Gun Violence Creating Exciting Job Opportunities

This is so terribly offensive that it’s funny:

Wow, Funny Or Die really pushed the envelope on this one. haha

I hope anti-gunners see the video and agree with it, and then realize that it’s making fun of them, and the proceed to reflect on their life choices and possibly even change their views. :P

Hat tip: Greg


11 responses to “Gun Violence Creating Exciting Job Opportunities”

  1. I used to be skeptical of the media when they kept reporting that guns just “went off.” Seems to a lot of that being reported lately.

  2. How exactly is this video “making fun of” anti gunners? I think your seeing what you want to see here.

  3. I agree with Tony, this parody seems to directly link guns and the American “gun culture” as the problem.

    1. I agree

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      this parody seems to directly link guns and the American “gun culture” as the problem.

      Yea I agree… that’s exactly what they (antis) do though.

  4. JohnnyTToxic Avatar

    Looks like they had a sale on gunshot wound squibs at the special effects store.

  5. Yeah, I hate to say it, but the average dumbass American 20-something would take this quite literally.

  6. holy sh1t i literally ROFLMFAO’d on this one, its so funny i cried tears and had to re-watch 3 times, SH1T !! XD

  7. I’m in the tech industry. Does this mean I’m going to die by a random shooter? :-p

  8. IrateBlackGuy Avatar

    Funny or die blows, have you ever watched their show on hbo? Most unfunny thing I have ever seen. To think there’s actually people who see that shit and go THAT’S HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Before it airs literally blows my fucking mind. I’d rather take a bong hit of napalm than watch another clip from funny or die.