Zombie Hunter Chicks – Calendar Teaser

If this is where the zombie craze is headed now, I’m on board:

The calendar is from everyone’s favorite morale patch mad scientist MIL-SPEC Monkey.

The calendar will be released early November. I wish I had a use for paper calendars, but sadly I do not.



18 responses to “Zombie Hunter Chicks – Calendar Teaser”

  1. The zombie apocalypse can’t happen soon enough if this is whats waiting for me!

  2. TomThumb Avatar

    wow, lets see them try and bite through some vinyl…

  3. You owe me a new keyboard Mike, ’cause I just jizzed all over this one.

    God, it’s actually pretty gross. It got all in the keys and shorted some of the electronics. I can smell burning semen. I think I’m gonna vomit.

  4. What is the knife that the last chick was holding? The big weight-forward katana/machete crossbreed thing. I think I might need a knife like that.

    1. ots one of zombie tools blades. http://zombietools.net/tools/
      im guessing its “The Hellion” http://zombietools.net/images/weapons/zombie_tools_hellion_1200.jpg

    2. Just google Kukri. It’s a Nepalese fighting knife or short sword.

      But make sure you’re buying from a reputable sword smith, not a stainless steel piece of crap wall hanger.

  5. That third girl, with the star wars T-Shirt….WOW

    I don’t usually get impressed by models, but that chick is SMOKING HOT !!!

    1. +1

      Though the last one wasn’t too bad either.

  6. ZBalentine Avatar

    I want the bat.

  7. Need a photo shoot of Maggie kicking zombie ass.

  8. Great trigger finger control by all too.

  9. Yes please!

  10. theblackknight Avatar

    I’m not surprised by who in the industry jumps on this bandwagon. I’m happy to say most of the trainers and companies I patronize havent/dont have to.

    1. Dammit blacknight! what do you have against hot bitches? Dont think, just admire.

  11. If a real zombie apocalypse happened how the hell do you know you are going to be a survivor/zombie hunter and not one of the undead?

  12. Boy you don’t wanna mess with the shotgun chick…

  13. frank rizzo Avatar
    frank rizzo

    Pretty Pretty Girls yadda yadda yadda

    Hard to believe that song is over 4 years old. Dig the track.

  14. That saw the chick is holding in the bottom pic looks like the Man Opener from Fallout 3.