Guns And Diamonds Are Forever

Ohio based Dunkin’s Diamonds tries to make guys an offer they can’t refuse:

Nice try Dunkin’s… but I think that rifle (or gun) costs a lot more than free.  I wonder how many people pick hi-points as their free gun of choice?  Who am I kidding… the Deagle is the natural choice.

I’m a bit perplexed by the “rifle or gun” line in the ad, when they just could have put “gun”.

Any of you guys ever fall for this type of scheme? :P

Hat tip: Jeremy


5 responses to “Guns And Diamonds Are Forever”

  1. Dude, Indian Mound Mall is a few minutes from where I grew up. In fact, that’s the mall I bought my wife’s wedding ring from (different retailer).

  2. no way would i pay retail for a piece of glass like material that little girls swoon over. this is what having a good friend in the pawn business is for. (also applies to rifles or guns)

  3. $2500 for a $300 voucher.

    Sounds like a .gov program.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    Forget the rifle I want one of those things they mount on ships.