Ammunition In Cat Food And Bean Cans Ready To Tie In Your Hobo Handkerchief

and you’re going to want to clear a spot on the shelf in your railroad boxcar:

Ammo In a Can is a patented process that removes the atmosphere from inside the can and replaces it with dry, inert nitrogen gas.  Without moisture or oxygen in the can, the ammunition does not deteriorate, corrode, or rust. This gives the ammo an indefinite shelf life, regardless of the environment outside the can.

Interesting concept.  Unsurprisingly it comes at a premium over what you would pay for non sealed ammo though.  Depending on how many rounds you want that are sealed, it might be worth it?  $9 for 100 rounds of .22 LR …. $22 for 50 rounds of 9mm etc..

Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t like this other aspect of this business, but telling me the ammo is made by ______ company or simply “Made In USA” just isn’t good enough.  I want to know exactly what repacked cartridges I am buying.  To me this is a no-brainer considering they are marketing this ammo as a SHTF type solution.

For more information and a video heavy on the fear mongering then head over to Ready Reserve Ammo.



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  1. Pointless. Shtf solutions are worthless because the entire shtf community is a bunch of worthless tin foil hat wearing paranoid fear mongering derps

  2. “telling me the ammo is made by ______ company or simply “Made In USA” just isn’t good enough. I want to know exactly what repacked cartridges I am buying.”

    Agreed 100%, seems to me just more money for them, save on the ammo up price cause it’s in a fucking can. Also I noticed looking at their site that the only HP they sell is .308, everything else is FMJ. I’m not one of the tin foil hit wearing DEY TOOK EHR GUNZ (ala South Park) shtf crowd, but wouldn’t you want mostly HPs?

    1. My thoughts exactly. Might be an ok idea if it was a kit to seal your own ammo but paying a premium for unknown ammo just seems kinda dumb, shtf proof or not. How would you even know if your gun liked that ammo? You could always buy some extra overpriced ammo to test it out, but I’m betting if they have it marked on the can they just use whatever they can get a deal on.

  3. They’re selling 25 rounds of 7.62 Soviet for $24…. Wolf/TulAmmo sells the same concept in a durable metal can for no premium… a

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      haha yeah, SPAM CANS GUYS… seriously? what is this company thinking… also their 7.62×39 is FEDERAL manufactured which is out of spec per C.I.P. and can be dangerously out of spec depending on the round (7.62x54r for example). SAAMI and the C.I.P. need to get together and fix that.

  4. And, seriously, how long does it take for modern-production ammunition sitting on a shelf (not in some puddle somewhere) to corrode to the point of being unfireable?

    Probably longer than I will care about in a legitimate SHTF situation…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea good point

  5. you could buy a can of ammo for that prepper in your family. In a here, merry chritmas, we think your nuts kinda way.

  6. Some of the choices say it is made by Speer/CCI, so there is that. But the part that bugs me is they say that plain old air affects the powder. While it’s true that air will eventually degrade powder, it takes a very long time. If it’s a concern, why do they buy ammo that was loaded in factories that are full of…air? No way did they make a special run of ammo that was loaded in a pure nitrogen environment, so the powder is sitting in a case full of air anyway.

    1. Agreed… I think the Stg 44s used in Africa and the Middle East can attest to the fact ammo lasts for a while

      1. Demand for the ammunition still exists. It is currently manufactured by the Prvi Partizan factory in Serbia.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea Speer/CCI make a lot of different ammo though.

  7. There’s a difference between being prepared and being an asshole.

  8. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to do the same thing with some ammo cans, wax and liquid nitrogen.

  9. Dont steal this guys, i have to go make a kickstarter page now….Ammo stored in space!
    For a tiny fee (huge profit) i will have your ammo launched into space and when the shtf you can recall it to the gps coordinates of your choice!
    patent pending

    1. Two problems with the idea:

      1) You have to get it into really high orbit (preferably a Lagrange point) for really long term storage with limited power.

      2) Your heat shielding has to be massive so the rounds don’t cook off on descent into the atmosphere.

      And if I win the Powerball I might consider it. :-p

  10. SittingDown Avatar

    These new packages make me hungry.

  11. As an FYI –
    Does the military purge air from usgi ammo cans? No.
    Does the military purge air from missile coffins? No.
    If you “have” to seal up your ammo, place ammo in can (can be vacuum sealed or not) add block of dry ice. Wait for dry ice to evaporate, allowing the co2 to push out the air, close ammo can lid, seal with a lead seal (or industrial zip tie) and mark contents of can to include caliber, manufacturer, gn wt, number of rounds and date packed.

  12. Yay, more ammo that will never get used.

  13. LOL @ anyone who thinks this is a worth while product.

  14. wast of money… You can use a vacum sealer and silica packets and accomplish the same thing with LESS WEIGHT. The can is bulky as well.

    >> has never thought about this….


  15. From their website “The ammunition is easily transported inside the can and fits neatly in a coat or jacket pocket, try doing that with a cardboard box.” When the hell has a can ever fit neatly in a pocket unless you’re wearing cargo pants? Shit, judging by the size of some of those cans, I doubt some of them could even fit in a pair of cargo pants unlike a 20 or 50 round box.

  16. In all fairness, after looking around the site, they can lots of food etc for prepper types and in a – we have the equipment what else do these folks like – kinda way i see how they came up with this.
    Presumably they have to send someone to the gunstore and buy this and repack it. But if you were sifting through your seawater filled basement after sandy finding a can of 9mm floating through the laundry room may have made you feel a little better

  17. It’s an interesting idea, worthless to me, but there are idiots who will jump all over it.

  18. retro_joe Avatar

    If it were cheaper I’d actually love to have a can as a novelty; it would look neat sitting on my desk.

    I’d also like show it to a relative who’s a budding prepper; I suspect she’d take it seriously and ask where to buy some.

  19. In keeping with the can design, the squirrel, and the season, shouldn’t they offer a can of mixed ammo? So you can give it as a gift and then a week later everyone keeps opening it, look through the few Casuls that everyone else has left and close it up again?

  20. I would think if you are legit worried about long term storage, those kitchen vacuum seal things would work just fine. Otherwise, just stock up, shoot the “old” stuff everyone and a while and cycle the ammo.

    Also, RUN THE SKY IS FALLING!??!?!?!?!

  21. Do a Google search for Fiocchi Canned Heat. They’ve been doing this for a while now.

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      I was about to post that. I don’t think Fiocchi is Nitrogen packing them, but their was a little desiccant pack in every can I opened.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I blogged about that a while back. They just call it “weatherproof packaging” though as far as I can see, I don’t think it’s purged of air or anything like this option is.

  22. Hobo handkerchiefs and railroad boxcars…LOL

  23. I bet most of that ammo is Fiocchi “Canned Heat” with their custom own lable put on it.