Sarah Silverman On Voting

I hate the term NSFW, but if you work around kids then you probably shouldn’t watch this until you get home:

Telling us how it is in her usually sassy way.

The gun stuff starts at 2:04.  hahaha good choice of “gun owner” pictures. *smh*

Get a firearm license so you can vote, *shrug* sounds good to me.

Interesting, she’s not married to Jimmy Kimmel anymore… now it’s some other comedian, “Kyle Dunnigan”.  I looked him up on YouTube… decently funny guy.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott


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  1. “License to kil” WTF STFU She should go to the kitchen and research more about CCW permits LOL

    1. What a great, uneducated, barely literate, moronic, hateful comment. Please do not reproduce.

  2. Kill*

  3. i resisted the urge to choke-a-bitch and just laughed. she has made her career on vagina jokes and being a clean lisa lampinelli, im sure her credibility is legit right? RIGHT?

    by the way, in texas. its free to get a state issued ID. so…….if you go to your local DPS office, sit down and watch tv for an hour, fill out a form and take a picture….YOU CAN VOTE!!! and probably do other things.

    1. THIS, is what I don’t get. Most states will issue you a simple ID card for little or nothing. You need ID to basically participate in any part of commercial life. And the message is black people are too stupid/lazy/cut off from the economic activity of this country to have photo ID? I resent the living shit out of the implication. I’ve had my own photo ID since before I could drive, so I could work. Fuck these people.

  4. she’s sexy to me. why i dont know. she’s not very funny though.

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      It has to be that yellow discharge

  5. Ajsh ukalo Avatar

    ahah ,she’s sexy to me

  6. thebronze Avatar

    She’s a stupid (and unfunny) cunt.

    1. You’re an angry, unfunny redneck. U mad?

  7. People need to stop telling her she’s funny.

    Also Most states only charge about $20 for a photo ID (tho most Blue states jack up the fees so they can steal more more money) Who REALLY can’t afford that?

    Most “Progressives” refuse to think, but consider themselves smart!

    1. Several other states will give out an ID card for free. If I was concerned about voter ID laws making it unfair to certain classes of people I would work to organize community events to help people get their ID, similar to voter registration drives and groups that drive people to the polls, rather than waste resources fighting the laws. Most areas making these laws have a pretty conservative judiciary anyway so a large number are gonna be losing battles.

  8. elephantrider Avatar

    What a crock of shit. Nice logical, factual argument there Sarah “I’m neither funny nor good looking, though everyone keeps telling me that I am” Silverman. It’s interesting how the Dems were screaming about voter fraud in 2004, but now that there is a move to clean-up the election process they cry foul.

    It’s funny that no one mentions absentee voting. You do not have to present a Photo ID whe you vote absentee. But I guess that since registering for an absentee ballot requires that you have your shit together that’s racist/anti-poor voter suppression as well? You would think that all of those poor old folks who can’t get down to the DMV would also want to save themselves a trip to the Polls as well.

  9. Mountain Nagant Avatar
    Mountain Nagant

    I’m sick of the left/right Republicrat dichotomy.

    Silverberg pisses me off too.

    1. I agree, after all, the ideologies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan are so incredibly similar that I can’t tell the two apart! I mean, appeasement and aggression towards global Communism are really the same damn thing if you think about it.

  10. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
    Diarrhea cha cha cha

    I pay no attention to the unfunny jew bitch.

    1. Woah buddy, I think you should reserve that kind of language for your weekly klan meetings and when you fuck your sister. Here at endo we only accept hate speech directed towards ideologies and stupidity. Discrimination based on ascribed characteristics is a big no-no. Ascribed meaning social statuses that one was born with, just in case your incest-riddled brain doesn’t understand college-level polysyllabic words.

      1. Don’t feed the trolls, Poopy.

        1. “Poopy?!?” That’s the best you’ve got? The fuck is this, fucking Kindergarten?!

          1. Haha I swear that was an honest typo, but your reaction makes it awesome.

          2. Can’t stop laughing. total accident.

      2. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
        Diarrhea cha cha cha

        Fact, she’s a Jew
        Fact, she’s not funny
        Fact, she’s a bitch.

        1. Fact, what you said is Antisemitic

          Fact, if you said that to a Jewish person’s face they would accuse you of being an Anti-Semite

          Fact, when you use an ascribed characteristic as the basis of an insult, it makes you sound like a racist/sexist/homophobic asshole.

          Why not just call her an unfunny bitch, why include the Jew part at all?

          1. Glocknspiel Avatar

            Fact: he said nothing about homosexuality. Did you just add it to complete the sacred three insults?

            1. Fact: Ascribed characteristics include items such as sex, race and sexuality. I was just using an example of how I, and society at large, perceive people who use such characteristics as the basis of insults.

              But good job with the Straw Man though, you must feel so proud.

              1. theblackknight Avatar

                You could just clean the sand out, this is the internet.

                1. nikonmikon Avatar


          2. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
            Diarrhea cha cha cha

            Blah, blah, blah. Factually accurate and you don’t like it. When I’m factually accurate and you have not else to fall back on, start calling people homophobes, antisemitic, or racists.

            Go back do drying off your wet back.

            1. I don’t remember calling you a homphobe. All I did was state examples of asrcibed characteristics and explain how one appears when using those characteristics as a basis of an insult.

              If you insult someone because of their sexuality, you sound like a homophobe. If you insult someone because of their sex, you sound like a sexist.

              You did neither of these things. However, you did use Silverman’s race, her status as a Jew, as an insult. Thus, you made a racist comment and made yourself look like a total asshole.

              And it doesn’t matter if Silverman is a Jew or not, because her race is completely and totally irrelevant in regards to being an “unfunny bitch.” But your inclusion of “Jew” in the statement implies that it does, because if I didn’t think it did or that “Jew” wasn’t a derogatory adjective, you wouldn’t have included it in the first place.

              Thus the statement you made was racist. Which means that you’re probably a racist as well. And, statistically speaking, that means there’s a 90% chance that a) you have sex with your sister on a regular basis or b) your mom is also your dad’s mom.

  11. I like her no matter what she does.

    1. That’s a good lil’ drone.

  12. Eh, I’m not gonna go on blast here. I don’t feel like it this morning.

    Celebrities have no place in politics. Not Saint Clint (of eastwood), not Sarah, nobody. Politics anymore is 90% Feelings and 10% facts.

    I’ll say something on the next post.

  13. I’ve never found her funny, though the topic she picks to try and make fun of is a weird one to me. Voter ID was never an issue until this summer, and because of the ‘must register x amount of time before election’ thing I would have thought if you wanted to implement the ID law fairly you’d make it require some time instead of a few months before the election.

    And the Governor of Pennsylvania claiming that somehow making someone show an ID would either A) Stop millions of fraudulent votes for a democratic candidate or B) stop enough people from voting is rather odd thing to claim. How will voter ID laws vote in Romney if they were fair?

    If there was proof of a widespread problem I’d be less hesitant to wonder why the rush. The only instances of fraud I’ve seen are wanna be famous bloggers trying to do it and getting caught around here. Guy tried to vote as someone who died in the last week when the law says they have to be purged from the voting register within a month. Made the family really happy to have them do it as it put their now dead father in the news again.

    1. Actually, voter ID and voter fraud have been hot topics for the last few years, especially since there is the risk of illegal aliens voting. But somehow the liberal media has demonized any attempts to uphold the integrety of our election system, Which I would think is a no-brainer to support. As soon as people lose faith in the elections being fair, shit hits the fan.

  14. Cuban Pete Avatar

    That yenta never go the memo notifying all comedians that Borscht Belt humor died in the 70’s.

  15. Many of the meetings to talk about voter ID laws require you to have a state issued ID card to get in. Does anyone see the hypocrisy in that?

    1. Not really. In most states its very cheap or outright free to go get a state issued ID card. Some states even require their citizen to have ID cards. Why should we allow people who can’t be bothered to follow the law, or are just to lazy to do something so simple, to have any say in these discussions? Yes the person still has right but his rights aren’t being violated if he is being opportunities to comply and chooses not to do so.

      If you don’t want to get a state issued ID to prove your identity and citizenship then you don’t get to vote in public elections. Pretty simple concept in my opinion. All actions have consequences.

  16. wow, i was sick of her by 0:19.
    She is neither funny or sexy.
    No idea how she keeps getting work.

  17. I just want to know how are these people cashing the government checks they are getting without an ID?

    1. Dude, don’t be a racist. Just don’t.

      1. Glocknspiel Avatar

        Or what? What is wrong with realizing that there are very real differences amongst the races? BTW: Call me what you want–I don’t care and those labels have no power over me anymore.

        1. Okay, that comment was meant to be an honest troll; a simply regurgitation of all the stupid anti-voter ID arguments I’ve heard on campus.

          But you fed me, so I guess I just HAVE to reply now.

          The problem with realizing that there are differences among racial groups really comes down to what you believe the fundamental cause of those differences is. If you understand that Blacks have lower employment and higher incarceration rates than Whites due to historical factors and contemporary problems such as slavery and institutionalized racism, which have prevented many African American communities from advancing up the social ladder and kept many in a state of poverty, then that’s fine.

          BUT, if you believe that these differences exist due to inherent racial characteristics, which serve to make one race better or worse than others, then you are a horrible, horrible human being and should probably kill yourself. You are also a racist. That’s not my subjective judgement or some meaningless “label” I throw at people I don’t like (although it is true that I don’t particularly care for you) but rather the dictionary definition of racism.

 <— See what I mean?

  18. I think it’s pretty clear that voter fraud is a very, very small problem (research it), and that it poses absolutely no threat to actually affecting election results, and that most of the recent voter ID bills are partisan motivated (there’s a good clip kicking around online of a state house majority leader saying point blank that their new voter ID law is going to ensure Romney wins the state).

    HOWEVER, is it really that big a deal to get a photo ID? It kinda sucks to see articles saying 10 million hispanic voters will not show up, etc, because they’ll have to get a photo ID first and that’s just too hard. “What, you mean I have to go to TWO places in order to determine the leader of the most powerful nation on earth for the next 4 years?” Should it really be necessary to pander to lazy jackasses so much? Sigh…

    Maybe they could give everybody that votes a free jack-in-the-box snack wrap. That would get people to turn up…

    1. thebronze Avatar

      You’re wrong. Voter Fraud is a BIG problem, especially here in California. There is massive Voter Fraud going on in California and probably many other areas.

      1. Proof?

    2. voter fraud became a problem when certain “community organization” groups got involved taking busloads of people to several polling places in a row, told them to pick a name from the list (that must be posted outside of the polling place per state law) and vote. free lunch afterwards! (and oh, by the way, candidate x wants to make it easier for you to sign up for food stamps and will extend your unemployment!)

      It happened to me. I showed up to vote last election and the little old lady informed me that I had already cast my vote! She says, “young man, you showed up with that busload of college kids early this morning, you can’t vote twice you know!” I made a big stink, and they finally let me cast a provisional ballot. Nothing ever came of it, even though I reported it to my local election board.

      I’m all for voter ID. If you want to cash or write a check you need ID. If you want to buy booze or cigs you need ID. While there may be a few people out there that don’t have an ID, lets get them one!

      Our elections aren’t worth a damn thing unless the right people are voting.

  19. Fuck all of the political bullshit. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A PHOTO ID, and I see no problem with forcing you to show it when you vote.

    1. Pop N Fresh Avatar
      Pop N Fresh


      there’s your problem

      1. I disagree. You are obliged by law to get your driver’s license before driving around. You are forced to show your passport before leaving the country. Both cost you money. Nobody complains about that, right?
        So, get an ID, and show it to the guy at the polling station. Otherwise go back to the stone ages like in these shitholes countries where nobody is registered, and the only way they have to control the voters is to mark their finger with black ink, which can be removed with any kind of baby wipes. And look at the results.
        I know some countries where the votes are stopped at 18:00, and final result is given at 20:00. No bullshit, and no massive fraud. These countries have compulsory state-issue IDs.

      2. Glocknspiel Avatar

        It’s required to buy alchohol, open a bank account and a myriad of other things. Not understanding that is your problem.

      3. Ok then. ‘Requiring.’. Or is that still a problem?

  20. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    for those of you that think she’s funny, check out her show hope it will change your mind

    for those of you that think she’s hot google her nudes hope it will change your mind

    for those of you that think she’s informative, can’t fix stupid

  21. meh, she made a whole bunch of claims without backing them up. “there is not voter fraud, the only voter fraud is voter id laws.” i don’t know about you but just by using google i can find at least a dozen cases of confirmed voter fraud, and even more cases of unconfirmed but likely voter fraud in just the past 8 years.

    her argument is a logical fallacy, proof by assertion, with a healthy does of read hearing.

    1. Typical socialists dont like voter id laws because they dont like elections, For them elections are just neccessary nuisances to maintain the facade of legitimacy. (although the same can be said for some figures in the GOP-E)

      1. Socialism is an economic system and not a political one. There are Social Democrats and Social Totalitarians (what we call Communists).

        Learn your stuff before you speak.

        1. Really? Have you heard of the German National Socialists from the 1940s? I’m quite sure they’re a rather famous political party.

          1. You mean the Nazis, that party that practiced Fascism (political system) and Corporatism (economic system)? I think you’re confusing Ideology, which is what National Socialism is, (a comprehensive worldview that makes claims as to how the world works and what the ideal government is) with Political Systems (which are the methods used within a government to determine the allocation of political power).

            I don’t think you guys understand, Socialism is no more a political system than Capitalism or Mercantilism is. When I say that a state is Socialist or pseudo-Socialist, all that I’m referring to is the method by which the government of said state regulates commodities. Socialism by itself is neither inherently democratic nor authoritarian, which is why you have Social Democracies (like those in Western Europe and Scandinavia) and Social Dictatorships (like those in China, North Korea and Cuba).

            1. ZBalentine Avatar

              You’re really on a roll today Poopy!

        2. Ok Poppy, its true that socialism is technically an economic system, but its impossible to implement without a strong central government. In socialism, Government regulates everything regarding production, employment, wages, etc. So while it starts as an economic system, it soon becomes an all encompassing political system. Just look at Britain and France, while they aren’t nearly as bad off as Socialist Totalitarian countries, they are subjects in all but name. For the record, I recognise that America is well on the same path and I object to this as well. Captalism, coupled with a constitutional republic, offers the best system that man can devise.

          1. Right, but a strong national government does not denote an autonomous national government. Those people in France and Britain chose to vote away their rights and give all the power to big brother. However, they still voted, thus those Socialist countries are still democracies. As long as the government fulfills the will of the majority, no matter how unjust and stupid that will may be, it is still a democracy.

            When I say political system, all I’m referring to is the method by which political power is allocated and policy is enacted.

            I’d just like to say that I wholly agree with you regarding America’s political exceptionalism. Studying, and understanding, the godawful systems in other nations has given me a new found appreciation for my homeland. (:

  22. sapper911 Avatar

    I have a driver license! lots of people have them. its 30 bucks for a state ID. If you cant scrape enough crack money, SSI, welfare, or save some of the student aid that you are gonna spend on pot or alcohol or a new I phone to get an ID then you don’t need to vote. Of course it will help Romney to win. Obama needs illegals to vote for him. And its a fucking law in a lot of states to have a state issued ID card. Whats the problem? Prove your a citizen to vote! Prove your citizen to be president! Sarah Silverman is a
    DIP SHIT!!

  23. If, for some reason, you manage to not have a drivers license, nor have picked up a state id for getting into bars, opening a bank account, or any of the other myriad of things you need them for then you are such little use to society you should not be allowed to vote.

  24. Yeah voter fraud doesn’t happen. She should check her facts.
    Look at the recall on Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin.
    They had to spend days weeding though all the false and double signatures.
    I didnt know Mickey Mouse lived in Wisconsin did you? Pretty sure he signed to recall Walker.

    I hate most all movie stars because there are so many people that want to breath the expelled air right out of their mouth and will believe anything they say and this a*holes are all promoting the stupid liberal agenda.

  25. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    I think she should be crusified, but thats just me.

    1. Mountain Nagant Avatar
      Mountain Nagant


      1. Seriously, what’s with all the Antisemitism?!?

        1. Glocknspiel Avatar

          Where is it? Not seeing any antisemitism here. Just criticism of a lousy, disgusting “comedian” who happens to be jewish.

          1. The point is that she’s an individual, and the Jewish should be irrelevant. The fact that anyone brings it up suggests that they think it matters, which speaks very badly of them. Poppy’s right to call them out.

            1. When Poppy is the voice of reason, you know that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

  26. Bebopwing Avatar

    We’ll in Georgia a weapons permit doesn’t have a photo on it, so you can’t vote with that. But actually in this great state that loves freedom, you don’t need a permit to buy a gun, just carry one in a place other than your home, vehicle, or place of business. So if you wanna give Nanna a gun for her birthday, just give her cash, or a gift card to your gun store of choice, and send her in (with her photo ID, and if she doesn’t have a photo ID, stop being a dick and take your grandma to the damn DMV) and she can enjoy her second amendment right and buy what ever she wants with a quick background check and no waiting time. This is ridiculous, you can’t buy cough medicine anymore without a photo ID, but over paid liberal celebrity types never make videos bitching about that. Also, most old people I know are pretty conservative?

  27. sharah who? Avatar
    sharah who?

    Where was she when bitches were screaming voter fraud in bush 2000

    Fuck that worthless yellow discharge

  28. This just goes to show you how disillusioned the libtards are in Hollywood.

    She’s Jewish, and she continues to support the douchebag in office right now? Seriously, is she that blinded by fanatacism towards this tool that she’s not seeing the HUGE threat this guy is to the state of Israel?

    I couldn’t get past 20sec before she pissed me off with her innane and unfactual BS.

  29. Croppedxout Avatar


  30. can’t stand that bitch. she got put on by Kimmel, now we’re stuck with her unfunniness. HAHAHA POOP. HAHHA JEWS. dumbfuck.

  31. Can’t stand all the lying on both sides. But more relevant to this video, you’ve got to like how she says “a DL or ID is required” and then says that 21 million people don’t have DL’s but fails to mention that those non DL people can still easily get an ID.

    I’ve heard Sarah is supposed to be funny, but I haven’t witnessed it in this video. Why are Jews still promoting Obama anyway when he’s constantly snubbing Israel?

  32. If you’re going to be anti-gun, I would think you would be happy that firearm IDs are held to a higher standard than Student IDs.

  33. theblackknight Avatar

    Wow, Poppy, did your professor issue you your internet police badge last week? I remember when I was new to campus.

  34. i misspoke earlier.

    State of Texas is $16 to get an ID card. Have to prove your residency in Texas (water bill, light bill, etc.), have to prove your citizenship of the USA, Complete an application and consent to be fingerprinted and photographed. $16 for those under 60 with 6 year expiration, $6 for those over 60 with no expiration. If you are a disabled veteran, you can fill out a waiver form to perhaps get it for free.

  35. Buck Yeager Avatar
    Buck Yeager

    I love her. So much.

  36. If you have a voter ID that means you are racist towards blacks and hispanics.

    If you are a black or hispanic individual who happens to be a registered voter that means you are a self-hating racist, simple. If you don’t vote Obama you are racist.

  37. Muh Freedom Avatar
    Muh Freedom

    What’s up with Poppy being so asshurt lately?

    1. I really don’t like racism.

      I also enjoy debating about political systems. You’d be surprised how rarely I get to do so.

  38. Jay Rider Avatar

    I believe the “politically correct” way to say this is… “I want to make non-consensual love to her alternate intimate place”


  39. Cuban Pete Avatar

    Hey Poppy,

    Lighten up, Francis. If you can’t handle the heat, the next El Al flight takes off in a few hours and you can be in your land in less than 12 hours of flight time.

  40. “socialism is an economic system” as taught in our schools. In real life, socialism normally comes with wage &/or price controls that can’t be implemented without a degree of politically backed force. Same thing with the whole national socialism argument. Academically, the evil were closer to fascist. But, they proclaimed socialism and (again) in real life the implementation works out to have some pretty recognizable parallels, Potato potahto (here, in real life(tm))
    Tnx to the earlier poster who brought up the voter fraud that impacted them. I’m off to youtube to post “Acorn” as a comment on Silvermans video.

    1. I… what?

      I never said that Socialism was completely separate from politics, only that it is neither inherently democratic or authoritarian.

      Political power involves the ability to enact policies, which can be economic in nature and be used to further a Socialist agenda. I never disputed this. All I said was that Socialism is an economic system, because it regulates commodities (such as labor and goods) but doesn’t make a state any more or less democratic/authoritarian. This regulation of course includes “wage &/or price controls.” Thus it is an economic system. It is not like Nazism, which is a comprehensive ideology made up of economic, political and other various systems.

      1. nikonmikon Avatar

        geezus christ shut the fuck up you sperglord

  41. So basically being a loser who can’t figure out how to obtain a free photo ID which is needed to get a job or vote makes you predisposed to vote for Obama. Oh, and trying to prevent voter fraud = voter fraud. Oh and requiring people to prove who they are in an effort to avoid fraud = fucking them up the ass.