Making An AR-15 Pistol Suck Less And Helping Disabled Veterans In The Process member / veteran AlexBosco knocks it out of the park with this one:

Mmmmm up close it looks like it’s made out of cake:

About the product:

I have been developing with the Chief Prosthetis at local Veterans Hospital a Stabilizing Brace (SB15) for the ar15 pistol, and a few other pistols that are similar in format, that I think all of us here will appreciate. I haven’t posted anything sooner because I’ve been waiting for the “Patent Pending Approval” from my patent lawyer and the phone call from the ATF giving me the verbal ok. The ATF has finally given me the verbal ok over the phone and I am expecting the Approval letter shortly, which I will post once received. I am a veteran and after 12 years of service and various deployments I have some mobility issues with my shooting hand and arm and the intent of the SB15 is to assist those with limited strength or mobility while shooting from the one-handed pistol precision stance or one handed supported stance.

That’s awesome.  I really hope he doesn’t charge more than $120 for it.  I imagine the market is a lot bigger than he originally might anticipate.  A lot of people with perfectly fine mobility are going to want this thing just to make their AR pistol suck less (those of you that don’t have SBRs know what I mean).  If he tries to charge $150 for instance, people might as well just add another $50 and go the SBR route.  I’ve never worked with foam rubber, but I’m assuming it’s not any more expensive than the usual polymers.  If he keeps to the design pictured, the mold wouldn’t be that complicated either so I don’t anticipate the start-up costs being out of hand.

Alex says the final product will be available in black, tan, and olive drab.

You can read the full post and see more pictures over at


Hat tip: Eugene, Don


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  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Huh, I would never have thought of that. So many times I look at a new AR-15 accessory and think “I could have/already did come up with that!” This is one of the most original things I’ve seen. Can’t tell how well it would work, but I sure would like to try it.

  2. Pure genius!! I hope it works out well for him because I’m sure he has a solid market to work with.

  3. Wow. I am honestly somewhat amazed the BATFE signed off on that… Of course, bear in mind that the BATFE has a recorded history of whimsically retracting those “Approval letters” once a large number of people start using whatever it was they originally approved.

    And there is no “grandfathering” for such retractions.

    1. As am I. Who knows what the ATF is smoking when they approve stuff like this, and bumpfire stocks, but retroactively ban all of those Ruger 10/22 stocks that simulated full auto fire on the technicality that the stock, being spring-loaded, constituted a machine gun. Who knows?

      1. with that being said, good on you Alex for doing something like this.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I agree, definitely surprising.

      And there is no “grandfathering” for such retractions.

      Yea that is bullshit!

    3. Yeah, we’ve all heard at some point about their infamous ruling that shoe lace qualifies as a machine gun.

    4. The ATF isn’t really anti-gun; just tend not to use the color of authority, and go by the letter of the law.

      1. Given the stuff they’ve done in the past I’m really not buying that.

  4. Just to let you all know…I’d like to keep the price under $100. The problem is I’ve used up most of the money I’ve saved over the years in Patent Lawyer fees…but I will keep everyone posted…Thanks again!

  5. Oh and just remember that the photos above are a prototype and will not be that rough in finish.

  6. Nice work Alex. Cant wait to see the finial product.

  7. Nice Job! Do you happen to have a weight of this on the pistol unloaded? I ask because my state has a restriction on what is considered a pistol and one thing is weight. Thanks!

    1. Your state? Implying you live in the United States? What state enforces this restriction? California or New York would be my first guesses. How arbitrary.

  8. Yeah, this is new to me, and I’m originally from New Jersey. But I just weighed one of the prototypes and it comes it and a little over 10oz. Hope this helps.

  9. Shut up and take my money!!!!

    Also I think it will be cool as hell to get that thing covered in fabric of a sort, like desert digital camo pattern or something…

  10. John Fritz Avatar

    Outstanding product! It’ll get dirty quick, how do you clean it off?

  11. This thing gets to market and I might actually consider getting an AR pistol.

    1. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
      AAFES Hot Dog Guy

      Same here. I was planning on waiting until I’m 21 and saving up to turn my AR-15 into a SBR, but this looks pretty awesome!

      1. I always figured a 16″ barrel was about perfect for a 5.56 carbine. I’m thinking either pistol caliber or .300 Blackout w/ suppressor.

  12. The rubber colored prototype does get dirty pretty quick. A little dish detergent and it comes clean right away. I already have a neoprene cover, but it needs a little work. Again…I’m doing this with money I’ve saved and my wife is really maintaining the family while I’m doing this, god bless her!

  13. Alex – create a video and raise the cash here –
    Any issues or questions beyond the submission process about presentation just ask.
    Oh and the product name…. the ‘Brace-L3T’.

  14. Thanks for the advice Kevin…much appreciated. I wrote to kickstarter but I’m not sure they will do it as it has to do with the weapons industry…but we’ll see. The product name is up for debate between my wife and I at the moment. Something catchy is important and I will suggest the Brace-L3T tonight. What made you come up with that name?

  15. Uh, holy shit, Dianne Feinstein just pooped herself. This is WAY WORSE THAN A SHOULDER THING THAT GOES UP. Can you imagine how many innocent civilians will die because of this. FUcking GUN NUTS

  16. Alex, I Know this has been up for a while but I was ignoring AR pistols because I wanted one so bad !
    “Out of sight, out of mind” kind of a thing.
    THIS has tipped the scales in the right direction ! So now I’m building a 7 inch 300 AAC with a Spikes Hellbreaker lower (Yep, Aircraft Mechanic).
    I am also a veteran, and one that is “retired” and under military disability, but I HAD to thank you for doing this !
    I still go out and shoot C.M.P. and High Power, just a little differently than others.
    It’s just too much damn fun to not do it !!!
    T H A N K YOU for doing this, I can’t say it enough !!!
    Now how the hell do I find one ? They’re sold out every where ! LOL ! CONGRATS !
    And it’s a hell of a fine job !

  17. Yes! Finally something about money making process.