Taped Up And Ready To Operate

All the operator wannabes will be wearing this in 3…2….1…

It’s called Rock Tape, and former Magpul instructor and operator heart throb Chris Costa endorses it through his company Costa Lupus.  This is what it is apparently supposed to accomplish:

When applied to an area of the body, Rocktape improves circulation. This increase in circulation helps reduce fatigue or can help accelerate the healing process. Rocktape can also be used to help prevent injuries by providing extra stability to a joint without reducing range of movement. With Rocktape, athletes are able to perform stronger, longer.

Fair enough.  I don’t claim to know much about anything… but I do know that to the average person you’ll just look like a douchebag with flamboyant looking tape on your arm.

I’d just love to show up at some training classes and do a RockTape check just for my own enjoyment to see who’s drinking the Kool-Aid.  Right or wrong, you’re guaranteed to hear stuff like “Yea man, RockTape changed my life.  I operate in longer operations with less fatigue than before”.

Since I do nothing impressive with my time, I just might pick up some tape to wrap my drinking arm up and see how it preforms.



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  1. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    does it work on cocks too?

    1. don’t know, i bet if you brought some and wrapped it over james yeagers mouth it would reduce our fatigue though

    2. paul blart Avatar

      that’s cocktape

  2. This stuff is a scam, Rich Graham told me so.

  3. Sounds like it’s along the same lines as the magnetic bracelet the mall-carnies sell for about $20 a piece.

    1. Tim Ellwood Avatar
      Tim Ellwood

      I was at a huge SWAT competition last year, where one of these “vendors” was selling the magic bracelets. I watched him almost sell out his stock on the 1st day! Come on, “Infused with the power of Holograms”, what a tank load of crap.

  4. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that bottom pic is “shopped”.

  5. OMG, he’s wielding the D.Eagle from Sons of Derp..

  6. I believe this is the same stuff I have heard about before. I was informed about this type of product when I was in physical therapy for my neck and back after I broke my neck in a rollover accident as a passenger. The other physical therapist would apply this tape to other patients in need of pain relief, and swelling relief, and they all seemed to improve with it when other methods failed. I assumed it was a placebo effect or something having to do with pressure, but improving circulation? If it can even do that, I can imagine it would have some benefits.

  7. This stuff was all over the Olympics…I’d love to see free giveaways in the near future, because I feel like that’s the only way I, and probably every other semi-normal American, would actually get some to try it out.

    Because I’m sure its price tag is in the triple digits…

    1. SixtyForty Avatar

      I dunno, I think I’m convinced.

      1. That is just a picture I never needed to see.

        1. Not that there’s anything wrong with it if you do, but do you prefer the company of men? I definitely didn’t mind that photo

          1. My mistake — that looked different on the first quick glance.

          2. That looks like a man ass; not at all pleasing to the discerning pygophile.

      2. I better help that Olympian apply her tape next time….

  8. I look at it and think it might help in training to subconsciously remind a person to position an arm or other body part. Otherwise — probably worthless.

  9. It’s kinesio tape. The stuff works. I don’t know about using it for shooting, but for weight training and sports it helps. It has to do with how it pulls in the opposite direction of the muscle movement or something.

      1. That’s gotta be the most legit website ever.

      2. I wouldn’t say it’s snake oil. It’s just expensive sports tape that is more easy to put on that standard sports tpae.

        this quote is from your link: “little quality evidence to support the use of Kinesio tape over other types of elastic taping in the management or prevention of sports injuries”.

  10. Bad idea from medical point of view. In forearms, lactic acid raise during and after effort, opposite to the hands. Obstruct the sweat with tape will increase the risk of muscle cramp or make they comes faster. Totaly non-sense.

    (Appologies if bad english. French reader.)

  11. Last time I “operated” was at the USPSA club a week ago. My two stages were 33sec and 31sec. I didn’t experience any fatigue from holding my 1911 level for 64 seconds. Sounds a lot like modern snake oil to me.

    1. Devil’s advocate: Costa probably shoots for more than 64 seconds in a day and may well have stress injuries that warrant medical tape. We’d all probably be exhausted trying to keep up with a pro bowler too, though most of us do it a couple times a year for about an hour whilst throwing back a couple of beers. Do anything physical all day and shit happens.

      This is not an endorsement of said tape, or Costa, or his legion of fans; just a thought. Now, if he starts actively endorsing it, or wears it constantly for years, or starts hawking a multicam version…. all bets are off.

      1. Crunkleross Avatar

        Good point. Shooting everyday is hard on your elbows, wrists, and shoulders, tennis elbow is common with competition shooters for instance. Repetitive motion takes its toll no matter what kind. I am very skeptical of this product though.

      2. M-cameron Avatar

        im still calling shenanigans…..

        now granted i may not be an operator like Costa……but i did shoot NCAA rifle.

        holding a 10-12 lb rifle for 3hrs a day(every day) for practice and 2 hrs straight in matches…..never once have i felt extreme muscle fatigue……

        if I (and every other NCAA shooter) can get by without tape….im pretty sure Costa will be just fine with a pistol.

  12. Forget rock tape, real wounded use KT tape.
    I have used this on my feet for planter faciaitis (sp) before I actually went to the doctor. Its neat stuff and this brand actually sticks. The only kicker is the price. This site has a number of good vids on wrapping.
    Typically if you are experiencing shooters elbow, you actually need to build the muscle in that area – it hurts because you are actually working it. Make the muscles stronger.

    1. Still bollocks, I’m afraid. If you need limbs supporting by strapping or taping up, knock yourself out. But if so, zinc oxide tape or straightforward bandages are going to cost you a lot less.

  13. The whole concept seems like snake oil to me. And even if it really does help, what happened to train like you fight? Chris Costa has sold out hard.

  14. Rickenbacker Avatar

    Should work great for taping the correct Chi crystals to your shooting arm. Just make sure to align it properly with the Ley lines at the range!

    Or, in other words, like all pseudoscientific crap, this is nothing but a huge load of shit.

  15. this is train as you fight, true operators will have rolls of different colors and use it as camouflage too

  16. What a douche, he actually removed the manufacturer stickers from his earmuffs, and replaced them with his own name.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Clearly the earmuff mfg. isn’t paying him or giving him free shit, so no free Costa promotion for them.

    2. If your paycheck depended of people recognizing and seeking your brand, you might consider it too. The man has got to make a living.

      1. theblackknight Avatar

        Have you seen his schedule and what he and travis now charge for classes? This is not counting all the off the books classes he does. He isnt hurting.

        1. Not hurting was never a reason to stop making money, no matter what filthy Marxists say.

        2. please let this be a troll post

  17. Crunkleross Avatar

    I need some to hold the magnets to my head, duck tape looks tacky.

  18. nikonmikon Avatar

    this is so dumb. sometimes i wonder if they’re just coming out with stuff to troll.

    1. M-cameron Avatar

      sadly no, these people realize that if they market something and throw some pseudo-scientific ‘proof’ with it…..people will buy those like hot cakes….

      hell, just look at those ‘Power Bands’ with the magic ion infused foil hologram……..

  19. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Ah yes, this stuff is great! It works the exact same way that homeopathic medicine does, in that it doesn’t. It won’t do anything beyond the placebo effect, except maybe restrict your movement.

  20. Rocktape – this stuff is a joke – I use moonRocktape – that is the shit – it makes me stronger, bigger where it counts, and I glow at night – no more need for a flashlight!

  21. I’m a strength coach and a Licensed Massage Therapist. This is just kinesio tape with branding. Does kinesio tape work…yes and no. It’s really dependent on the skill of the practitioner, as the tape must be applied depending on whether the muscle needs to be supported/braced or it needs space, in order to speed recovery. Also, the practitioner must decide whether to treat the symptom or the cause of the symptom.
    However, kinesio tape doesn’t “cure” anything, it only masks the issue and provides temporary relief.

    1. Any support tape or bandage will do that. No need to pay for the magic version unless you find it easier to work with/more supportive I guess.


  22. OverWatch Avatar

    Costa, REALLY?! Don’t get all commercial on us with this type of crap. Your shooting for gods sake, nut running the quarter mile in nothing flat. I have every friggin video of you and Travis running n’ gunning in a badass way without ever needing a crutch like this “tape”. Take a pole of those currently out in the sandbox, I doubt that you would find anyone kitting up for the hunt then wrapping their arms in that stuff before they head outside the wire.

    Stick with the basics and stop pushing other peoples snap oil. Your better than that. I would be surprised that you need the money for hocking that stuff.

    1. theblackknight Avatar

      please let this be a troll post

      1. Nothing troll about it “theblackknight”. Is that all you have to add?

  23. dammit Costa. How the mighty have fallen.

  24. I’ve heard of stuff like this for medical/rehab use. But for shooting I see no possible benefits… Good scam though.

  25. charles in charge Avatar
    charles in charge

    Want to know their real secrets? I’m willing to bet Costas and so many of these big tactical dudes are on a bunch of legal (at least for non pro athletes) performance enhancing drugs as pretty much everyone in this country with an interest in fitness who has a few bucks and knows the right doctors (probably not covered by your insurance plan). I don’t need no stinking tape. I’ve got a script for HGH. I can tell by looking at a guy if he’s doing a large dose of testosterone. The elite military units have their own doctors and they can get anabolics and stuff normal doctors can’t even get you. Once you get over the fear of injectibles and get a glimpse into what you can do with your body, you’d be a believer too.

    1. theblackknight Avatar

      find me on FB, same screen name. I’d like to know more.

      1. WTF was that

    2. Crunkleross Avatar

      I would like to here more about the elit military units getting and using drugs and stuff normal drs and people can’t get. I suppose when you go on those killer life or death missions it doesn’t matter what you put in your body since you probably won’t come back ehhh? Got to be a great story man, please give us more info if it’s not top secret or something.

      1. No, I’ve never been personally, but I *hear* that pharmacies in other nations sell all sorts of whacky stuff that you wouldn’t find in a CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. Maybe even some performance enhancing drugs.

        Call me crazy, but I hardly think it’s a stretch that some elite guys (or just gym rats in FOBs) would look for something to give them a little extra edge…or at least a super-ripped tough guy look.

        1. Crunkleross Avatar

          No I won’t call you crazy, but just as I thought you are talking out your ass and don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You think our elite special forces guys would take some drug to just LOOK like a super-ripped tough guy. LMAO if it wasn’t so pathetic.

          I’ve been around many special forces guys, they are in good shape but very few are muscular and if they are it’s because they worked hard at it. They are not going to risk taking drugs. You don’t need to be muscle bound to shoot, move, communicate, and learn whatever the mission requires within the time you have to do so.

          1. Hey man, no need to be rude or put words in my mouth.

            Let me clarify: some of the SF guys might use PED to be faster, stronger, etc. Other guys (ie, gym rats in FOBs) might take the same for the bulk and the look.

            If a person has motive, opportunity, and an acceptable risk-vs-reward ratio…

            Is it worth the risk? That’s for the individual to decide. Perceived gains + chance of getting caught + consequences of being caught = ???

  26. Cuban Pete Avatar

    Gotta give it to Costa. He’s milked that Coast Guard job to the point that ninja-mall types think that it was Chris Costa who killed Bin Laden. What about the Coast Guard of just boarding unarmed cargo vessels, going thru shipping containers, and checking the bill of laden? No glory for that?

    1. Crunkleross Avatar

      There are badass guys in the Coast Guard, taking down Columbian drug boats and such out in the ocean has to be high risk. There probably aren’t too many of them that get the extra training and are doing that job . Thing is from what I’ve seen there are very very few real hi level operators on youtube, those guys have a lot more lucarative opportunities. Not that you can’t make a shit pot of money with a tactical shooting school, you certainly can, all you need is a reputation.

      I was talking to a veteran Seal and just for S&G I asked him who were the badass guys he respected, he answered those AF Para-rescue guys. I was shocked because at that time I didn’t know anything about them, once he told me what their training was like I understood. Lesson is don’t judge until you know, you might be surprised.

      1. theblackknight Avatar

        Up until last year, Guys with the CG’s DOG could try out in BUDs, and go to the SEAL teams but stay a coastguardsman and keep their rate. CG deploy to Afghan as well as anywhere else in the world. They are the only maritime force responible for the Gulf of Eden. In WW2, a coastie even earned the MOH.

  27. FAP TAPE! Finally!

  28. I’ll bet Costa is laughing too…all the way to the bank.

  29. I don’t think most of you guys realize the schedule this guy is on. He’s gone constantly and he often does 6 straight days of classes. He demo’s almost every drill for the students in different types of terrain. At his age it’s been taking a toll on his body. He said it works for him. Placebo or not do your own research make your own decisions.

    As far as the Coast Guard goes Costa has been deployed several places all over the world and during his time with the Coast Guard got the opportunity to train with Marines as well as SEALS. But what of it? Some of the top shooters in the world have never smoke checked a dude. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn a significant amount of knowledge from that person.

    ENDO, Have you ever been to any training classes? Or been in the military?

    1. If it only ‘works’ by placebo, fine – his decision to use it. But endorsing it implies an actual reproducible effect, and encourages people to spend their hard-earned on this stuff. Why does he need to do that?

  30. Why does anyone endorse any product? There are several motivations, but I’ve never seen Costa endorse a product that he hasn’t used himself and feels has a viable purpose.

  31. I can say that this type of sports tape is no more affective than standard sports tape. There are two main differences. This kind of tape is way more easy to put on, and it allot more expensive.

  32. OHHHH you mean, elastic therapeutic tape. AKA kinesio tape????

  33. I been using for a long time and for me it works well.

    Until now the best price quality ratio Kinesio tapes i found were here https://mipmed.com/kinesio-tapes-5cm-x-5m.html