if injury/death DO occur, civil suits could be brought up as well.

    The more press Yeager gets is just fuelling his ego. I say it’s time for a boycott of James Yeager and his by-products.

  20. If you make the challenge as Yeager is doing the challenged party gets to choose the weapons, right?

    I say jelly dicks at 12 paces.

    1. I think I would hurt myself from laughing if that happened to him.

  21. This is all just getting out of hand….

  22. shockfish08 Avatar

    Wow, why haven’t Trey Parker and Matt Stone lampooned this shit on South Park yet?

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      LOL. He looks so much like him, it’s silly as fuck. Separated at birth, no doubt.

  23. LiquidFlorian Avatar

    This is either a gambit, and he’s expecting to not have people follow through on this ridiculous contract, and he’s trolling everyone. Or he deadly serious and expects this contract will hold up in court if and when he kills some one.

  24. Buck Yeager gave his life in combat so that Americans would have the right to duel.

  25. SittingDown Avatar

    From the /k/ prank call video comments:

    “I made over $1,000 on YouTube yesterday thanks, in part, to people like you. Thanks!”
    -James Yeager

    in reply:

    “You cant buy courage.”

    1. hahahahahaha!

  26. He just needs to let this go, concentrate on training folks.

    1. I’m not sure he should even do that.

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      If all he does is concentrate on it and not actually attempt to teach anyone anything, then I am OK with SittingDown’s suggestion.

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        Ooops, DS’s suggestion actually.


    If he goes by Code Duello he’s screwed since it’s a Nobles only gig. Still trying to figure out who is the challenger since JY pretty much called the whole world a pussy if they didn’t come to Tennessee and call him a coward.

    Put me in the “not a coward” crowd as I wasn’t there either but after all this I’m certainly in the “he’s unprofessional and juvenile” corner.

  28. New slogan
    “Get off the parking brake..”

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      00:40 into this video, you’ll see what appears to be the parking brake of the last car in the convoy. It’s disengaged. Notice they didn’t show James’ parking brake. Yeager then says, “It would be an ultimate tribute to them (the members of his team that died) if I won (One Man Army).” How is this epic FAIL an ultimate tribute? How about publicly acknowledging you fucked up and got your teammates killed for starters instead of painting yourself as a bad ass that has never lost (when you clearly lost OMA and at BIAP).

  29. I suspect if Yeager ever get in a defensive shooting these outbursts will make a pretty solid murder case against him even if the person he shoots is a known violent criminal.

    He’s just openly said he’s perfectly comfortable and willing to commit an act of murder for simply insulting him. Adding in a “contract” makes 1st Degree pre-medidated murder not an unreasonable charge.

    These contracts and videos will likely be presented in the court.

    He’s just totally screwed himself.

  30. What a child.

  31. This guy is like a contestant on the Springer show trying to find out whos da babys daddy.
    Its a horrible train wreck, but you cant look away.

    1. Weird Al fan?

  32. Bird law. Priceless.

  33. SittingDown Avatar

    About half way through this screen shot from Yeager’s Facebook comments, you see he equates his actions of running away with a technique called the Center Peel. Really?

    Just one problem, James. You aren’t a SEAL and your team obviously wasn’t informed about your intention to pretend to become one at that moment. SEALs practice their tactics TOGETHER and have real communication skills. They don’t go rogue when their team needs them the most. This is not a scene where a Center Peel could have been used effectively. This sort of proves my prior points.

    It appears “Buck” thinks he is a real bad ass operator and is equivalent to the SEALs. Yet he doesn’t seem to know how SEALs operate. Posting a video of a technique does not an operator make. Why is he espousing techniques he cannot properly employ himself?

    Way to insult our troops by dragging in techniques from real operators to try and conceal your failure, Yeager. Cowardly.

    This link and image also reveals that Yeager may be in for some legal trouble.

    Courtesy of Wallsofthecity:

  34. +100 on ‘bird law.’


    1. elephantrider Avatar

      I see I’m not the only one who got the ‘Sunny’ reference. That had me laughing out loud.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha it’s only a matter of time before someone starts trolling him with “coward” related reviews on there.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        He should have called the book “Low Risk Civilian Contracting Cowardice.” (Low, get it? He’s in the ditch, close to the ground).

        We need someone like Ned from Ned & Manson to call him. *Click* “Hello?” ;)

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          Yessssss! *elbows air with clenched fist*

    2. And an IMDB profile too, devoid of conversations.

  35. the internet truly is a place for retards…

  36. what happened to the 4chan thread?

    1. That’s how 4chan works, the threads disappear.

      1. lol thanks man

  37. farmerjoe Avatar

    According to his bio, he got his start as a CI for a bunch of drug tack forces. That’s sad, but somehow fitting.

    1. hes probably the guy that started teaching them to shoot pets. Cant hide in the ditch if a chocolate lab is trying to play and its waggy tail gives your position away.

  38. Because I have nothing better to do, I said on my post about this nobody should take him up.
    We have the problem of dueling being illegal, so either way, someone is getting prosecuted and someone is likely ending up dead.
    Then what happens is the media swarms in because a duel happened, and more restrictive gun laws happen and more hatred for the gun community happens.
    I would rather not duel him because those potential restrictions worry me more than Yeager. I am not afraid of Yeager, but I wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for worse laws and more laws than there are now.
    If a duel happens, and then any sort of carry gets banned to prevent it from happening again, since apparently duels being illegal wasn’t enough, is an ‘oops’ good enough? how about ‘sorry’? is seeing someone take on James Yeager worth risking setting back our gun rights to even greater restrictions? Or would it benefit us more to not take him on and not have to deal with the chance of our rights being cut away even more?

  39. OMG these comments are fantastic!

  40. Arm3nian Avatar

    I will gladly chip in $150 on top of what Mike is offering to someone willing to shut this guy up.
    Should we do an ENDO kick-starter fund?? Something like get on the X or whatever?

  41. Someone needs to go post this on some body building forums or something. Some place where their are egos that are even more inflated than buck’s. Someone will take his offer.

    1. *there

    2. This!

  42. SittingDown Avatar

    More asshat comments from Buck Angel in his “James Yeager is a Coward” youtube video:

    “I will kill anyone who grows a set off balls. I do not care if I go to jail.”
    -James Yeager to Gregory Radcliff

    “My home address is 151 McRae Street in Camden TN. Do you work at Storm Mountain? ”
    -James Yeager to CorruptedCommentator

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Now I know where to go and get all of James Yeager’s cool guns and prepper supplies when the end of the world comes. I’ll just have to be sneaky enough not to get shot in the face by James.

  43. Flash mob at yeagers! whooooooo!!

  44. I wonder if anyone has contacted local authorities on threats of violence and death????

  45. Someone should call CPS on him. That’s not a good environment for his kids to live in. He gave out their address online for gods sake.

  46. SittingDown Avatar

    “Paul Stevens” claiming to be an active duty Marine has challenged Buck Yeager.


    “I accept your challenge, coward.
    I have signed your contract: imgur(dot)com/oJYv8
    You can arrange the notarizing.
    Hand to hand preferred, but your call. Either way, only one man walks away.
    Since I live in North Georgia, I will need you to Paypal me around $80 for gas. You can paypal me at: chromefawty@gmail(dot)com

    I will need to get this done within 1 week as I have another tour coming up.
    Im gonna screw you like the boys at One Man Army.”
    -Paul Stevens on Youtube

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      “Tuesday would be best. Try to find an unpaved environment without vehicles to discourage yourself from running away again.” -Paul Stevens in reply to James Yeager

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        “Still haven’t received the funds, I can only assume you have come to your senses.”
        -Paul Stevens in reply to James Yeager

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          “Watch James keep ignoring you. Just like he ignored his friends cries for help in Iraq. First to run–Last to die. Right James?”
          -Eru Telperion in reply to Paul Stevens

          1. SittingDown Avatar

            Rot Roh! Buck pulls the covers back over his face…

            “Still haven’t gotten a signed contract.”
            -James Yeager in reply to Paul Stevens

            “I filled it out as well as I could with no printer, it can only be signed in the presence of both signees, a witness, and the notary. Stop stalling, send the funds and I will be there the next day.”
            -Paul Stevens in reply to James Yeager

            More takers and some other ridiculous comments from James:

            “Where can I get a contract, I’ll step up and smash your fucking ugly face just for the fun of it.
            You don’t have to pay my way either, I’m only about 30 miles away.”
            -BigBadNewell in reply to James Yeager

            James tells another Marine that said Marine never saw combat. Marine replies with video of his company in combat:

            “I know you have never been in combat. That is why you think I am a coward. Any Warrior that has ever been attacked is behind me.”
            -James Yeager

            These are real men you COWARD. Men who would fight for their wounded and wouldn’t fucking leave a fallen comrade in the FUCKING KILLZONE! You’re a fucking hypocritical, lying, self centered bitch. You lied to make a name for yourself and are too much of a god damn coward to face the facts and deal with it like an adult. Thanks for admitting you would shoot on sight, real tough guy you are. FYI this is MY COMPANY during deployment. -From Greg Radcliff – Blocked from commenting”
            -Doug Confere (Greg Radcliff) in reply to James Yeager

            “That’s untrue, Greg Radcliffe has had two deployments as Marine Infantry and has seen combat. He has never egressed from the enemy and left his brothers in the kill zone while mortally wounded men stayed in the fight.”
            -Doug Confere in reply to James Yeager

  47. SittingDown Avatar

    Buck Angel Yeager responds to the trolls:


    1. Oh, thats funny. lol

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Buck Angle Yeager explains his career:

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  48. If we are truly becoming a Roman society, then how about we just throw psycho Yeager and his greatest hater into a gladiator match? We could include hungry lions too!

  49. SittingDown Avatar

    This just keeps getting better…

    “I don’t plan on running for office.”
    -James Yeager in reply to Doug Confere

    “no you just plan on running” 
    -KryoSynkronis in reply to James Yeager

    1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!

  50. elephantrider Avatar

    ENDO Mike,

    Have we set an ENDO record with nearly 150 comments?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha probably in the top 10 now anyway.

  51. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    What Police departments was he on? Is this verifyable?

  52. tell ya what If I could get into the SHOT Show I would wear an anti Yeager shirt no problem. they second that roid rage guy even put a finger on me I would flop on the ground and do the funky chicken with pre filled out witness statements , video from 3 different angles …PAY DAY

    1. It seems like if you have a youtube account you can get a press pass thesedays

      1. in fact, Mike should get a shot show pass for you, he would count as industry.

  53. BuckCoward Avatar
  54. SittingDown Avatar

    Someone sent me this. From another blog:

    Jim B says:
    December 9, 2012 at 15:56

    “I talked to an Englishman whose brother worked with him in Iraq and he said the guy was impossible to work with and a complete coward. He actually ran away and left others in the line of fire and three were killed. When they found him he was hiding in a ditch crying like a little girl and had peed his pants. The only action he had taken was to spray a half magazine from an M4 in an arbitrary direction out of total fear. The guy was disgusted with him.

    Maybe the guy was lying, there is no way for me to know since I wasn’t there. However, with the way this Yeager guy acts I tend to believe the Englishman.”

    This is almost exactly what I was told by the two people who identified themselves as relatives of the victims.

    1. This ties in with, well everything.

  55. SittingDown Avatar

    From the comments via the video “James Yeager is a Coward?”

    “Remember when you were a “bouncer” at Visions? Remember when Jesse French kicked your ass and you were sitting there crying like a little girl?? I guess not. I’m friends with ALL the members of the Benton County Sheriff’s department and each and every one of them all say the same: They will NOT work with you again! You and Siler are both the same. Delusional. Soldier of Fortune magazines everywhere and this fantasy of being a “mercenary” of yours is only going to get people killed. LOL!”

    “There’s also a little bit of misleading people with all your “experience”. As I recall you paid for private admission into the Tennessee Law Enforcement academy and it wasn’t until after you were certified that they would even consider hiring you. Where exactly did you acquire all this “masterful” training that you claim to have? It certainly wasn’t in the military and I doubt that 12 weeks of basic law enforcement training makes you a qualified candidate to teach combat skills.”
    – kazuro66


    1. Hahaha, yeager was a bouncer at visions.
      His operation ditch video should be titled ‘what happens when mall cops try to operate in operations’

      1. SitingDown Avatar

        LOL! Have you seenf his “Bugout Vehicles” video:

        I saved some comments which Yeager deleted from that video:

        “Thats for making Cory and Erikas “clothes fall off”…didja show em your clitoral hood?”


        “Bottle is for courage but it’s not working…”


        “Do you get drunk, crying your eyes out on Corys shoulder while you rip all of that shit out the bed of your pickup so you can curl into a fetal position to forget you’ve fucked yer teammates and lied to get studnts?”

    2. You would think the admission into the LE Academy would be verifiable. Public record and all.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Yeager just set the “James Yeager is a Coward?” video to “Private” on Youtube.

        1. The video his sister Guns and Skanks made is still up though, might take him a minute to get to the other end of the trailer park and reset that account.

  56. I thought we were all taught to walk away from bullies back in elementary school. Or is that only my generation?

    1. We (my generation) was also taught to keep political and religious topics out of public conversation. I see how well that’s working out.

  57. I just went to a public notary with this thing and he wouldn’t notarize it, because it is illegal…darn I must have been a complete and utter idiot to think I could have the chance to hunt a human…tsk tsk my AAC canned .338 LM would have loved this…hmm taxidermy would be an issue too

    1. thebishopp Avatar

      That is not surprising. He either ignores those who accept his challenges or he sets it up to make it as difficult as possible for someone to “accept” his challenge. This way he can claim everyone who is calling him a coward or criticizing him are all too scared.

      Same thing happened on his 1911 challenge. I personally know someone who took him up on it, attempted to call him, wrote emails, even posted on his facebook (his acceptance was deleted) and JY ignored or deleted his comments.

  58. thebishopp Avatar

    Apparently Mr. Yeager had his gun permit suspended because he couldn’t stop with the dueling contract and death threats for people calling him a coward. He just had to make a video saying he was going to start killing people over gun control next.

  59. apparently he is afraid of a good old fashion fist fight.

  60. Hiernonymous Avatar

    Sorry if someone has already pointed this out – not going to read the whole thread. The reason he wants the contract signed is probably the verbiage tucked into the end of Para 2 that gives him permission to use your image and name in any way he chooses. Nothing to do with a duel.

  61. John Blizzle Avatar
    John Blizzle

    That Chick looks like she smokes meth daily. She is from Tennessee right

  62. Jack Lucas Avatar

    I’m taking him up on it publicly. I don’t care if anyone sponsors me or not. This is an official public challenge to James Yeager to a duel to the death. He wants it, he’s got it.

    A little about me. I’m 33 years old, went into the Marine Corps in July 1999 right after high school graduation as a combat engineer, trained in Parris Island and Camp Lejeune, served in 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion in California, did 2 tours in Afghanistan in 2002 and 2004 respectively, and one in Iraq in 2005. Left the Corps in 2007. Been a “gun nut” since as far back as 2000, bit of a collector, I own a Beretta 84F 380, Springfield XD-40, Glock 21, Dan Wesson Arms .357 Magnum 8″, and a Hi-Point 9mm (my first personal handgun purchase), as well as several rifles and shotguns. I also took Shotokan karate from ages 8 to 17, earning a first degree black belt, and placing first in the 1998 Cleveland regional tournaments in Kata and second in sparring. Enough about me though, I don’t want to sound like a braggart like Mr. Yeager. I’m actually a very modest person who rarely even talks about any of these things because I feel that they have nothing to do with me as a person, but I just wanted to give a little background.

    Anyway, why do I want to duel James Yeager? Because I know for a fact that he’s too much of a pussy to actually accept anyway. Even if he does get pissed off or peer pressured enough to become suicidal enough to accept (and I highly encourage everyone to start peer pressuring him as hard as possible so that he does), I’ll gladly shut his ass up once and for all. I feel Mr. Yeager is a liability to the gun community and is only providing the anti-gun lobby with ammunition (pun intended) against us. This whole thing needs to be laid to rest, and if he wants to challenge the world to a duel, he better man up and make good on that offer. But he won’t. After all, he was fired from his position as a civilian contractor from the military because of the released video. Here are the military laws that he was forced to resign under (from wiki, emphasis mine): “Acts of cowardice have long been punishable by military law, which defines a wide range of cowardly offenses including DESERTION IN FACE OF THE ENEMY and surrendering to the enemy against orders. The punishment for such acts is typically severe, ranging from corporal punishment to the death sentence. Cowardly conduct is specifically mentioned within the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice.” Unfortunately, corporal punishment and/or the death penalty only apply to enlisted members of the military, not civilian contractors.

    James Yeager, I hereby accept your challenge to duel under the provisions that I have nothing to prove – YOU are the one who has something to prove, and therefore you must come to my location, as I’m not paying for round trip expenses, nor am I responsible for wasting my own time in travel. You’re the one who has something to prove, not me, so you will come to me. Also, your contract implies that I would be responsible for any damages done to you, and is thusly one-sided – you need to agree that neither party is responsible for any damages done as a result of such a duel, as myself and/or my next of kin are not paying for your funeral or hospital bills, nor any lawsuits from your family, nor replacing any lost or damaged personal property. If you really want to prove you’re not a coward, my conditions are fair and equal for both sides, and as you feel you need to prove something, you come to me. I will agree under penalty of perjury that none of my friends, family, or acquaintances will interfere with the duel in any way or give me an unfair advantage, and you must agree to the same, and the entirety of the duel will be broadcast live to and published to YouTube so that third parties can verify that everything is fair and balanced.

    1. Jack Lucas Avatar

      I forgot to mention – I’ve already emailed James in regards to this, and included my terms as outlined above. I’m anxiously awaiting his response. I encourage everyone to consider this as an open public acceptance and spread the word.

  63. trololola Avatar

    I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but that “Yaeger Approved” meme isn’t Yaeger. It’s a transgender porn star called Buck Angel. That “Yaeger” has a vagina.