FPS Russia Tours The Tannerite Factory

*Spoliler alert* the factory is ghetto:

So Tannerite ships out 1,000,000 lbs. of binary explosives every year and doesn’t bother to automate the packaging process?  I wonder if they know there are machines to do EVERYTHING shown in the video.  Yea sure the machines cost, but having that many employees can’t be cheap.

Funny how hes now on the Tannerite payroll.  I guess In The Red Targets couldn’t afford him anymore.  Sucked for them right from the beginning if you ask me, because since Tannerite is such a household name people just refer to all binary explosives as Tannerite.

*eye roll* at the Russian accent again… I bet he regrets naming his channel FPS Russia more and more everyday.



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  1. Add in that he is standing downrange and even jokes about it. That is just stupid as well.

  2. He’s a perfect spokesman, considering that this dumbshit put HIMSELF AND his camera boy on the recieving end of Tannerite before. Seriously, why must this douche survive? curse you fate!

  3. the owner of tannerite is a friend of mine. He is a great business man to deal with. The fact that you have a problem with people not using the most modern technology possible doesnt really make sense to me. thats like saying why do people make stocks by hand when they have automatic wood lathes.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I have zero problems with it, I just don’t see the point if automation would save them lots of money, reduce errors, and increase throughput.

      1. ok Mike, fair enough. but what works, works. A little known fact is that the owners wife was actually the one to come up with most of their products. She is a Biochemist i believe and does does all the science behind it. I used to buy other brands but there is no comparison to the tannerite brand and customer service. I had another binary target company just “forget to process” an order i placed for almost 900 dollars worth of product. I guess thats why they went out of business haha

  4. hey mike if you didnt know he started out as a call of duty mw2 gameplay commentator check his channel for his oldest vids. once he started making these shooting and firearm vids i guess he stopped the gaming

  5. Yeah nothing like a guy who breaks all the safety rules speaking for your product.

    Also unlike Kel-Tec firearms, I never hear about people looking to get Tannerite and not being able to find any, or ridiculous wait times, so they don’t have automation, but I guess they really don’t need it.

    Meanwhile, how many people do you know who say they’d love a Kel-Tec KSG, PMR-30, or even the fairly old Sub-2000 and can’t find one?

    That’s what a supply chain problem looks like.

    1. All those KT products are readily available on gun broker.

  6. Who cares if it’s automated. Nice that they’re employing actual PEOPLE.

  7. M-cameron Avatar

    thats actually similar to how modern fireworks are packaged….

    they most likely dont automate the process to do risk of an electrical shock detonating the tannerite.

    also, the buildings look like shacks because they essentially are shacks….they are designed to be easy to knock down. in the event of an explosion, the detonation will be dispersed as opposed to concentrated by the walls of the building.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The whole point of a binary explosive is that both parts are completely safe until mixed. I don’t think packing either part with machines wouldn’t be any less save than packing sugar into bags.

      1. M-cameron Avatar

        i mean, it is entirely possible that they simply either cannot afford, or just dont want automated machines for what ever reason….

        but i know if i were in charge, i would still do it by hand just to reduce as much risk as possible…….

      2. the trouble with machines is that you can’t lay them off or hire them to adjust to fluctuating demand. once you’ve purchased a robot, it’s pretty much yours, and you’re expected to make that payment every month. it’s a lot of money to sink.

        One of the biggest problems facing the firearms industry is that no one knows if everything will change tomorrow. Binary explosives could be outlawed *at any time*. Firearms could become *very* restricted at any time. Because of this market uncertainty most of the businesses in firearms related industry are being VERY cautious about investing money in automation for throughput increases.

        If i knew my business might be shut down any day depending on the whims of the electorate I would really hesitate to sink $100k into a robot that would put my extended family and friends out of work.

      3. Assuming they are basing their process off the fireworks production model, even if the explosive is ‘safe’ it really is better safe than sorry in something like this.
        It is an explosive, and most any powder is explosive if it gets into the air.
        Separating the stuff and using people minimizes any risk of explosion.
        If you do want to try powder in air causes explosion, go check out the mythbusters and non-dairy creamer, and non-dairy creamer has stuff added to it to make explosions harder to achieve.

  8. We’re on a mountain ..

  9. i wonder how many derps believe that he actually has a friend with a “supressed L96” somewhere out there.. :eye roll:

    1. Tactical Facilitator Avatar
      Tactical Facilitator

      While the rifle is mine, I take no responsibility as the trigger man for this video.

  10. Ahh tannerite, I love how the media blows it out of proportion, and equates it with C-4

    1. yep, not legal in canada

  11. Cool stuff, boring video.

  12. Maybe they prefer to keep up the economy by giving people jobs.

    1. Then they would have paid someone to put up drywall

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know what you’re saying, but automated or not people will still be employed in one way or another.