Hitler Buys A Gun

The title was promising, but this is disappointing:

From a youtube channel called JestComedy with ~32000 subscribers I expected something actually funny.   The attempt at humor is obviously meant to appeal to the anti-gun crowd because none of the stuff anyone said was funny… more to make gun owners look bad.


Hat tip: Sunny


12 responses to “Hitler Buys A Gun”

  1. This was a thoroughly hamfisted attempt at comedy.
    To get so few laughs out of the Hitler character is unprecedented, and the genreal feel of it is some anti-gun activists got together for a groupthink session. Nobody wanted conflict, so they agreed on any stupid idea just to get the meeting to end on time so they could get to the birkenstock sale before end of business…
    Did get a slight chuckle from “Convicted? …no.” :p

  2. If you watch their other videos, its more of the same. They put plenty of effort in to producing them, but none of them are funny.

    I’m wondering who allowed them to use their gun store to shoot this video, or did they really spend $5,000 on airsoft guns?

  3. Filmed at the local airsoft store!

  4. Ok that was stupid and i accuse you of wasting my time.

  5. MrMaigo Avatar

    Hitler was convicted of a felony…

  6. liquidflorian Avatar

    That might be Airsoft Extreme Torrance… Those guys are all pro-gun though.

  7. Eh, it just shows how clueless they are about how an FFL runs.

  8. You’re not exactly selling me. I think I’ll pass and save 2 minutes of my life.

  9. You know that Jest is run by CollegeHumor… Right?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Weak! I didn’t realize, but now I see their logo on the youtube page.

  10. Please skip it if you read this first. No true humor and totally stupid.

  11. Lame…ya!