World War Z – Trailer

Brad Pitt vs Zombies:

Although the movie topic is zombies, I’ll definitely see because I think Brad Pitt is a great actor and an awesome human being (as long as you overlook his terrible Chanel No. 5 ad *smh*).

At least the zombies are the quick type!  That should make them more interesting.

Release Date: June 2013

Thoughts?  I see it’s based on a book by Max Brooks.  Is the book worth reading?

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  1. The book is fantastic this movie however doesn’t look like its going to follow it. It’s a shame cause it would have made for a very unique and innovative style. I won’t go into detail for those of you who want to read the book. It’s just that good

    1. Seems to me like they just paid for the name. weren’t the zombies slow in the book?

      1. “In 2007, the movie rights for World War Z were secured by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment. The screenplay was written by J. Michael Straczynski, with Marc Forster directing, and Pitt starring as the main character, United Nations employee Gerry Lane. Despite being the draft that got the film green-lit, Straczynski’s script was tossed aside, so that production, which was to begin at the start of 2009, was delayed while the script was completely re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan to set the movie in the present, leaving behind much of the premise of the book to make it more of an action film. ”

        Yeah, the book was more of a social commentary: it went into profiteers selling fake cures, suicide circles where the bitten/infected stood in a circle, pointing their gun at the guy next to them (all pulling the trigger at once), priests who gave men their last rites with a bible and pistol in hand, the astronauts in space, isolated and left to die while the world burned. It’s actually a great read and page turner

        1. Not to mention the fact that we almost lost until the special forces began training everyone how to survive. The reason humanity almost lost the zombie war was because there were too many people with useless skills.

  2. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I’d like to know the physics of how many running zombies it would take to overturn a bus.

    1. It looked like they used rushing water or something similar for the physics for that.

      1. enfieldem2 Avatar

        Looks like flowing water alright, these zombies are nothing like the book, I remember in the zombie survival guide mention is made of Hollywood giving zombies superpowers such as super speed, incredible strength, flight and even super intelligence. Looks like all they don’t have in this movie is flight.

  3. The book was very interesting with different viewpoints from around the world, and from different characters (civilian to medical to military).
    I was hoping that it would be made into a cable-series, but I will see the movie. I’ll have to update myself on how they adapted the book to the screen; hopefully it hits on the main ideals. I do like the super-fast zombies though… reminds me that I don’t have enough ammo stock-piled yet (it’s probly too late after last Tuesday anyway).

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    What happened?

  5. If your too lazy to read the book, get the audio book ( may be one of the best audio books ever ), if your too lazy to do that then read the Wikipedia entry, if your too lazy to do that then go see the movie, if your too lazy to do that then you can ask some one “What Happend?”.

  6. I’m as excited as excited can be (and I’m 100% tired of this zombie shit and how it’s marketed). The only thing that bothers me is how much story they put in the trailer; like now I know his dumb little family makes it out of the city, there goes what is probably most of the suspense of the first half hour…

  7. A10’s over NY? WTF are they going to do?
    And how do you OPERATE zombies?

    1. Bomb the defences around where ever bloombooger is held up and let the zombies in?

      1. wounder if he lets his security carry guns

        1. enfieldem2 Avatar

          Of course his security carries guns, they are extra special authorized users who can be trusted with firearms unlike everyone else in the whole wide world.

          Also, A10s vs zombies in new york that sounds like fun on a bun! though once again A10s are not mentioned in the book, F35s are used instead. I think, I could be wrong.

    2. One of the interviews in the book is about a big battle in NY between the military and zombies in which the military starts dropping bombs on the zombies. The zombies then eat them. The point in the book being you CAN’T operate on zombies.

      1. That was convention warfare, a whole army can’t OPERATE, only a hero worthy of Brad Pitt’s acting can OPERATE.

      2. in the book it was yonkers, and yes the battle did go horribly because they used standard army tactics against zombies.

        This movie is nothing like the book. a damn shame too.

    3. elephantrider Avatar

      The only way to stop Zombies is with your own counter-Zombies.

  8. I only read the zombie survival guide which was meh at its best parts.
    maybe i will check out the reviews for this book

  9. Taylor TX Avatar

    One of my favorite books of all time, one of the reasons for that is the book tells the story of the Z-pocalypse in individual first person accounts from ALL kinds of people, all over the world, starting from patient zero (the first infected human). Like a comment said above, it seems like hollywood just bought the name and did whatever the hell they wanted if it involved zombies and Brad Pitt to make it friendlyish to females. Ill probably still see the movie but be sad that some of the amazingly well written and entertaining stories(The Mercenary and the little dog if youve read the book) that made the book arent in there.

  10. The book is great, so is the audio book. They have different actors read different sections, so it really feels like a documentary, which is how the book is written. I just wish that is how they made the movie, as a historical mocumentary. This just looks like a cross between the Dawn of the Dead remake and 28 Days Later.

    1. They definately just used the name. I guess it seamed like a good idea. Max Brooks did essentially start the zombie craze. There was actually a website I saw a couple of years back that was doing a community driven zombies mockumentary. I sea was different people would film home-movie style clips which would then tell an overarching story.

  11. Interesting that the Israeli Defense Forces will be featured in this movie, usually hollywood avoids portraying them as good guys. best way to stop zombies? Napalm, it sticks to kids!

    1. +1 for napalm

  12. “Although the movie topic is zombies, I’ll definitely see because I think Brad Pitt is a great actor and a *hunk*”

    There you go Mike, I fixed it for you. Rofl

  13. I like the concept but looks too Hollywood/CGI… I like the gritty dreadful vibe of TheWalkingDead with real actors playing the zombies

  14. Is the book worth reading?
    No, because the audio-book is 10 million times better.

  15. Brad Pitt pushed Obama over and over again. He won’t see a dollar of my money. Antigun scum.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I was not aware he was on board with Obama, but Brad Pitt is actually not anti-gun.

      1. Well Mike, That means that Pitt is either woefully unaware of Obama’s anti-gun policies, or Pitt just doesnt care about gun rights as much as other issues. Either way its not gun for our gun rights. I had hope for him, but its clear that Pitt is either a naive moron, or is just willing to turn a blind eye.

        1. meant to say its not good for our gun rights

          1. I always make sure to pay special attention to the political beliefs of my favorite actors and musicians, that way I am never disappointed.

            1. lol, nah, I only became aware of Pitt’s take on firearms after reading ENDO. Otherwise I couldnt care less what celebrities think.

  16. Pitt has made noise in support of firearm ownership but actions speak louder than words. The man he supported will go after our second amendment rights and do so vigorously. Pitt talks right but walks left.

  17. The trailer looked very bad ass!

  18. Cuban Pete Avatar

    This movie is “inspired” by WORLD WAR Z. It has very little in common, if anything, with the book – which btw is absolutely awesome.

    Save the money you would’ve blown on the movie, buy the book, and wait till the video.

    The ideal movie would’ve been a two-part option: (1) The beginning until the end of the Battle of Yonkers, and (2) The counter-attack by the humans, the build up of the army, the Battle of Hope, and the delusional USAF pilot in the Louisiana swamps.

    p.s. In the book the zombies are slow – like they should be.

    1. Singing Detective Avatar
      Singing Detective

      You can’t forget the “Redeker Plan” created by a South African General, which basically had the humans walling off the useful folks, and leave small pockets of ‘civilization’ (Read, meat for the zombie grinder) outside said wall.. US government condenses towards/into the Rockies… Freeze/thaws slows down the Z’s etc… and all of the commenters above mentioned including the disasterous Battle of Yonkers..Most of the story which is told as mentioned from the perspective of other people, with Max Brooks the author acting as sort of a narrator recording the stories a few years after the events actually take place.

    2. very solid advice. Audiobook is great. Book is orgasmic. Movie looks like a major dissapointment.

      I had envisioned an “Interview with a Vampire” style interviewer-narrator thing going on, with long cut scenes of the action. I too was hoping they’d do Yonkers, Swamp, and Hope. Maybe throwing in either the german guy or the RV going up north for the freezing effect and the water walkers. Although the breakers yard in India might be a better showcase for the water zack’s.

      The china story in the beginning is good, but I think it’s standard zombie cannon and could be glossed over without detriment to the rest of the stories.

      BTW, the water zombies I think are the most terrifying part of Max Brooks’ zombies. Thinking of being grabbed from below while swimming scares the crap out of me.

  19. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Not another movie where the zombies are fast as shit! I don’t remember where that started (Dawn of the Dead remake comes to mind) but I wish it would stop. It’s stupid!!!

  20. Not going to watch it. Nothing in that trailer was appealing. Why the heck would they use the bullhorn straight out of Inception?

    Zombie’s walk, shuffle, or crawl. They DO NOT RUN!

    1. ^

      There are campy Romero “zombie-genre” flicks, and then there are actual horror/thriller movies featuring zombies. Fast zombies are way cooler and more realistic too. That’s why we all admit that 28 Days later is the best movie featuring zombies, unless you are a basement dwelling film nerd with a hard-on for George Romero, or “The Walking Dead” which happens to be one of the most grossly over-rated TV series in recent history.

      That being said, it’s no guarantee that this movie won’t suck balls.

      1. Technically 28 days later is a pandemic film that affects the living, proper zombies are reanimated corpses. While the former is a more likely (and much scarier) scenario, I just dont understand how these zombies (and pseudo-zombies) can run like crackheads 24/7. I just think that Zombies should be limited to short bursts of sprinting, if at all.

        1. yep, reanimated dead need to be slow.

          1. Point taken, but are the “zombies” in this movie reanimated dead?

      2. What he said

  21. So it looks like this is going to be a trilogy.

  22. Agreed. Zombies should be slow. But the movie looks entertaining. But definitely a rental at best. I’m e