Urban Shooting Grips

Gangster, modified gangster, and super modified gangster:

Skip to 0:30 for the start of the funny part.  hahahah great stuff.

Hat trip: Kyle, Reg


15 responses to “Urban Shooting Grips”

  1. I like to hold the gun like it is my package and thrust the bullets at them. I call it the “American Me” grip.

  2. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
    Dr Kranknstein

    Made the mistake of watching at work…That was great even after the odd looks from customers and employees.

  3. Great video!
    “What you’re assuring, is that you’re not actually gonna hit the person you’re shooting at, but it’s all the innocent people around; that’s the point !”

    Love it, thanks Mike !

  4. ah, i knew i missed the ‘hood for some reason.

  5. i liked the breakdown so we can isolate each part to practice.

  6. Hard_Harry Avatar

    With any luck the next video will be on the proper use of a “gauge”

  7. How long before this is a course at Costa Lupus?

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      Ouch, but good. How do you insult a zombie?

    2. Chris Costa Avatar
      Chris Costa


  8. I wanted to laugh at this but it failed me.

  9. The instructor was way too good at that super modified gangster grip for an overweight white guy in a camo cap.

  10. That matt guy looks familiar, I think he used to work on the speed channel or on spikes powerblock doing a car show and/or truck show. He’s no Joe Elmore… But pretty cool dude none the less.

  11. The trainee must have been into Save the Tatas movement with the pink earmuffs.

  12. LMAO “Crack Dealer Grip”

  13. is the thumbs forward not an actual grip? because i’ve been using that for a while.