Frozen Guns & Ammo at -110F – Redneck Science

The plastic welding mask is for protection:

You know those welding masks are meant for such a thing, that’s why all the operators use them.

Interesting results, but these guys are making their videos way too long for me now.

10:00 – Freezing the Hi-Point.  haha for a cheap gun that thing impresses me over and over.



6 responses to “Frozen Guns & Ammo at -110F – Redneck Science”

  1. Well, at least now I know that I can fight on Pluto

  2. Don’t think the welding mask will protect him much if the gun blew up.

  3. HI-Points are like the AKs of the pistol world. Trash it all you want,feed it a mag of ammo and it’ll go bang when you pull the trigger.

  4. I like how they say there is nothing this cold on earth, what planet did they film this on???

  5. I can see Barry and Eric being the replacements for Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters!

  6. Why don’t they try this with a Glock??