Methods Of Silencing A Shotgun

ABsuperman tries out a few methods:

hahah that guy is awesome.  Man if I yelled like that for even 10 seconds my throat would hurt.

I think he should try with a bigger juicer pumpkin, to see if he can get it whisper quiet.



10 responses to “Methods Of Silencing A Shotgun”

  1. meh. the joke isnt funny if you can guess what happens before it does.


  2. Love that shirt.

  3. Doyletoo Avatar

    Kinda third grade humor. Didn’t he just break a law by attempting to silence a weapon without a license? At least I got a small chuckle over the bloody ears at the end. :)

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      No, because he did not successfully reduce the report by 3db.

      1. Doyletoo Avatar

        K. Not that clear on this.

  4. GOING HOT !!

  5. This dude needs some Ridalin

  6. I couldn’t imagine screaming like that.

  7. That an ENDO shirt he’s wearing? ;)

  8. I would look at the Oil Filter canister first.