Far Cry Vacation Plan

Another one from Freddiew:

I’ll save you 1.5 min of your life by tell you Freddiew is bored on his vacation… skip to 1:33.

OMG the clicking noises!  The fake looking Glock!  The bullets that never hit him! The bad recoil faking! The basically unlimited ammo! haha… if you missed the post, freddieW commented on twitter that we were too hardcore about guns.

I’ve never played Far Cry and know nothing about it, but I’m assuming this follow the general idea of the game.  You can pre-order Far Cry 3 on Amazon for $59 if you’re interested (Dec 4th delivery).



11 responses to “Far Cry Vacation Plan”

  1. socialimpotence Avatar

    Hate it.

  2. ya it wasnt his best work.. as for real bullets im very glad they dont use them lol!

  3. He’s done better, but it had a certain humor to it. But I wonder where the hotel get’s the bad guys at that rate?

  4. Gaberelli Avatar

    Is that Tiger Woods in drag playing the bartender?

  5. Lord Valvatorez Avatar
    Lord Valvatorez

    Mike, did you notice that the clear magazines on the G36s are empty? Its actually pretty amazing Freddie didn’t catch something as obvious as the Airsoft gun’s magazine being clear, and showing a completely empty interior.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea I saw that! Pretty bad oversight.

    2. nikonmikon Avatar

      he probably did it on purpose because all you autists were complaining about all the gun non-realism in his videos lol

  6. What’s the point of this? Is it to advertise the game, because I certainly saw no gameplay footage or anything about why I should want the next Far Cry game. I hope this is a fan video and not a publisher paid marketing stunt. Money would be better spent going to bonuses and raises to the game developer staff; you know, the people who work on the actual product.

  7. Ouch. I didn’t even watch the whole thing. It was just a little boring.

  8. If you don’t let the water drain from your barrel it’ll blow up when you fire!

    I was amused, but yeah the gunplay is more Hollywood than real.

  9. I hate this guy.