Sonny Puzikas – Operator Level Downgraded

He should rename his site from Gospel Of Violence to Gospel Of Negligence:

In my post yesterday about the cover-up surrounding this incident I didn’t want to name names, but I can post this now because the information is verified (ridiculous registration needed to read full article).

Unknown to him [Sonny Puzikas], one of his instructors was still inside when he opened fire with a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, striking unaware instructor in the hand and twice in the abdomen.

Wow and to think Sonny Puzikas wasn’t the beacon of safety I thought he was.  I’m… I’m…. shocked….

^^^ That was sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it.

It seems like almost every time I make fun of  a “systema” or Spetsnaz video it gets removed.  Here are a few examples I can remember:

  1. Dark shoot house ventilator himself Sonny Puzikas’ buddies at the Panty-oh production company got butthurt when I judged their promotional video a bit too harshly.  They removed the parts I made fun of and re-released the video.  That screen capture (which I also used in this post) is forever though.
  2. Training For War Laying Down And Acting Like A Weirdo – Touted as high level training for Special Ops, Military, and LE.  I guess they couldn’t take the heat, cause that video was removed as well shortly after I posted it.
  3. Entertaining Pistol Training Exercises – Where some Russian Spetsnaz guys did some high speed stuff you could only dream of.  Yea it disappeared too.

If those guys are as high speed as they act, why would they give a shit what some guy with a blog thinks about what they are doing?  Funny stuff…

I’ll stress again the importance of saving retarded gun related videos you come across.  If you don’t this is what happens; future generations won’t get to enjoy the fail we have seen.


Hat tip: Kevin, Chris


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  1. How can you be prepared to shoot people who want you dead when you can’t deal with a little trolling?

    1. Barry Newman Avatar
      Barry Newman

      i would love to see you wise asses say any of this to his face. Very quickly would come the realization you made a big mistake. But because you are anonymous your brave and mouthy.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    You know what’s sad? He’s still a notch above Yeager followed closely by Erika and Cory. amirite?

    1. TheRude1 Avatar

      What about Tex Grebner. But I guess he only shot himself

      1. Jennifer Dana Avatar
        Jennifer Dana

        You’ guys are lemonheads…meaning your minds are sour.
        Instead.of improving your own lives you run your mouths and diss him

  3. What do you know? A person who does not look where he is shooting… did not look where he was shooting.

    Hey, at least he is consistent!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahahahaha yea

  4. This guy is an idiot. Safety always comes first when shooting. Accidents don’t happen with smart shooters. Only IDIOTS end up shooting someone. It’s ridiculous!!! It just gives the anit-gun people more fuel for their fire.

    I’ve wanted to take a shooting class but I keep thinking I would end up seeing through a lot of instructors BS. THeres to many want-a be Mall ninjas out there trying to teach everyone.

    maybe one day

    1. Unfortunately, accidents happen even with smart shooters. They happen when the smart shooter thinks he’s immune to accidents because he is a smart shooter. The safety rules always apply, even to smart shooters.

    2. While engaged in a gunfight for one’s very survival, winning, not safety is the number one priority.

  5. This just proves how great (useless) these instructors are, they just shoot where they expect to see a target whether its there or not.
    Anyone who takes these courses is fooling themselves about what they have learned. Chances are you will wake up in the night and go spetz ninja with your skills and shoot your daughter sneaking back in because no one taught you to identify the shape before shooting. The only saving grace will be, as in this case your poor shot placement, thankfully.
    I usually mock those who learn everything from halo, but its cheaper and just as effective as this stuff.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      dave w,

      You are painting with a pretty broad brush when you lump all instructors in with the likes of Sonny P., Yeager, etc. There are a lot of snake oil type instructors out there, but there are also many good ones as well.

      1. yeah, there probably are good ones, but all i see are yeagers, putzikas, the clowns from that benny hill video and wanna be instructors like tacitical titties and her bf.
        Not the best pool to draw a reference from i will admit.

        1. elephantrider Avatar

          You, just named a few of the worst offenders there, not the best group to represent all trainers. The better ones tend not to hype the shit out of themselves on Youtube like James Yeager does, but they are out there.

        2. Unfortunately, the instructors you named and the real bozo’s (sorry Bozo( of the training world will post video evidence of their craptastitude all over youtube. The better instructors do not and or do very rarely. So there is much wider publicity for these morons and their “Big Boy Rules” crap than there is for honest safe instructors trying to help other be better prepared to safely defend themselves.

  6. Dude, why are you such a H8r??? :)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah haters gonna hate I suppose. I must be jealous because Sonny’s operating level is still 25 tiers above whatever I’ll ever attain.

  7. Sonny says in his Panteo DVD trailer that “The inverted pyramid of firearms training also implies that we must put ourselves at the RECEIVING END OF A FIREARM…you cannot afford the luxury of turning around while standing in the same spot while engaging the enemy.” So what he’s saying is “Plan to get shot in my class!”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha priceless

  8. Would NOT happen in a Louis Awerbuck class.

  9. theblackknight Avatar



  10. USSMunkfish Avatar

    I know it’s bad of me, but I’m almost glad this happened assuming the dude is ok. It proves you right in your criticism and gives a good example to point to. Vigilante Derp, camera men downrange, keep calling ’em like you see ’em!

  11. I just realized this idiot is shooting that ak in this picture not just holding it.

    1. ShovelMonkey Avatar

      thats what I thought , glad someone saw that too!

  12. You should archive them before you make fun of ’em.

  13. Unanimous Avatar

    You should stop before you get hurt mike.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL get hurt. That’s gold…

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      Uhh, get hurt how, by whom, and for what?

      I think most if not all here are sorry that someone was seriously injured, but is there something wrong with saying ‘I told you so,’ when everyone has been effectively saying “hey that’s dangerous?”

      1. By a back-flipping hatchet attack through his window, if you know what I mean.

  14. Unanimous Avatar

    Ok I’m done here, not enough collective intellect in here to cook a pot of spaghetti, let alone decipher internet sarcasm. Fail- maybe there is more to these guys you go after.

    1. Paulorator Avatar

      More to these guys? I’m sure there is a lot “more to these guys” but if you want to talk about their humanitarian efforts, or how they were raised by wolves you should probably start your own blog, or beg Mike for a guest post on here. An instructor shooting someone because he was lazy and didn’t care about safety is something the entire gun community should be made aware of one way or another.

  15. Unanimous Avatar

    I agree- Sonny should get the rod for a bit over this one; however, perception of safety and actual practice are two different things. I’ve seen some things on here attacked in the name of safety that really I just think ppl are being sissies over. I’m not going to point out anything specific but I think y’all have a complex.

  16. Unanimous Avatar

    Lol u should do an operator level post with all your favorites like Yeager and FPS since you just dropped sonny

  17. They aren’t exactly known for being collateral friendly.
    petsnaz… 42 terrorists. 129 hostages. 171 bodybags. Mission accomplished.

  18. Sonny Puzikas worked as a prison guard for 3 years under MVD and suddenly he’s a “Spetsnaz”?
    Systema isn’t even official. All Spetsnaz use Combat Sambo, which is a national sport in Russia.
    Sonny is Lithuanian by the way.

    If you guys like to make fun of Spetsnaz so much.
    Why don’t you go ahead and make fun of the modern Spetsnaz: – Spetsnaz Documentary – Spetsnaz FSB Alpha in the AK 100 promo – Anti-Terror Spetsnaz Unit – Anti-Terror Spetsnaz Unit 2 – Spetsnaz unit training with an IPSC shooter.

    If you’re going to make fun of something, do it properly, with legit information. Not with outdated videos from the 90’s.

  19. SittingDown Avatar

    Just watch some of Sonny’s reloading video and compare with amateur and Polish Commando:

    Polish Commando:

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      The production value on Sonny’s DVD is f-ing terrible. Apparently he can’t talk and demonstrate a technique at the same time, or just didn’t want to pay for a boom mic.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        And some thing tells me he won’t be buying a boom mic any time soon….

  20. I am sorry, but I am really pissed off because of all this “spetcnaz lack of safety” thing. Sonny does not represent russian spetcnaz and yet I DID NOT find any proof of his service in any unit. In Russia “Spetcnaz” includes everything from little local SWAT teams to Tier 1 recon units, and firearms training methodology will be very different. Tier 1 units now stepped ahead from “no light akimbo style shooting” and have an extremely high standards of safety in training.
    That’s how modern

    1. Luke Welter Avatar
      Luke Welter

      Vladimir, as you can see, this is the reputation the Spetsnaz has in the west.

      You’ll be delighted to hear what Larry Vickers said about all Eastern European forces.
      Larry Vickers is anti-Russian to the core. He always stabs Russia at any given chance. Just watch his TV show and you’ll see what i mean.
      Which is kind of funny, because the guy basically spent his whole life waiting for a moment to fight against the Soviet Union.
      Now he is way above weight and the only thing he can do is stab Russia with words.

      Then Puzikas comes with all this “Systema-fu” stuff, claiming to be an elite Soviet Spetsnaz and tarnishes the Spetsnaz’s reputation even further.

      While i was in Russia, i visited a shooting range in Ryazan, some Spetsnaz guys were there, i’m not sure which unit, but those guys had some really sharp skills.
      No back-flipping hatchet attack, no muzzle sweeps, no finger on the trigger when not shooting.
      Just smooth movements and great accuracy. They mixed some IPSC movements with the tactical environment really well.
      And trust me, i’m really hard to impress. I’ve been following the Rifle competition shooting scene for almost a decade already.

      Andrei Kirisenko one of Russia’s best rifle shooters: – Finger off the trigger, shows the weapon clear, always pointing it down range, etc.

      Guess what? He gives classes to Russian Spetsnaz.
      I’m sure if Kirisenko went to America to give ‘classes’, he would be considered a nobody. Despite being much more skilled than Sonny.

      Americans seems to love the Hollywood stuff some famous instructors offer and Sonny happens to be(or used to be) one of them.
      Oh well. Ignorance is a bliss.

    2. Vladimir, I know a few guys who went from VDV to Spetznaz units, and they are some top of the line guys. I agree with you

    3. Safety is important.
      Which is why we train and provide leadership skills. We help others but we allow them to make choices because as you say, they have already made up their minds.

  21. Here’s an accurate accounting of what happened from the range owner as found on calguns:

    Sonny said he was going in, then someone said OK, then he went in. Gene was in the initial room with the student, not the second room. Three targets were engaged *blindly* from this expert with 3 shots each from a pistol. Gene was in front of the first target Sonny shot at. So….yeah. It was pretty dark, and Sonny just went in by memory pretty much and happened to shoot up an instructor.

  22. Rob Painge Avatar

    Was Sonny charged with any crime? Where is he now and what will he do now that his career is over.

  23. I think I saw him at an auto body shop in Sacramento. J/k

  24. East Berlin Avatar
    East Berlin

    Yeah, I saw him there too… he had accidentally shot himself but being a badass that he is, treated his wounds at the auto body shop, vice a hospital.

  25. your momma Avatar
    your momma

    jez one accidental shooting and everyone wants to talk shit i guess yall r better..even seals,rangers exct. have training accidents from time to time you just dont here about it . theirs always risks when it come to live fire training

  26. As someone who knows and has trained with Sonny as well as other firearms instructors, and heard about this before the internet did, I just want to offer a few perspectives:
    1. Sonny is a highly skilled individual, with a lot of knowledge and experience. I have seen very few real world/tactical type firearms instructors who come close to his caliber. A lot of what he does looks strange or unusual, but there is a good reason behind all of it.
    2. Sonny has a different view on some aspects of safety from most trainers. This is partly because of Russian mechanical safety doctrine (if you are expecting an engagement, safety is off) vs western (safety is always on until right before you fire, then right back on again). He also recognizes that in combat, the idea that you will never muzzle sweep a friendly is usually unrealistic, and demands a higher level of operator responsibility. Sonny places high value on realism in training, so when people do dry fire work (there is a lot of that in his classes) they do it with real guns (double checked unloaded). There is something about someone pointing a real gun at you and pulling the trigger that is very different from using a blue gun or other prop, and I believe that realism has value.
    3. That said, Sonny has always been a consummate professional when it comes to safety. I have never seen an injury in any of his classes, and even when we’re doing something that most firearms instructors would balk at, the procedure and progression of training ensures that everyone is very safe – often we’ll do three or four perfect dry runs of a drill before attempting it live fire.
    4. Sonny f*cked up, big time. I have no doubt he was his usual highly safety conscious self during the duration of the seminar, but in this case the seminar was actually over, and he fell victim to that lapse of awareness that comes after we think all the danger is passed. Most mountain climbers die on descent. Sonny should have known better – he did know better. He put his awareness down before he put his gun down, and we all know what happened after that. But he’s human, and humans f*ck up, even the best of them. I think we’ve all made mistakes that, had the circumstances been different, could have ended up just as badly.
    I’m not trying to defend what Sonny did, but I’d like to encourage everyone not to judge and deride a man you’ve never met or trained with. That is all.

  27. One accident,big deal.He is still pretty dam good.Maybje you ought to talk to him face to face.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL best comment ever.

      1. mikesafag Avatar

        He’s right, cool guy.

        I’d like to see a video of you shooting ANYWHERE NEAR as well as these guys. I think you’re just as hungry for attention. You sound like a BABY WHINING about these total badasses that you’re TOTALLY JEALOUS OF. Sounds like a lover’s quarrel to me.
        So you’re an ELITE OPERATOR eh? Video or it didn’t happen, mr. professional

  28. Beemo Avatar

    As far as I know, I haven’t heard anything about Sonny P. anymore, other than his new Systema training school in Atlanta nor any news about him doing AK courses for HSP (S.Puzikas was supposed to do the AK part of HSP courses) nor him going to Rifle Dynamics
    thus leaving me thinking that he did get reprehended for that and has no more CCW permit anymore

  29. I think it’s funny that A.R.A. comes in to turn the tables on this topic.

    Do people understand Sonny is ONE of the biggest fraud’s in the training industry? Like Vladimir stated he WAS NEVER SPETSNAZ – As in never, zero, nada. In fact he after his two years as a lowly conscript non-firearms related HE WAS A Prision guard in Russia. That’s it.

    Now he has fooled the entire U.S. industry and even TV show producers into believing he was. So much so that his dumb non tactically sound BS is all most U.S. guys know about “Spetsnaz”. Its a sad joke.

    1. Jennifer Dana Avatar
      Jennifer Dana

      RLMFAO!!! Thank you for saying something so outrageously funny..that made me laugh out loud…felt good to be able to do that!

      Let me state a clear fact to you.

      Sonny Puzikas is not trying to fool anybody.
      You say he was never in the Russian Spetsnaz?

      He certianly knows and loves it.
      He also trains in Systems.
      People diss him and other Spetsnaz because maybe they feel as though they can never improve themselves…enough to actually be a Spetsnaz soldier. But Spetsnaz is about helping, doing good, being kind and respecting people.
      It does effectively teach those things.
      It teaches you to be a leader and how to effectively communicate toghether with others who in a collaborated effort will all join toghether in order to productively work together.
      Granted, no matter what I say and do, there will always be some who do not agree.
      They are entitled to their opinions.
      But if they want to change and are willing to take action to do so, they will.
      Otherwise things will never improve and will always remain.the same.

  30. jeff myers Avatar

    Have you met up with Sonny to discuss this, or are you simply following internet protocal by cowardly attacking someone for a mistake? Please tell me about your military exploits. Tell us all about your training and combat experience. What, exactly, have you done in regards to firearms instruction? This idea that “real” shooters are always 100% awarenof gun safety is an illusion perpetuated by those who truly have no real-world experience beyond assasinating paper targets. again, tell us all how you are more qualified and experienced than Sonny, and I will research your background fo verify its accuracy. Tick tock, tick tock…

    1. “and I will research your background fo verify its accuracy. Tick tock, tick tock…”

      I’m sure that sounded REALLY cool in your head. Thanks for the laugh. Do you seriously think you’re going to get cool guy points trying to impose some type of time crunch on information that’s irrelevant when you’re posting 10 months after the initial article? The only time limit demand you can make is if the pizza guy shows up in longer than 30 minutes.

      Someone doesn’t have to be more experienced than someone else to point out a mistake, particularly when it’s more negligence than accident. An inbred hick with a single digit brain cell count who lives on a diet of lead paint chips and rubbing alcohol could point out his actions were foolish and the criticism would be no less valid.

      And when that initial person has been proven to be a liar, then it’s open season. Plenty of top notch instructors have never served a day in uniform, and have built successful careers without lying about their past to boost their popularity. Sonny chose to operate without integrity by making false claims, and has now seriously injured someone with negligence. He’s earned all the consequences he’s suffered.

      1. Jennifer Dana Avatar
        Jennifer Dana

        Sonny Puzikas and Maxim Franz never operate nor do they operate without integrity.
        Those dissing either, or both of them choose not to believe differently.
        Reminds me of the Bible’s Doubting Thomas.
        Who required “proof” that Jesus, The Son of God is real before he would believe in Him.
        Yet, they are honest.
        They are usually constantly scrutinized daily by people who feel angry, unhappy and insecure about themselves. What, you think they never felt those ways but decided,

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I lost it at “have you met up with Sonny to discuss this” LOL nice one.

      Plenty of great instructors out there haven’t ever shot anyone negligently. Actually every instructor I can think of hasn’t ever shot anyone negligently…

      1. Jennifer Dana Avatar
        Jennifer Dana

        Sonny Puzikas and Maxim Franz never operate nor do they operate without integrity.
        Those dissing either, or both of them choose not to believe differently.
        Reminds me of the Bible’s Doubting Thomas.
        Who required “proof” that Jesus, The Son of God is real before he would believe in Him.
        Yet, they are honest.
        They are usually constantly scrutinized daily by people who feel angry, unhappy and insecure about themselves. What, you think they never felt those ways but decided,

    3. Gaunt1974 Avatar

      I notice a few of you guys keep saying “Why don’t you say that to his face, you jealous coward” or something very close to that. Sonny shoots some guy, Sonny may be lying about his military past, Sonny has proven to be unsafe, and when people call him out on the internet they are being cowards? Is this guy supposed to go to sonny’s house? The internet is a great place to spread the word about someone who is fraudulent/phony/fake/dangerous. Which, Sonny is shaping up to be all of these things. If it wasn’t for “internet cowards”, I would never know about Sonny’s huge fuck up that left some poor dude almost killed. Now I know not to support Sonny or give him any more of my money.

      1. Jennifer Dana Avatar
        Jennifer Dana

        Sonny Puzikas isn’t the problem.

        Negative, lying, dishonest, untrue, corrupted outlooks, belief systems which are inaccurate, outdated and ultimately, WRONG are the problem…

        Sony’s cool.
        He’s honest.
        Knows how to talk in depth about issues, problems and solutions, as well as creating resolutions.

  31. Lots of nasty comments, but have any of the commentors ever trained with Mr. Puzikas? I had a solid 20 year career, over 13 on SWAT, 10 as an firearms/tactics instructor, got to train with greats from Tier 1 U.S. SpecOps, FBI HRT/LAPD/LASD SWAT guys, have 3 Gunsite E-tix etc., etc. I had the chance to train for 3 days with Mr. Puzikas and spend time with him after class. (The company I ran training for hosted his 3-day course.) He’s an excellent instructor, and seemed to be a pretty damn nice and thoughtful guy. He teaches some concepts that seem pretty hairy at first, until you actually try them under some pressure and realize that in certain situations they can work and give you that last chance to live. The pistol/AK combo was presented as a “think outside the box last ditch save your ass sole survivor” technique, nothing more. I first heard about his shooting accident from him, in no-bullshit/no excuses/all my fault I’m so sorry I need to learn from this now” terms. He posted to his FB and associated websites about it in near real-time. He made a horrible mistake and was open and honest about it. Pretty impressive. I’m too old and bitter to be anyone’s fanboy, but speaking from actual experience Mr. Puzikas is a professional who shares what has worked for him and his comrades, and takes responsibility for the good and the bad.

  32. Sonny never said he didn’t do anything wrong he owned up to his mistake and took full credit for it and said even at any expertise that he screwed up… don’t make it like he didn’t own his mistake mistake is human and Sonny is Human

  33. I would still spend 600$ to see a seminar by Sonny.
    and do a shoot house

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Hey, Sonny. Done any 360 AK no looks lately? :D

  34. When all of you guys with big mouths work up the balls to tell him what you have said to his face,PLEASE make sure you get it on youtube.
    We all missed out on a vid of Sonny shooting someone but we all will get to see if you can beat his ass ?
    If you can’t say it to a mans face then it is not worth saying is it !

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      “If you can’t say it to a mans face then it is not worth saying is it !”

      Says the man who is not saying it to a man’s face.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOLOLOL the old “say it to his face” defense. Sonny already knows he negligently shot someone, why would I need to tell him he’s an idiot… he knows that every time he looks in the mirror… or does a 360 degree AK-47 no-look in the mirror when he’s all alone in his shitty apartment.

  35. I am not slamming him at all. If I had the $ I would take a class with him in a minute. I would love to meet him and shake is hand. Hell I would be proud to be thrown to the ground by him.
    If the facts are as the range owner said I would put blame on the person running the house for not knowing it was not clear and the the instructor that was in the house for not telling anyone that he would be in the house giving further instruction .
    Low light the guy in the corner, I can see it happening. Like it no but it does happen. And it is not like he said he did nothing wrong or anything.
    3 shot 3 hits

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Maybe Sonny can sign your dick with a sharpie someday at a gun show?

  36. I just found this or I’d have commented earlier. First off if Sonny had served as he claims you would never know because just like navy seals and any other spec ops his name would be classified. Second a mistake was made but that’s also a chance anyone who trains in firearms takes everytime they go to the range or any training facility. You have to take just as many precautions with or without a weapon in your hand. Third why haven’t you confronted Sonny on this if it bothers you so much I mean your concerned with the safety of others would it be worth the trip to confront him and catch his reaction on video? And finally it’s a well known fact that when someone has run out of things to say and and has no idea how to intelligently respond to comments they can only insult because they will never concede no matter what’s said or how much proof they are shown. I think we know where you are in this conversation don’t we? Have a nice day hope you have received the attention you were looking for.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I don’t even know where to start so I’ll just go with the standard “Cool story bro”.

    2. Jennifer Dana Avatar
      Jennifer Dana

      Sonny Puzikas and other people want to go about their lives and live in peace.

      But are willing to and who do positive, good things such as:

      * Work together with others
      * Share ideas and concepts
      * Help others
      * Protect and demonstrate loyalty and devotion
      * Provide comfort and wisdom
      * Give a community that helps foster positive growth, health and change
      * Create tools to help others learn
      * Renews and recharges the human spirit
      * Forgives mistakes
      * Helps people figure out and learn when talking is done and it is time to act to improve one’s own life.

      RIGHT NOW!

  37. Oh and in the pic that’s a scene from a movie it’s blanks he’s firing. And also the videos and blogs are for the benefit of ppl who can’t take his course and still want to learn not for getting attn. maybe a bit more research and thought next time you write a blog. In case you doubt the movies called Sinners and Saints. See for yourself.

  38. Bressie, are you a moron? Let this die, so Sonny can crawl back to his single wide trailer in Texas. He is a Lithuanian prision guard who falsely advertised himself as a “Russian Spetsnaz”. It’s obviously from his videos that he has ZERO weapons handling skills, inherent knowledge of the AK, and it’s a damn crime for him to teach tactics to anyone. Any student who paid him money was cheated and had their money stolen.

  39. Mike did you think of that intelligent response all by yourself.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Learn how to reply properly if you’re going to continue to try and be clever and educate us on how great Sonny is … hit the link in the bottom right corner that says “reply”.

      1. Wow that’s all you could come up with is insulting how I reply. You’re not so good at this are you. Your blog is full of accusations and no proof. The accident is the only thing you’ve got. And accidents happen to the best of us. So stop acting so butt hurt by whatever Sonny really did to make you cry

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Cute, you thought that was an insult. Please leave a link to your blog in your next reply, so I can head over and see how the pros do it.

          “Accidents happen to the best of us” <--- LOLOLOLOL yea, so many of the great instructors, and people in general into shooting have negligently shot someone. Damn your replies keep getting more and more entertaining, keep it up.

          1. Funny cause even in military training accidents happen. Or maybe you don’t know that. Well they do. And if you are around weapons of any type the chances of an accident increase. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend but guns are dangerous. And I dont have a blog cause I have better things to do with my life then attack other ppl on things they know more about and try to get attn so I can feel like a man. Sad really. I’m done with you have a great life

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Thanks Breesie! *muah* Try not to shoot any one! …….. or any more people than you already have seeing as “accidents” (a.k.a. what the rest of us call negligence) happen so easily in your world. Now if you’ll excuse me I have more unfounded accusations about people to make so I can up my testosterone this morning and feel like a man, not the ladyboy I’m currently feeling like. Thanks again for the laughs.

  40. Again with the insults. No I’m not a moron just practical. If you don’t have proof he’s lying done judge. You don’t like him that’s your business but that doesn’t mean that you’re right and everyone sees it the way you do. There are a lot of ppl who believe in him and stand behind him so what makes you right and them wrong? Why because your better at insulting someone and have a bigger mouth? Well on line anyway.

  41. Wow pathetic both the blog and the man

  42. It’s like conversing with a retarded child..

    Fact: If Bressie intent on posting in this thread again, and the new Yeager video are some type of Sonny come back attempt it’s way to soon. At every turn you are just going to get smoked. No one is going to forget, or let his poser past slide again.

  43. Wtf are you babbling about now? Oh I forgot others opinions mean nothing and accidents never happen. Keep enjoying your fantasy land.

  44. FACT: Sonny screwed up royally. There is NO excuse for this. He should be in prison for his actions.

    FACT: He did NOTHING to make the situation better. Never gave Gene a nickel. Never reached out.

    FACT: He has pissed off most of the systema community due to the above.

    FACT: He falsely advertised himself as spetznas, when he was just a prison guard.

    You want facts, there you go.

  45. Ok so here’s my response

    One he admitted he fucked up royally many times on video for all to see

    How do you know that Gene was not compensated for what happened? Are you his lawyer or his accountant? Just because it was spread all over the internet doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    He doesn’t strike me as a person who gives a shit who he pisses off it’s not a popularity contest

    Last. Show me proof that he isn’t what he says he is. And I dont mean repeating the rumours and crap you’ve heard on the internet. You have no way if knowing what he has or hasn’t done for his country it’s not something that would be common knowledge. They would never release his service record or name for you to google any more than our special forces would.

    So your “proof” which is basically just repeating the bullshit you’ve been told on the ever reliable internet isn’t so convincing. Have a good day.

  46. Why are you the only one defending him? You are fanatical about it not to mention the only one.

    Ask Gene if he was compensated. The answer is NO. Go to the source. Don’t believe any of us. Go right to the source.

    It has nothing to do with popularity. He is a prick and his ship is sinking. Ask yourself why.

    Rule of logic states you cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove a “he isn’t” . It is up to him to prove what he claims he is and to date, he has not. Not one shred of proof. Zero. No spetznas. Nothing. Have him prove his claims. That would clarify this issue once and for all. If he is right, the issue would be dead. If he was just a prison guard as many of us suspect, then he has to deal with the lies.

  47. First I’m not the only one who commented on this blog defending him. There are guys who know him personally who have commented in his defense

    Second the difference is that he doesn’t care if you believe him or not. He doesn’t care what you think of him. You all are the ones throwing accusations around with no hard proof. If you are going to try to condemn someone and prove them a liar you have to be able to prove your accusations other wise your just spreading rumors.

  48. “He doesn’t care if you believe him or not.” I bet.

    One last question: Where is there one shred of proof that he was with spetznas. I spoke with Mikhail a couple of times and he did not know. Vladimir did not know.

    Where is one piece of evidence? Just one and I will shut up.

    (PS. I notice you avoided my point with Gene. Good move. You wont like the answer)

  49. I’m not the one shooting my mouth off about the guy so evidence is your burden. I could say the same thing to you. You’ve come to a “debate” that you and whoever wrote this blog started with no proof and no ammunition just pure rumor and speculation. Anyone can assume and accuse and wrote whatever they want. What happened to backing up your claims. Guess no one has to do that anymore. See if I’m going to accuse someone of lying cheating or anything else I’m gonna make sure I can show proof and evidence that what I’m saying is true beyond a doubt so I do t look like I’m just starting bullshit. When I don’t have proof and it’s just my belief and opinion I make sure I say that and I sure as hell don’t argue with ppl who know the man personally like some the ones who commented on this blog do and argue it as fact. That just shows ignorance.

  50. Simple BS double talk. You avoid the true issues which leads me to believe Bressie is simply a shill and knows 100% Sonny is a fraud. Otherwise he would man up to provide proof.

    It’s so obvious now.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I would have thought that too but looking at her email address and domain, she’s definitely from Ontario Canada and most likely female. Maybe Sonny cross-country gets people to hype him though haha I wouldn’t put it past him.

  51. Wow did I just enter conspiracy theory 101 you guys are nuts. I was bored so I googled him and found the blog which to me sounded like pure bs of someone who heard a ton of stories and decided to get some attn. that’s it that’s all. Besides I like to debate guess it’s the lawyer in me. It’s been fun good luck with your paranoid delusions I have a life to live.

  52. All Sonny had to do was offer proof.

    All Sonny did was nothing.

    Gene was never give a nickel by him (this IS a fact. I checked) Speaking with high level people in systema, no one heard of Sonny until he started advertising as a spetz guy. Funny, spetz guys never heard of “one of their own”?? I dont think so.

    Paranoid delusions? Your connection to him caused you to not see the truth. Sorry dude, your off on this.

  53. Let’s face facts.

    He is nothing more than a prision guard from Lithuania. He did a few static security guard gigs in Iraq when virtually anyone interested in firearms could get static security work. He got lucky when a few other instructors (Almost all low life’s themselves) jumped on his bandwagon when AK’s were still cheap and half the industry was teaching “AK Classes”.

    Obviously no one bothered to actually check his résumé.

    Hint: Several Americans have seen his real one when he worked for them in Iraq. Static security only. No Spetsnaz, no Russian military combat deployments. If pushed they would talk.

  54. And the guy is a full-fledged conspiracy loon. Thinks that the downing of MH-17 was…. are you ready?… a FALSE FLAG!

  55. So can anyone tell me what the actual stats are for live fire and other training accidents are across the gamut of US military and LE services? As far as I can tell accidents are not infrequent and have occurred across services throughout history.

    The fact is human error is a fact of life, it should be mitigated through policy etc as much as possible but it’s going to happen somehow somewhere when training in scenario based exercises. Especially when they are compounded by spatial and environmental factors such as moisture, darkness, smoke, uneven surfaces, confined spaces and the list goes on. You can’t plan for every contingency, you train as safely and professionally with historical scenarios and possibilities in mind, but to think no accident is ever going to happen is both naive and ignorant.

  56. Stephen Williams Avatar
    Stephen Williams

    Wow. You are all idiots LOL.

    Semper Fi, Mac.

  57. Mark Doroshkin Avatar
    Mark Doroshkin

    Sonny was perfectly reasonable; all students had checked out, he went for a run at the training house, and he was told it was clear; so he went it; turns out it wasn’t clear. Not his fault.

  58. I never had the opportunity to work with Sonny while doing weapons handling/advising/training or explosives while doing the Hollywood bit. However for those that wish to get some training, there are some incredible Systema Spetsnaz Instructers throughout the USA. From Beverly Hills to the East Coast. Sambo is the wrestling technique developed by the Slavic people. Systema was developed by the Slavic people as well. Some say as far back as 1,000 years. Slavs are also excellent with sword Martial Arts.
    I am not sure of Sonny’s verifiable background and I will admit that. Their are incredible instructors out their that are former Spetsnaz. They are not obligated to reveal that as are those former or current US Spec Ops. I’ve met Vickers at Shot Shows and is a stand up guy who knows his stuff. I have watched him visiting Russia and viewing their training The impression I got was that Larry had respect for these guys. Though he would more than likely train that way.
    Americans make fun of these guys but how many would want to go face to face with any one of them in a dark dead end alley. The West also has not experienced a Beslin as the Russians have along with many other acts of terrorism. Most by Chechen Islamists and their Black Widows. Hell in the age of the Internet everyone is creative. I’ve been dead several X’s, a spook, mercenary, hitman and who knows what else. I do though make blades for some individuals that do some work and it is no business of mine what they do or where they go. I feel my best design will be for a gentleman whose dad was real OSS and took his Fighting Blade to the grave with him. This will be his Fighting Blade and his legacy. FYI, Vickers is one of the few I watch and listen to as well as the gentleman that trained Bradley Cooper for his American Sniper role.

  59. Marquis McCaffery Avatar
    Marquis McCaffery

    I started thinking do these comments have any merit. Then I saw this website sells Glocks with Stocks and giant mags and knew all of it was BS.

  60. It would be nice if Sonny shipped his damn DVD’s out quicker than every 3-6 months…. or not at all in my case… twice… so my vote is traitor Ruskie-Commie and I hope he enjoys my $45 for his sh*t DVD that I’ll never get anyway… is it just me or is the world becoming more of a scam everyday?

  61. David T. Bradt – Wow! you too? I ordered the DVD’s over one month ago and did not recieve them. I’ve also contacted support with no response. $65 USD down the drain. I hope noone else wastes their time and money with the Sonny Puzikas brand. (Something very sketchy about this man’s business)

  62. Richard McLaughlin Avatar
    Richard McLaughlin

    no comment about the shooting accident i wasn’t there i can say there’s people i know and trust that trained in florida with Sonny [in systema] and deeply respected him . But i too am waiting for “THE FORGE” video I’ve emailed, no response, its closing in on three months did not receive a reply i hope i receive it .

  63. Alex the B Avatar
    Alex the B

    While in the west we are super concerned with safety, in Russia they are super concerned about killing their fucking enemies. They probably need more safety un their training but we need to drop a lot of the bullshit.