IDF Gunshots On A Beat

Isralei gunshots on a beat!  What u ever hear harder than that?

Those guys definitely are making their rifles burs.  Real talk.

I wanna see the IDF feature the Basement Rapper on their next gunshot beat vid.


Hat tip: Jay


12 responses to “IDF Gunshots On A Beat”

  1. girls

  2. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Takin’ off their shirts

  3. Love me some Tavors.

  4. uh the picture of the Israeli military girls.. what article was that from?

  5. I’m friends with the IDF girls on facebook. I drool weekly with their picture updates. HAWT chicks with guns, nuff said.

    1. ever notice theres lots of Israeli hot girls, but no Israeli milfs?

  6. Could be the same as the Indian syndrome. I’v seen plenty of Indian girls who are absolutely gorgeous but you never see any hot milfs. I think they get worse as they age.

  7. Jon Hutto Avatar

    Krav Maga as they do in the IDF

    part 2

  8. The girl on the right has a horse face, can’t see enough of the one on the left. The one on the right also looks pretty flat.

  9. That was pretty cool.

  10. IDF are awesome Hajji killing professionals, God bless em!

  11. Mountain Nagant Avatar
    Mountain Nagant